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  Chapter 1934 Yuantian Society was established, and we will come to the extreme west again to solve the Qi of Taoism

The arrival of Emperor Feitian made Shenluo steal eyes slightly shrink.

But thinking that Chu Kuangren once suppressed the emperor family, although I was shocked, it seemed reasonable.

Di Feitian saw everyone present, and was as shocked as Shenluo Pirates. Didn't expect Chu Kuangren to gather so many capable people.

Half of them are even nine kings.

He took a deep breath and walked to the last position to sit down.

He knows that behind Chu Kuangren is the temple of fate of the profound mystery, and he is full of fear for the other party.

With a destiny, it is difficult for him to defy Chu Kuangren.

"Everyone is here, let's start the meeting."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

"You should all be aware of the pattern of the Tianyuan Universe. In order to cope with the changes in the future, Tian now wants to create an organization, and you are the veterans of this organization."

"Find Everyone is here to let you witness and get to know each other by the way. In the future, you can take care of each other."

Di Feitian hearing this, just said indifferently: "Heavenly Sword, you can control me, but the emperor clan The ancient king of China is about to return, and my right to speak in the emperor clan will be reduced a lot. If you want to control the emperor clan through me, then I’m afraid you will be disappointed."

Chu Kuangren heard this, Didn't care too much.

"Old kings, heh, if they don't fight against the sky, the sky will not find them, if not, the sky, don't mind making them regret returning in this era."

Emperor Feitian heard this silent for a while, he did not doubt the other party's words, there is the Temple of Destiny behind his back, holding a half-step Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure imperial hammer, plus, Chu Kuangren is in a period of rapid growth.

The future surpassing the ancient king is almost certain.

Then, everyone present got to know each other.

Emperor Feitian and Shenluo Pirates counted silently, good fellows.

Five nine kings!

All are under the control of Chu Kuangren.

The future of Nine Kings Sovereign?

The two of them only find this prediction a bit funny now.

"Heavenly Sword, since you established this organization, you should always have a name." Shenluo Pirates some curiously asked.

The others also looked towards him.

Chu Kuangren thought for a moment. He didn't seem to have considered the name of the organization. He glanced at the round table in front of him, and his eyes lit up, "The so-called round sky place, call it the round sky meeting. "

The others hearing this have no objection.

"Heavenly Sword pretends to be a heaven. This organization was created by you again, so it would be better to call it Heavenly Sword."


"Yuan Tian Hui, then it is so decided."

So far, under the leadership of Chu Kuangren, Yuan Tian Hui was established.

Including Chu Kuangren, there are ten veterans.

"Yuan Tianhui, as well as the Xuantian Nine Stars of the Pangu Universe...This will be the key to my control of the two universes."

Chu Kuangren thought to himself.


In the Pangu universe.

Since the formation of Xuantian Jiuxing, Chu Kuangren has entered a state of retreat, and his cultivation base has also successfully breakthrough to Hedao.

"It's not easy. With the help of the connection with Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren, it is finally a breakthrough to Dao Integration Realm."

"Plus this body's unique Azure The power of Lotus, excluding other cards, is not weaker than Heavenly Sword."

Chu Kuangren is very satisfied with his retreat this time.

After leaving customs.

He visited Immortal World.

Today's Immortal World has almost all been under his control, and people from the Celestial Empire have successively settled in Immortal World.

Everything is proceeding in an orderly manner.

This day.

Chu Kuangren came to the extreme west of Immortal World.

This is where Buddhism is.

And he came here on this trip, only to take away one thing, that is, Golden Lotus, one of the merits of Innate's four lotus!   Innate Si Lian, he has already refining the Red Lotus of Karma, the Black Lotus, the Black Lotus, the White Lotus of Purifying World is in Yuzhi, it is the Supreme Treasure left by the Queen Mother, Yuzhi and him are friends, so he has no idea. .

As for this merit, Golden Lotus was used by Buddhism to suppress the Qi of Taoism, and this time, he came to solve this matter.

