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  Chapter 1931 is dark, the food is delivered, the soul of Spiritual God is severely damaged   "Heavenly Sword !!!"

At this time, a roar came from the ruins.

I saw a silhouette soaring into the sky.

It is Pluto.

Now he is bloodstained and very unbearable. The Dao inside his body roars and the Dao circulates, repairing his body frantically. This makes Chu Kuangren a little surprised.

For the ordinary Supreme Divine King, it is not a simple thing to repair his injuries if he wants to use Tao.

Pluto is a Divine King Small Accomplishment, but it can do things that Supreme Divine King can't necessarily do. It is worthy of being one of the oldest existences.

Although it is a rebirth cultivation, it still has several points of uniqueness.

"Heavenly Sword, I want you to chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades!!!"

A low growl.

I saw the meaning of icy death in Divine Eyes, and a mysterious rune mark appeared on his body.

That is the mark of the king!

The seal of the king showed that the breath of the god of darkness rose a lot.

His silhouette came to Chu Kuangren in a flash, and a dark sickle suddenly appeared in his hand, engraved with a creepy rune, and a blood ruby ​​inlaid, revealing a gloomy meaning.

"Heavenly Sword, have you seen the sickle of the underworld!"

"Heavenly Sword, break the sky and the earth!"

Slash down with a sickle, powerful The breath directly tore the void.

The blood red blade light completely enveloped Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren doesn't retreat, and she doesn't get out of her waist.

With a clang, he blocked the blood-colored blade light with no difficulty, and stabbed forward, leaving a blood hole in the opponent's shoulder.


Pluto became even more angry.

The sickle in his hand was swung one after another, one stroke and one stroke, all locked Chu Kuangren's vitals, the path of death surrounds him, and often each shot contains the power to destroy the stars.

But all his attacks seemed to be seen through by Chu Kuangren.

Waving in a wayless hand, like a skynet, airtight, it can easily block all the attacks of Pluto.

Not only that, but the sword he occasionally fought back was exquisite, and even if the Underworld God tried to resist it, it was useless.

That sword will always appear where it should appear, either to dissolve the opponent's attack, or to inflict damage on the opponent.

In a short while.

Chu Kuangren was unscathed and did not even move his footsteps a few times.

On the other hand, Pluto is covered in bruises and blood is flowing.

The strength of the two sides is already a judgement!

Chu Kuangren, crush the gods!

"6th-layer curse seal, curse body, curse, curse spirit, curse life!"

At this time, I saw the god of darkness back ten zhang.

The strongest cultivation method of the Hades family, the 6th-layer curse seal is cast.

This 6th-layer curse is a taboo trick in the Hades family. Those who rush to learn will most likely be the soul flew away and scattered.

Since ancient times, there are very few successful cultivation.

The last time he succeeded was the enchanting Wu Tianyou of the Hades family, but it was a pity that he was crushed and killed by Chu Kuangren.

But Pluto does not have the same concerns as others, the 6th-layer curse has the words at hand, because this cultivation law was created by him.

Facing the curse mark attacking his body, Chu Kuangren's body shook. The Dao in his body made waves of Dao sounds, wrapped in the surging fairy Origin Force measurement, and his body was not moved and spontaneously, but it collapsed in an instant. Offensive.

"Pluto, how do you feel when you try to be found by your own curse?!" Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

Seeing his sword fingers condensed, he actually used a mysterious cultivation method, which was exactly the same as the 6th-layer curse seal of the god of darkness!

Cursed spirit, cursed body, cursed life, cursed grievances...

Counting multiple cursed imprints, flew to the god of underworld, imprinted on him in an instant, sending out the most terrifying The power of the curse!

"Use the cultivation method I created to deal with me, Heavenly Sword, you are so naive!!"

He sneered with disdain and waved a sickle in his hand. The blood-colored blade light appeared, and then it was cut on himself.

Then, the heavy curse imprints shattered!

"Next this move will end this battle!"

Coldly snorted.

I saw his expression congeals, a strange light flashed past his eyes, and a strange wave of fluctuations spread from his eyes.

And Chu Kuangren, who was across from him, also felt a strange power roaring, and enveloped him in the blink of an eye.

"Oh, Soul Power."

Chu Kuangren noticed something and narrowed his eyes.

In an instant, all around the environment changed drastically.

The light was swallowed, and only a piece of endless darkness remained, and in the darkness, there were waves of strange and gloomy roars.

As if there are endless evil spirits climbing in it.

"Heavenly Sword, welcome to this darkness!"

An indifferent voice sounded.

I saw the Underworld walking out of the darkness, wearing a crown on his head, and wearing a black mysterious robe, surrounded by countless evil spirits crawling under his feet.

Like Sovereign's uninterrupted True God!

"Is it an enchantment woven by Soul Power? It has such a meaning." Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

"Darkness is endless. This is my strongest divine ability. As long as you are in this space, your soul must be under my control!"

said the Underworld.

When the words fell, from the darkness all around, a stubborn evil spirit walked out, moved towards Chu Kuangren, biting away.

To tear his soul into pieces.

"It's a pity, you still underestimate the sky."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

He stepped out in one step, and he was in the dark silhouette in this brief moment, but he burst out of endless splendor!   That is, the light of the soul!   Under the impact of the light of the soul, the evil spirits melted away like snow meeting the scorching sun.

This scene stunned Hades, he couldn't believe it, "How can your soul realm reach this point?!"

"This is impossible!!!"


He didn't know that, compared to the cultivation base, Chu Kuangren's soul realm is one step ahead, not far from the Chaos Boundary realm.

It is really unwise to use soul tricks on him.

But this is no wonder Pluto.

In addition to the way of death, he is best at it. What he is most proud of is the soul's divine ability. Moreover, as one of the most powerful Soul Power people in the previous life, this move of Pluto can be said to be no disadvantage.

It is no wonder that he will use this move against Chu Kuangren.

But he couldn't think that Chu Kuangren's Soul Power was actually stronger than his ancient god of darkness.

"Taste this sword!"

In the endless fairy glory, Chu Kuangren's sword is condensed, Soul Power condenses into a sword shadow, "The Witness of Heaven, Heaven Beyond The Heaven Sword!"

Cut it down with a single sword, and the god of darkness can't dodge it.

The soul was suddenly hit hard!

A large number of Soul Power moved towards Chu Kuangren looted, which actually improved his Soul Power.

This surprised him slightly.

"Interesting, the soul is hit hard here, will Soul Power be absorbed by the other party?"

Chu Kuangren couldn't help laughing.

Isn’t the Underworld sending him food?   His sword fingers condensed, and when he planned to kill the Spiritual God soul, all around the scene changed and he returned to Luowang Guxing again.

It's because the god of the gods has a bad experience and has received the divine ability.

It's a pity that he secretly thought.


At this time, there was a miserable howl from the other side.

But the underworld god who was severely injured by Chu Kuangren was holding his head at this moment, looking in pain.

For this scene, some people are puzzled. In their opinion, the two sides did nothing just now, why the god of the gods was hit hard?   But some Divine King's faces are extremely solemn, and they even feel a little weird.

"Heavenly Sword's soul was hit hard by Heavenly Sword!"

(End of this chapter)

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