Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1346

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At this moment, at the moment when Gu Tianlang’s voice fell, under the abyss, a huge aura like a vast sea suddenly rose.

Like a frenzy and tsunami, it instantly enveloped two people on the abyss.

Immediately, a strong voice sounded: “Gu Tianlang, your Master is dead. I had expected that old mysterious demon, the temperament is ferocious, and there is a fierce opportunity to interact with that kind of people at any time, but your body Who is this person and how do you feel that his cultivation base is so weak, like a newborn?”

“Wu Yazi Senior, this Little Brother is called Ye Yu. He is a newly ascended rookie. He just came out of the temple cultivation for 3 years. When I met me, I brought him here.” Gu Tianlang Immediately moved towards the abyss and hugged cup one fist in the other hand.

“Wu Yazi Senior.” At this time, Ye Yu also moved towards and hugged cup one fist in the other hand.

“So that’s how it is, then you guys come in.”

Wu Yazi’s voice sounded.


“weng! ”

Almost at the next moment, Ye Yu and Gu Tianlang instantly sensed an incredibly huge aura that enveloped them.

Immediately, the space changed, and they had come to a very dark cave.

In the cave, the air was cold, not at all other decorations, only the middle futon was placed there, a skinny old man wearing black cloth, sitting on it, his eyes did not open.

This person should be the Wu Yazi that Gu Tianlang said.

“Meet Wu Yazi Senior.”

“Meet Wu Yazi Senior.”

Gu Tianlang and Ye Yu both hugged cup one fist in the other hand.

“Well, I already know what happened to you.”

Wu Yazi finally opened his eyes. At that moment, Ye Yu only felt that two dazzling heavens were lit up in this dim cave.

This Wuyazi’s cultivation base is definitely terrifying matchless.

“Are you the newly ascended clansman?” Wu Yazi’s expression took a look at Ye Yu with surprise.

“Yes, Senior.”

Ye Yu nodded, said: “I have just entered the Great Desolate after 3 years of cultivation in the temple.”

“You are very lucky to be able to meet Gu Tianlang. If no one leads you, I am afraid that you are already dead in the Great Desolate.” Wu Yazi said, his tone not at all polite.

Ye Yu also understood this, holding cup one fist in the other hand and said: “Senior said yes.”

“Ai, how many years, 10000 years, or 100,000 years. I have never heard of new ascenders. There are fewer and fewer clansman ascended, but after all, it’s better than nothing. My Great Desolate human race is at stake. More potential clansman is needed to accumulate a Supreme Existence, otherwise the next Great Desolate agreement, I am afraid that those Demon God and Demon Immortal will not compromise anymore.” Wu Yazi sighed, and then looked towards the person in front of him. 2 people, said: “You two can cultivation with me.”

When the words fell, Wu Yazi continued to close his eyes, and the whole person’s breath squatted down.

He sat there, if he didn’t feel it carefully, he really thought he was died during meditation.

In this regard, Gu Tianlang explained to Ye Yu: “The powerhouses of the human races in the Million Copper Mountains are all human races who do not like to fight. They cultivate here, and they are always tens of thousands or even 1000 years. Therefore, Wu Yazi Senior It is extremely rare to be able to speak so much to us.”

“I understand.” Ye Yu nodded.

He knows that the human races on Desolate Flood Continent are immortality, and they have endless years of cultivation.

But the Demon God outside is so powerful, they can only first closed-door cultivation hundreds of hundreds of thousands of years before they dare to be born.

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