The Qi of Daoran, this is the source of the Great Tribulation of the Immortal Ancient Period, and is the power specially lowered by the Great Dao of Universe in order to restore itself.

These things stay in the Pangu universe, just like a time bomb. I don't know when they will explode.

In order to be able to fight Tianyuan Universe with peace of mind in the future, this time bomb must be dismantled as soon as possible.

The extreme west, in the glazed soil.

A great merit Golden Lotus is suppressing the spirit of Spiritual Mountain.

And seeing the Xing Buddha and a group of Buddhist monks sitting on the Golden Lotus to suppress the Qi of Daoran, Buddha's radiance is abundant, pure and peaceful.

At this time, Yun Lanfo walked in with Chu Kuangren.

The eminent monks were a little surprised.

"Immortal King is here, what's the point?"

"Solving the road staining!"

When this statement came out, everyone couldn't help but be a little surprised.

You must know that this black qi has existed for many years, and for countless years, I don’t know how many people want to solve it.

But no one succeeded.

Can Chu Kuangren do it?   And Chu Kuangren didn't explain too much. He only stepped forward, ignoring the Golden Lotus seal, and went straight to Spiritual Mountain.

In an instant.

The middle road of Spiritual Mountain was dyed with black gas as if they had sensed something, and they evaded it. Chu Kuangren looked like a scourge to them.

The Qi of Daoran rioted.

They crazily attacked the Golden Lotus seal.

But to no avail.

"Where do you want to go?"

Chu Kuangren is lightly snorted, and suddenly there is a road flying out of him, intertwining in the sky, forming A huge inescapable net has covered all these Taoisms with black air.

"This is the principle! Immortal King breakthrough Dao Integration Realm!"

"Didn't expect him to progress so fast."

See Xingfoji people are a little surprised.

Immediately afterwards, they saw that those Taoist energy enveloped by Chu Kuangren's Taoism were extremely restless.

It turned into some kind of hideous giant beast, madly impacting the Taoist rules, but all this was useless.

These Dao dyes have a great restraint and even erosion effect on the Dao cultivated by the creatures of the Pangu universe.

But a pity.

The Tao of Chu Kuangren does not exist in this universe.

He regards himself as his own way!

"Give it to me!"

The power of Dao Ze flows around, envelops all the Qi of Dao dye, and then quickly shrinks, condensing into a black ball the size of a thumb.

This black ball was covered with the power of Chu Kuangren's Dao Ze, and then he was sucked into his body, he actually sealed himself!

After the Taoist Qi disappeared, within the Spiritual Mountain, a large amount of Spiritual Qi grew, and the former Buddhist Holy Land Spiritual Mountain gradually returned to peace.

Seeing Xing Buddha, Yun Lan Buddha and the others, I was very pleasantly surprised.

"many thanks Immortal King!"

Seeing the Xing Buddha bow and salute.

Not only is Spiritual Mountain returning to normal, from now on, he will no longer have to suppress the Qi of Dao Ran, and he has also regained his freedom.

"This merit Golden Lotus, I have great use, I want to take it away, I don't know what conditions you have?" Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

"Immortal King is polite. This Golden Lotus was originally used to suppress the Qi of Daoran. Now that the Qi of Daoran has been removed, I will give it to Immortal King."

Buddha said with a smile.

Actually, if Chu Kuangren wants to take it by force, in Immortal World, there is no way to see the Buddha and Yunlan Buddha.

Simply push the boat along the river and build a good relationship with Chu Kuangren.

"Oh, then I'm not welcome."

Chu Kuangren took away Golden Lotus, and then casually asked Yunlan Buddha, "By the way, I don't know where the quartz is now? "

"Some time ago, she just went to the void battlefield."

"Oh, has the action already started?"

Chu Kuangren whispered.

Then, instead of staying in the extreme west for a long time, he went to the other places of Immortal World to continue to absorb the energy of Taoism, and seal the energy of Taoism with the way of his own body. after another sealed in his body.

(End of this chapter)

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