Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1348

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In the Cave Mansion, Gu Tianlang and Ye Yu are listening to the movement outside.

Obviously now, the old mysterious demon and a powerful existence in the Million Copper Mountains had started, and the violent movement caused many people in this area to be alarmed.

However, Ye Yu looked at Wu Yazi behind him and found that the old man had closed his eyes and fell into a deep cultivation state.

“Impudent, in the Million Copper Mountains, how can you make trouble!” Suddenly, a coldly shouted voice sounded from the outside, an old voice with a bit of majesty and anger.

“It’s Elder, the guardian of the Million Copper Mountains, I’m afraid, this old mysterious demon is making a lot of noise, and it is all about the guarding Elder.” Gu Tianlang expressed a bit of excitement and said: “This old mysterious old man If you can’t eat it and walk around, you must know that the guardian Elder in the Million Copper Mountains is a powerhouse that has been closed-door cultivation for countless years and will definitely beat the old man Xuanmo miserable.”

“Elder, I was wrong, please forgive me…”


Outside the Cave Mansion, there was the voice of the old man Xuanmo, but before he finished speaking, he screamed violently, as if he had received a fierce attack.

“Guardian Elder has taken action!” Gu Tianlang expressed joy.

“Get out!”

The majestic voice guarding Elder came, and the old man Xuanmo wailed again, and his voice became smaller and smaller, apparently he had left here.

This makes Gu Tianlang and Ye Yu in Cave Mansion both sighed slightly in relief.

“You can leave now.” Suddenly, in the center of Cave Mansion, Wu Yazi said out, with a slight indifference in his tone.

Obviously, this is an expulsion order.

“Excuse the Senior, we will leave now.” Gu Tianlang took Ye Yu and quickly moved towards the outside.

On the way, Ye Yu expression was puzzled, and said: “This Wu Yazi Senior, is your Master and old friend, why is he still so indifferent to you?”

“Indifference? This is no longer indifferent.” Gu Tianlang smiled bitterly, and said: “On the Great Desolate land, especially this kind of retreat in the Million Copper Mountains that doesn’t like fighting, many Seniors, simply have nothing to fight. Good feeling, we are chased by the old man Xuanmo, Wu Yazi Senior can let us stay in his Cave Mansion for a while, it is already a great enthusiasm, if it weren’t for Wu Yazi Senior and I Master, it’s a close friend, I’m afraid , He simply won’t let us stay in his Cave Mansion.”


For Gu Tianlang’s words, Ye Yu nodded, but indifferent expression in his heart.

This Great Desolate is really indifferent. In the heart of the cultivator, only by continuously cultivate and becoming strong can we survive.


Ye Yu and Gu Tianlang came outside and found that the old man Xuanmo had disappeared. It seemed that he was in the hands of the guardian Elder and suffered a lot.

“Brother Ye, we are new to the human race in the Million Copper Mountains. After 3 days, someone will come and arrange for us a cultivation Cave Mansion. It’s better than brother Ye and me to cultivate 3000 years in this Million Copper Mountains closed-door cultivation. Skill.” Gu Tianlang suggested.

“3000 years? Why is it 3000 years?” Ye Yu expression was puzzled.

“Forgot to tell Brother Ye that in this Million Copper Mountains, the newly added cultivator can get a cultivation Cave Mansion for free, which contains the Spirit Gathering Array, which is of great benefit to cultivation. However, once a closed cultivation, the minimum period, It is 3000 years, that is to say, Million Copper Mountains gives you a free Cave Mansion cultivation, but you have to stay for 3000 years, as a guarding force, to let you go and be free.” Gu Tianlang explained, let Ye Yu was just a little surprised.

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