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  Chapter 1932, refining the memory of the underworld, a giant purple door

"Unbelievable, as far as I know Pluto is the best at Dao of Soul in the Tianyuan universe. In the Dao of Soul competition, he actually lost to Heavenly Sword?!!!"

"This Heavenly Sword, really Is there no weakness?"

"Such anomalous number was born in the universe!"

Many Divine Kings shook their heads with emotion, and they couldn't see through Chu Kuangren.

At this time, Chu Kuangren was perceiving the changes in his soul, after absorbing part of the Soul Power from the god of darkness.

There are some more memories of the gods in his mind.

It's just that these memories are fading fast.

If he wants to master, he must quickly refining.

"It seems we have to do it quickly."

Chu Kuangren murmured.

And now.

King Luo and Wu Xuelong also took action to protect the Underworld.

"Heavenly Sword, don't be too impudent. The God of Underworld is not only one of the nine kings, but also the Divine King. You can't kill him!"

"Yes, Heavenly Sword , Stop it."

The two of them stared at Chu Kuangren closely.

The Tao in the body is moving, bursts of Tao sounds diffuse.

And in the depths of the ancient star of Luo Wang, there is also a powerful Dao power soaring into the sky, and the Supreme Divine King of Luo Wang clan is also ready to do it at any time.

"Oh, it's interesting."

Chu Kuangren took it back without her sheath and didn't do any more.

Wu Xuelong, the Luo family, and the Divine King Morin, who has a grudge against him among the guests. These people work together. Although he is not afraid, it will obviously cost a lot to defeat these people. time.

And if the trouble is big, the Primordial Spirit Temple will also interfere.

I can't completely ignore the temple now.

Of course, the most important thing is that the Pluto memory in his mind is rapidly losing. If he fights, he will not have time to refining these memories, the oldest memory of Pluto, among them It may contain something useful to yourself...

"Pluto, live well, work hard to become stronger, God looks forward to seeing you again next time!" Chu Kuangren's mouth curled slightly.


Can you absorb the opponent’s Soul Power by defeating the opponent in that place? Hey, if the complete Spiritual God soul can be swallowed in one breath, I wonder if I can make my soul realm breakthrough?   Chu Kuangren is a little expecting that Pluto will return to the Peak period.

Don't worry, take your time.

He turned and left. Before leaving, he gave a meaningful look at Di Feitian in the crowd not far away.

"Luo Xue, you really want to leave King Luo clan!!"

King Luo stared at Luo Xue who was going to leave with Chu Kuangren, with an ice-cold saying: "If you Leave, then don't come back!!"

Luo Xue's lovable body was shocked.

In the crowd, Long Jingjing frowned when she saw this scene, her eyes were a little cold, she thought of her Royal Father.

For the benefit of the so-called Dragon Clan, he even sent someone to chase him down.

Dragon King, Luo King, how similar?

Luo Xue, Dragon Crystal, how similar?   Thinking of this, Long Jingjing couldn't help but pity Luo Xue a little bit of the same illness, walked to the other side, and took the other side's hand.

To Luo Wang coldly snorted and said: "If you don’t return, you won’t return. What is so rare about a broken Luo Wang ancient star."

After that, she took Luo Xue and followed Chu Kuangren left.


Wang Luo was so angry that the corners of his mouth twitched.

Many guests look at each other in blank dismay, a little bit embarrassed.

"It's a good marriage and alliance, and it's so troublesome."

"Yes, the bride ran away, and the bridegroom officer was beaten to the point." This Heavenly Sword is really a sin!"

"What sin? People Luo Xue didn't want to marry. There is nothing wrong with him coming to save his friend."

"That's it."

"Heavenly Sword is so handsome. If he comes to grab the marriage for my wedding, I will go with him without saying anything."

"Wake up, you are not qualified."

"Can't you think about it?"

Amidst the people’s discussion, the farce of the marriage alliance ended. Among the crowd, Divine King Molin was suffocating a smile all the time. After he left the area of ​​Luowang Guxing, he finally couldn't help laughing heartily.

"Haha, okay, I ask you to mock my Dao King clan, now you are also suffering." Morin Divine King has some taking pleasure in other people's misfortune.

The Dao Kings are already miserable.

Now seeing the Pluto clan and Luo King clan who have also lost their face because of Heavenly Sword, I am actually a little happy.

The Dao Kings are finally not the only ones to be laughed at.


The news that Heavenly Sword appeared in the ancient star of Luo Wang, robbed the bride and wounded the bridegroom official spread throughout the universe.

This gossip instantly detonated everyone's enthusiasm.

Some people say that Heavenly Sword grabs love and robs others' Dao Companion. Others say that Heavenly Sword and Luo Xue are in love with each other, and it is the god of darkness intervening...

Various theories spread in the universe.

However, no matter what others say, the alliance between the Pluto clan and the Luo king clan has not been affected by the Heavenly Sword's snatching of relatives. The two sides still become allies as usual.

This news shocked the entire universe. Compared with the previous gossip, the alliance between the two ancient Royal families of the Luo family and the Pluto family is an event that can have a significant impact on the universe.

In addition, today’s Tianyuan Universe and Pangu Universe are at war. The Nine Kings are present and the current situation is chaotic. Even the ancient Royal Family, who dominates the universe, dare not say that it can protect itself in this big change. .

The alliance between the Luo family and the Hades is like a signal.

All the major races are considering whether they are looking for some alliance partners. Fortunately, they will help each other in this change. It can be expected that the Tianyuan universe will undergo tremendous changes in the future.

And now.

In the universe, on a warship.

Chu Kuangren is refining the memory of Hades.

As one of the oldest beings in the Tianyuan universe, the memory of the god of the gods is very magnificent. Even if it is only a part of the memory, it is enough for Chu Kuangren to sort out.

In the memory of Pluto, Chu Kuangren saw many secrets of the Tianyuan Universe, and even some information about the Ancient Divine King.

These are of great help to him.

In addition, there are some Pluto soul cultivation methods, all of which he can comprehend cultivation are comprehend.


Amidst the huge flood of memories, there was a vast and simple aura. I saw a purple giant door appearing in the memory of the god of the underworld, and an aura that seemed to have surpassed the eternal age. Escape from the door, actually occupying the memory of the entire Underworld God.

It's just a memory.

But Chu Kuangren feels an inexplicable shock at this moment.

As if this giant door appeared in front of him.

The purple giant gate is engraved with countless mysterious lines, and the power contained in it does not seem to exist in this universe.

all around there is one after another purple enveloping air flow.

Chu Kuangren is very curious.

What kind of door is this?

He went back to the source, continued to refining the memory of the god of the underworld, and wanted to find the origin of this door, but there was no clue.

It seems that in the memory of Pluto, I have only seen this purple giant gate once, but this time, it has brought him the ultimate shock.

From that door, he felt an aura that surpassed Divine King and even surpassed Hunyuan, this aura, which made the God of Underworld have infinite yearning for the world behind that door.

This is also an important reason for the rebirth of his cultivation base! In   his previous life, he has reached his limit, and he can no longer touch the existence of the purple giant gate. Even if he touches it, there is no way to open it, so he wants to seek stronger power.

(End of this chapter)

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