Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1345

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“Indeed, if some powerful demons are transformed into human forms and mixed into the human race, it will be fatal.” Ye Yu nodded, this is a senior who checks the identity array, and is indeed very farsighted.



Ye Yu and Gu Tianlang are pure human races. Through this array, they are naturally not attacked.

However, at the moment of passing the array of identity verification, Ye Yu could sense that in the sky around the array, there was a lot of powerful aura lurking.

It seems that these powerhouses are the guards of the Million Copper Mountains. Once Demon gets in, they will kill them immediately.

When the two people entered the real Million Copper Mountains, Ye Yu discovered that the Million Copper Mountains were simply not as small as he thought. He saw the peaks pierced into the sky, rising from the ground, imposing manner Majestic.

“The height of these giant peaks is not known how many meters, but what I know is that the higher the peak is, the stronger the powerhouse where the cultivation stops.” Gu Tianlang said, with a smile on his mouth, said: ” Brother Ye, you can give it a try, how far you can climb.”

“it is good.”

Ye Yu looked at the imposing manner and the majestic giant peak, but also felt a little passionate.

Around, many Demons are lurking in the mountains and forests, but they dare not come out, because they can feel the breath of countless human powerhouses in the Million Copper Mountains, and they are not allowed to offend.


At the next moment, Ye Yu no longer hesitated and jumped straight forward and began to climb a huge mountain around him.

However, just when Ye Yu reached the position of about 3000 metres on this giant peak, he suddenly felt a huge pressure. It fell down from 9 days, like a big mountain, forcibly pressed on his spine, making him In an instant the expression became white and fell directly.


Gu Tianlang extended the hand to catch Ye Yu who had fallen.

He seemed to have known that Ye Yu would fall, and could not help saying with a smile: “How do you feel?”

“The cultivation base is limited, and the climbing height is also limited. My cultivation base can only step into the area 3000 meters high. You said that this giant mountain is tens of ten thousand meters high. I don’t know. How horrible it is.” Ye Yu nodded slightly.

In the Million Copper Mountains, the environment is extremely desolate.

Of course, the cultivator of painstaking cultivation simply does not care about this.

Along the way, Ye Yu and Gu Tianlang saw many people, all in a hurry.

On the Great Desolate, the human race is weak, and there may be a powerful Demon coming at any time, or the gods will come, and the danger of extinction is always there.

Therefore, Great Desolate Earth gave Ye Yu only one feeling, and that was…depression.

That’s right, all cultivators in Human Race are extremely depressing.

Because everyone is under a faintly discernable pressure.

Ye Yu also has this pressure.

That is, let the human race survive.

After a while, the two people came to a cliff. In front of them, there was a ten thousand zhang abyss.

According to Gu Tianlang, his Master’s old friend Wu Yazi was in a closed-door cultivation in a stone cave beneath this abyss.

However, it is impossible for 2 people to continue.

Gu Tianlang directly took out a jade talisman from his arms, and threw down the ten thousand zhang abyss.

Immediately, he loudly shouted: “Junior Gu Tianlang, bring his teacher’s will, and come to find Wuyazi Senior!”

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