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  Chapter 1938 comes to the zombie forbidden area, the blood of Chu Kuangren, the legend of 犼

The last way The seal of dyed air is the zombie restricted area.

As one of the forbidden areas of the universe, it is not easy to enter this place, but it is not difficult for Chu Kuangren.

After arriving here, a powerful aura escaped from his body.

This aura spread, shaking the entire restricted area.

"Who is this aura?"

"Really strong!"

Zombie In the restricted area, some people rushed out.

They looked at Chu Kuangren standing in the sky, and they couldn't help being surprised.

"It's Immortal King Chu Kuangren!"

"Why did he suddenly appear here?"

"Strange, Immortal King is not in his Immortal World. Okay. Staying, why did you come to our restricted area, aren't you afraid that we will do him?"

Some powerhouses have different colors in their eyes.

In the eyes of many people, part of Chu Kuangren's strength is based on his possession of the Immortal King power in Immortal World.

If not in Immortal World.

No matter how strong Chu Kuangren is, there are limits to it.

Looking at Chu Kuangren, some zombies couldn't help but swallowed their saliva, staring at Chu Kuangren with a look of desire in their eyes.

"What a fragrant blood food!"

"What is this guy's blood made of? If he can absorb his blood, it would be of great significance to us. "

Some zombie's eyes have become scarlet.

His mouth showed fangs.

"Oh, are you so coveting my blood?"

The corners of Chu Kuangren's mouth are slightly tilted.

His blood is indeed extremely precious.

A body formed by the fusion of a variety of mysterious physiques, this body is so extraordinary that he doesn't even have a bottom line.

But if someone can refining a drop of his blood, I'm afraid he will immediately become a peerless genius.

"Jiangchen lineage, you must not be rude!"

At this time, a tender voice sounded.

I saw a silhouette standing in front of Chu Kuangren, it was a female ghost!   Chu Kuangren knows each other.

In Immortal World there have been several intersections, and even played against each other.

"It turned out to be the general lineage. No wonder I am so interested in my blood." Chu Kuangren faintly smiled.

There are four zombie tribes in the zombie restricted area, namely the dry horror lineage, the houqing lineage, the win hook lineage and the general minister lineage.

And Jiang Chen lineage is the bloodsucking zombie in zombie.

It is said that the general zombie can strengthen his own strength through blood sucking, and Chu Kuangren's blood is very attractive to them.

"Look at it clearly, in front of you is the noble Lord of Immortal World, how dare you be impudent in front of him?!"

The woman yelled sharply.

"Hey, this is not Immortal World."

"Yeah, Lord of Immortal World? He can only dominate in Immortal World. This is a zombie restricted area. And anyone who trespasses into the restricted area must die. This is the rule of the restricted area, and no one is exception."

"Female ghost, step back, let me suck his blood!"


At this point, a zombie can't wait.

His silhouette flashed, and the silhouette shot out like a black electric light, and came to Chu Kuangren in a blink of an eye.

Opened his fangs and big mouth, moved towards him, biting away, those red eyes with the ultimate desire for blood!

"I can't be stupid!"

Chu Kuangren drank indifferently, and the immortal yuan on his body moved.

There was a bang.

Impressed by Origin Energy, only a rumbling sound was heard, and the zombie rushing towards Chu Kuangren was blasted out on the spot.

Bones and muscles burst, and the whole person is like a puddle of mud.

It was just the shock of the immortal yuan, this zombie, who was comparable to the Great Firmament Great Perfection, fell directly. This strength is shocking.

The lineage zombies who originally began to stir, suddenly did not dare to act rashly. They all looked at Chu Kuangren with great dread.

"Meet in the army, is this the way of hospitality in the restricted area?"

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

The Immortal King's coercion is getting stronger and stronger.

"Immortal King calm down, these little boys don't understand etiquette and are offended." An indifferent voice sounded.

I saw a blue-haired old man walking slowly, the aura on his body was extremely hot and domineering, and the voice reverberated in his body.

