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  Chapter 1933 The Nine Kings control most of them, everyone gathers for a meeting

Chu Kuangren woke up leisurely .

He has refining all the memories of the god of the Underworld, and the most surprising thing is naturally the very mysterious purple giant door.

That giant gate gave him a strong feeling.

There may be a secret of detachment!   "Interesting."

"Didn't expect this time to have such a gain from the War Underworld God, the secret of transcendence...Ha, it is exciting."

On the battleship.

Luo Xue, Dragon Crystal, Feng Qiyu, Tian Nv You and the four girls are gathering together, look at each other in blank dismay, there is a vague feeling of giving tit for tat.

"Heavenly Sword has unconsciously surrounded by women for so many years. These people don't know what Heavenly Sword thinks?"

Tiannyu You thought to herself.

"Good guys, Heavenly Sword is so charming, and all three of them have great potential. All of them are expected to be Divine Kings in the future."

"The Goddess king is already scarce. All of these have something to do with Heavenly Sword. They are amazing. I don't know if I fight with them, who is stronger?" Feng Qiyu secretly compares them.

Luo Xue held a white long sword and circulated the sword intent around her body, but no one responded with the sword intent. These people are not swordsmen.

On this battleship, only I and Heavenly Sword are swordsmen!

This is what Heavenly Sword and I have in common!

Luo Xuezhen raised her head slightly, feeling like she had won.

"hmph, what about the little swordsman, he is the Nine Kings, and the Gang Lord controls Dragon Clan such a force!"

"For the master, I am It's the most important thing."

Dragon Crystal seemed to see Luo Xue's thoughts, lightly snorted in his heart.

Beside the four women, Tianying watched quietly, with a playful look on her face, "It is worthy of being the master of the devil. Without any means, let these women be convinced. The devil wants to learn. There are many."

At this time.

Chu Kuangren walked out.

The women looked together, Chu Kuangren was still a little surprised, what are these people doing together? Discuss it?

It's pretty aggressive.

Very good, so that it has the value of cultivation.

"Luo Xue, give you this thing."

Chu Kuangren took out an old rune.

This is the mark of the king.

Seeing this, Luo Xue couldn't help being surprised.

"Heavenly Sword, do you want to give me the mark of the king?"

"Yes, this thing is useless to the sky, but it is of great help to you, as Friends of the sky, the sky looks forward to your growth."

Before he went to help Luo Xue, he had already thought about making Luo Xue the bearer of this King's Seal, and then using it for him!   Luo Xue took a deep breath and accepted this kindness.

She yearns for stronger power.

The feeling of being at the mercy of her and unable to control her own destiny is too frustrated. She doesn't want to experience it again, and only by becoming stronger can she be qualified to stand in Heavenly Sword. Around.

After getting the mark of the king, Luo Xue went to refining.

Soon after, a powerful sword intent erupted, and the starry sky set off a blizzard, and dozens of ancient stars were shrouded in the wind and snow.

This is Luo Xue's sword intent.

She has successfully refining the Mark of the King.

"All the nine kings have appeared."

Chu Kuangren whispered.

Except for Luo Xue, the other eight people are Tiannvyou, Tianxingcai, Ling Fei, Dragon Crystal, Thunder God, Xuan Yuanfeng, Underworld, and Luo Yunxiu. Among the nine, there are five People are controlled by him!

The other four people are all defeated by him.

"Nine Kings Sovereign Tianyuan?"


Chu Kuangren couldn't help shaking his hair and laughing.

However, the growth potential of these nine kings is indeed far beyond ordinary evildoers, and all of them are taboos.

Even Ling Fei, who has a general posture, is also advanced by leaps and bounds after getting the mark of the king. According to the news from the Sword Spirit clan some time ago, the other party has successfully entered the Great Firmament Great Perfection. .

These people will be the mainstay of the Tianyuan universe in the future.

It is more likely to be the main force in the occupation of the Pangu universe.

And now, Chu Kuangren controls more than half of this battle with Tianyuan Universe, he has actually taken a big step ahead.

"The future situation is unpredictable, and it is time for these forces in my hand to come together and meet."

Chu Kuangren thought to himself.

He found an unnamed old star and sent a message.


The power that Chu Kuangren holds in his hands is coming one after another.

in the sky.

A wave of majestic resentment swept through.

The opponent held a dark long sword with a very barbed one on the blade. Luo Xue couldn't help but frown, "Ling Fei?"

"en? "

"You actually master this sword, aren't you afraid of being backlashed by this sword's resentment?" Luo Xue said solemnly.

The sword in Ling Fei's hand is exactly the Sword Tribulation used by the celestial evil clan in the past. It is a sword of resentment not just in name only, but also in reality!   "I control it now, not it controls me!"

Ling Fei smiled confidently.

Luo Xue glanced at the opponent, and found that although the sword resentment on the opponent was strong, the expression in his eyes was very clear.

It doesn't look like it has been eroded by resentment.

"It seems that your devil's heart is crossing, and the cultivation is good."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

"Ha, thanks to the cultivation of Heavenly Sword."

Ling Fei cupped his hands and said, very grateful.

At this point.

In the starry sky, a huge warship leaped into the sky.

On the battleship, there were thieves standing.

The headed person is the Shenluo Pirate.

"You are waiting here, I will go to see Heavenly Sword."

Shenluo said with a smile, and then came to the ancient star alone and came to Chu Kuangren, He arched his hands and said: "Heavenly Sword, I trust you have been well since we last met."

"You are here, sit down."

Chu Kuangren waved his sleeves, a A huge round table appeared.

There are ten chairs beside the round table.

Shen Luo Pirate, Tian Nu You, Ling Fei, Feng Qiyu, Dragon Crystal and Luo Xue, Tian Ying sat on it one after another.

With Chu Kuangren, ten chairs, eight people sat at once.

There are two empty ones.

Shenluo Pirates understand that Chu Kuangren will not do unnecessary actions. The remaining two chairs must represent two people who have not yet come.

He glanced at the other people again.

Good guy, none of these are simple characters.

Tiannvyou, the goddess of the Shenji clan.

Dragon Crystal, Dragon Clan is the current queen.

Fengqiyu, the eighth sequence of the temple.

Luo Xue, the tenth sequence of the temple, has a faint change in aura.

Ling Fei, that sword of resentment made people shudder.

There is also a sky shadow, this person can't see through, but he makes himself, the Supreme Divine King, feel a deep threat.

Not to mention Chu Kuangren, the initiator of this meeting.

weng!   At this time, the stars trembled.

I saw endless starlight converging in the sky, and in the starlight, a stunning woman came with a sword, it was the starlight of the sky.

She saluted Chu Kuangren slightly, "I have seen Heavenly Sword."

"Sit down."

Sky Stars is slightly nodded.

Everyone glanced at her, with an extraordinary breath.

Moreover, it is also one of the nine kings.

Good guy...

How many nine kings are there?   Shen Luo Thief swallowed his saliva and his heart was greatly shocked.

He has a strong hunch that this meeting is likely to greatly affect the future pattern of Tianyuan Universe.

"There is another person, who will it be?"

Shenluo Pirate secretly looked forward to it.

At this moment, there are golden clouds surging in the distance, a strong imperial coercion swept over, and a golden silhouette descended.

Come, the Supreme Divine King of the emperor family, and also the Left Law Enforcer of the Primordial Spirit Temple, Emperor Feitian!   (End of this chapter)

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