Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1347

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However, at this time Ye Yu thought of himself.

Could it be that I have to be here closed-door cultivation for several 10000 years, or even hundreds of thousands of years before going out and exploring?

However, the white clothed lady was captured by the Crown Prince.

Also, the human race is at stake and needs powerhouse to support it.

The two goals in his mind made Ye Yu unwilling. Like these people, he cultivation here for 2 years, or even more than 10000 years.

This time is too long.

It was so long that Ye Yu couldn’t wait at all.

However, he didn’t have any clues at this time, so he could only talk about cultivation temporarily.

Therefore, in the next step, Gu Tianlang and Ye Yu, both found a remote place in the Cave Mansion of Wuyazi. They sat cross-legged and started cultivation.

In this Cave Mansion, Spiritual Qi is extremely rich.

Ye Yu found that it was even richer than the Spiritual Qi in the temple.

It seems that in the Cave Mansion where Wu Yazi is located, some Spirit Gathering Array has been laid out, otherwise, the impossible Spiritual Qi is so rich.

Ye Yu knows that if it weren’t for Gu Tianlang’s relationship, I’m afraid he would not be qualified to cultivation in this kind of Senior Cave Mansion.

Next, Ye Yu went directly into the deep cultivation.

He began to comprehend “The Devil and Devil’s Secret Technique”. This cultivation technique is extremely mysterious and terrifying. It is the complete volume of Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique. In the inheritance information, Ye Yu learned that this cultivation technique, also known as “9 Reincarnation Divine Art”.

Cultivation is extremely demanding, with a total of 9 revolutions. Every time you experience life and death, you can transform once.

But Ye Yu is very confused about what it means to experience a life and death.

Is it to die first and then resurrect by means of defying heaven?

Obviously impossible.

Ye Yu guessed that this so-called life and death transformation should be the so-called break and then stand.

After 9 breaks and then stand, life is better than death. Thinking about it, it is absolutely terrifying. It is difficult to score 10000.

But this “God and Demons Destroying the World” is an extremely terrifying cultivation technique, cultivation this level of cultivation technique, I am afraid it will finally be able to truly aspire to the supreme powerhouse.

Therefore, Ye Yu does not regret his choice.

In the next few days, Ye Yu was silently cultivating in this Cave Mansion. His cultivation base has made great progress.

However, on this day, outside of Cave Mansion, there was an angry roar.

“Gu Tianlang, and the kid who dared to play the old man, come out to me, I know you must be hiding here.” That was the voice of the old man Xuanmo, and he actually guessed that Gu Tianlang and Ye Yu would Come to the Million Copper Mountains.

In the Cave Mansion, Wu Yazi is still sitting there, his face calm and composed, both eyes slightly closed, seemingly like a rock, no matter what.

Gu Tianlang opened his eyes. He looked at Ye Yu who stood up and couldn’t help but said, “Brother Ye, don’t worry about the old man Xuanmo. Even though his cultivation base is tyrannical, he is not in the Million Copper Mountains. Dare to be impudent.”

“I know.”

Ye Yu nodded, he knew that the current self was probably the weakest existence in the Great Desolate human race, and no one could resist it.

“You provoke this person, it’s really a bit tricky.” Suddenly, Wu Yazi in the center of Cave Mansion uttered. His eyes were still closed, but he said: “But you two don’t worry, this old mysterious old man temperament No matter how cruel and unscrupulous, in this Million Copper Mountains, he will never dare to go wild. If he dares, the consequences will be absolutely miserable.”

“hong long”

However, at the moment Wu Yazi’s voice fell, Gu Tianlang and Ye Yu suddenly heard a terrifying rumbling sound coming from outside.

Obviously, it may be the arrogant behavior of the old Xuanmo that has provoked some people and started with a powerful existence.

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