This is the Hedao powerhouse of the lineage.

"You all retreat to me."

The old man glanced at the zombies of the lineage who were coldly snorted.

These people are afraid of harmony and retreat one after another.

"In the lineage of Xiahanyan, the lineage master, the miscellaneous people and others have already left, I wonder why Immortal King is coming here this time?"

asked the old man, that is, the lineage master of the drought.

"I am here for the energy of Daoran."

Chu Kuangren briefly talked about his purpose.

The eyes of the Lord of the Drought Veins shined, and that dyed air was sealed in the zombie restricted area for countless years, and it has always been a hidden worry in the restricted area.

Chu Kuangren wants to get away, they can't ask for it.

"The Qi of Dao dye all around cloth has many seal prohibitions. It will take some time for us to lift it. Please also Immortal King to wait a few days."

"It's okay."


Chu Kuangren doesn't care much about staying a few more days.

"Girl, the past few days, I will entertain the Immortal King."

"I can't ask for it."

The girl looked at Chu Kuangren, Licking his lips.

Next to him, the corners of Droughty Mai's mouth twitched.

Be reserved!   Nv Yun, you should be more reserved!


"Damn, didn't expect this Chu Kuangren to be so powerful after he left Immortal World." In the realm of Jiang Chen Lineage, Jiang Chen is the master of the lineage. Looking at the zombie who was bombarded in front of him, his face was gloomy.

"Master, the blood in Chu Kuangren's body is really attractive. I have a hunch that if the blood in his body can be absorbed, it will definitely be of great help to my general lineage plan."

A general minister zombie recalled the desire that had emerged in his heart when he saw Chu Kuangren, and his face couldn't help but be a little fanatical.

"His blood, I will naturally not miss it, but before that, I must figure out how to deal with him."

Chu Kuangren's strength is too strong.

The chief minister has heard some rumors that the other party once beheaded the powerhouse of Dao Integration Realm outside of Immortal World.

"Master, I think Chu Kuangren matter, don’t worry for the time being, the Four Blood Pill is at a critical moment, so let’s start with this matter first."

The zombie old man said.

"Well, also, Imperial Tutor, you said that this Four Blood Pill is still short of the final introduction, right."

"Yes, on the Four Blood Pill. The Yin Qi is too heavy and must be suppressed with True Fire, but the ordinary True Fire can’t meet this standard at all.” said the old zombie.

"Then I don't know the blood of the female ghost, is it standard enough?"

"The female ghost...the strongest evildoer in the drought lineage, if it is her blood, it can definitely become the four blood Bao Dan’s medicine introduction."

"Very good."

The icy color was revealed in the eyes of the main channel of the minister, "Among the four channels of the zombie forbidden zone, only I have the lineage of the minister. Dao, but in a few days, I will make the lineage the strongest Sovereign here!"


the past few days, Chu Kuangren traveled in the zombie restricted area.

I have seen a lot of zombies and I feel interesting.

Zombie four channels, each has its own unique power, the minister lineage can suck blood to strengthen itself, the drought lineage manipulates the True Fire, the queen lineage is extremely fast, and is good at cursing ability.

Yinggou lineage is based on the majestic Corpse Qi, and its fleshly body strength is the highest among zombie's four veins, and the overall strength is the strongest.

Except for this.

Chu Kuangren faintly feels that the four zombie channels seem to be connected.

"It is rumored that Heaven and Earth had a Great Desolate beast at the beginning, named Huanzhen, whose strength is extremely powerful. It is Myriad Beasts Ancestor, who feeds on dragons, but has a cruel temperament. Later, Fuxi and Nuwa joined forces. Beheaded."

"But its soul is immortal, and it is divided into three, which are integrated into the body of the Houqing, Yinggou, and the female ghost. They become the ancestors of zombie, and their corpse is the same as a Divine Tree. The combination of the trunks of Chu Kuangren turned into a general..."

"I don't know if this legend is true or false?"

Chu Kuangren looked towards the female ghost said with a smile beside him.

(End of this chapter)

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