Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1349

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Hearing what Gu Tianlang said, Ye Yu was slightly silent.

He also wants to cultivate closed-door cultivation in this Million Copper Mountains. After all, the outside world is too difficult and dangerous, sometimes there is a life crisis.

But Ye Yu knows that in closed-door cultivation, it has been several thousand years at every turn. He simply cannot afford to spend such a long time. He needs to grow his own strength quickly.

On the second day, in the depths of the Million Copper Mountains, an indifferent old man wearing a black robe arrived. He took Gu Tianlang to a newcomer Cave Mansion.

This Cave Mansion is a newly opened one at first glance. Among them, the Spiritual Qi is rich, and it is definitely equipped with Spirit Gathering Formation.

At this time, Ye Yu and Gu Tianlang both came here.

“Brother Ye, I’m going to close-door cultivation for 3000 years in this Cave Mansion. It’s not as good as Brother Ye. You cultivation with me and retreat for 3000 years. After that, when the strength increases, we will go out and cut down Monsters, eliminate Demons, and recover me. Human race.” Gu Tianlang said, his expression aroused.

“I’m not going to closed-door cultivation, I want to go out for cultivation.” Ye Yu sighed lightly, rejecting Gu Tianlang’s request.

In this regard, Gu Tianlang’s expression was puzzled, and asked: “Why, the earth outside is so dangerous? Brother Ye might as well be in this safe zone with me closed-door cultivation, wait until the skill is improved, and then go out to subdue monsters and defeat. Demons, aren’t they happy.”

“Perhaps, I’m not suitable for this kind of boring penance by nature, or that I haven’t adapted to Great Desolate’s cultivation method that has been on the ground for a few thousand years, or even 1000 years.” Ye Yu shook the head, smiling wryly With a cry, he said: “Sorry.”

“It’s okay. Since Brother Ye yearns for an adventurous life, I don’t force it. It’s just that when you walk on Great Desolate, Brother Ye, be careful of those powerful demons for 10000000.”

Gu Tianlang also sighed, then he sat cross-legged in the Cave Mansion and began to fall into closed-door cultivation.

Ye Yu can feel that at this time, Gu Tianlang’s whole body, all auras are closed, and everything outside can no longer disturb him.

It seems that the death of his Master this time has dealt a great blow to him, making him determined, not to hesitate to sit for 3000 years, and to raise his cultivation base as much as possible.

Seeing Gu Tianlang falling into painful cultivation, Ye Yu turned around, moved towards and walked outside.

And the black robed old man who came here with two people was nodded. With a big wave of his hand, a divine light suddenly covered Gu Tianlang’s silhouette.

Hong long long !

Hong long long !

At the entrance of Cave Mansion, a huge stone gate rolls, covering up the Cave Mansion where Gu Tianlang is.

Seeing this, Ye Yu was slightly silent.

My first friend on the Great Desolate land, I am afraid it will take 3000 years before I can meet.

3000 years!

What a long time this is, if it were in the original plane and world, it would have been countless dynasties.

But on this Great Desolate land.

Perhaps, for the Terran cultivator, it’s just a moment on the road to cultivation that’s all.

“Newborn clansman, are you really going to cultivation alone in the Great Desolate outside?” The black robed old man suddenly said, with a faint surprise in his tone.

After all, in his opinion, Ye Yu is just a clansman that’s all just ascended, very fragile, and if he goes out, he may be swallowed by other races at any time.

“Cultivator, if you always cultivate hard, you will slowly lose your spirit, true powerhouse, only in blood and fire can it be forged.” Ye Yu said softly, making the black robed old man’s eyes shook.

this child will surely be out of the ordinary!

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