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  Chapter 1939 is the most tainted qi, the power of the four blood treasure pill, the power of the power of the ministers

"This legend has been around for a long time, and I don't know whether it's true or false."

The woman shook her head and said with a smile.


Chu Kuangren didn't ask much.

Soon, there was news from the Lord of the Drought Vessel, saying that the seal deep in the zombie forbidden area had been almost unlocked.

You can go and absorb the breath of Taoism.

"There has been a reception by a working girl these few days, I will leave first."

Chu Kuangren said with a smile.

The female ghost looked at his departed back, faintly sighed, "What a man of incomprehension, this heart is like a stone."

These days, she is faintly discernable Seduce each other.

The other party turned a blind eye.

Too angry.

Don’t you have enough charm?

The woman took out a mirror and looked at her beautiful figure and beautiful face, "It looks pretty."

At this point.

A Drought Man appeared next to the female Man, and looked at the female Man who had been acted coquettishly in front of the mirror. The Drought Man coughed twice.

The female Yan put away the mirror, "What's the matter?"

"Female Yan, please lineage the minister."

"Oh, they are looking for me What are you doing?"

Female Yan was a little confused, and then frowned, "Is it because I want to discuss the marriage again? It's really annoying."

Jiang Chen lineage is weak in the zombie restricted area. status.

They have always wanted to combine with Xianyan lineage to strengthen their own strength, but Nvyan herself has never agreed.

"That's all, go and see you for the last time."

The woman indifferently said.


On the other side.

zombie deep in the restricted area.

When Chu Kuangren came here, he saw a huge mountain, and under the mountain, there was a surging black air surrounding him.

And on the top of the mountain, sit firmly alone.

All in Corpse Qi, powerful and powerful, suppressing the black air at the bottom of the mountain.

"This person is the Supreme of my restricted area, the master of the win lineage!"

The master of the drought veins indifferently said.

The Yinggoumai master on the mountain also noticed the arrival of Chu Kuangren, opened his eyes and looked towards him, "Immortal King is coming, but unfortunately, I suppress this place and cannot get up to meet you. Please forgive me. ."

"It’s okay."

Chu Kuangren looked at the Daoran Qi at the bottom of the mountain. The Daoran Qi here is the most he has seen these days. What he can do is to be completely enclosed in the body, it is estimated that it will take some time.

And also need the assistance of the master and slave of Yinggoumai.

On this point, the other party has no opinion.

"This dyed air is the source of the catastrophe. I suppressed it for a long time, and I don't care about this time. Let's start."

said the Lord Ying Goumai .

The Lord of the Drought Maiden watched from the side and decided to protect the two of them.

Time goes by.

A few days have passed, and just today, outside the seal, there is an embarrassed silhouette that suddenly arrives, but it is a female ghost.

At this moment, her breath is dying, she looks pale, and the dry True Fire in her body is even more depleted, just like being drained.

The main symptom of the drought, the complexion changed.

"Women, how did you become like this?"

"The master of the veins is the lineage of the ministers. The lineage of the ministers privately collects the blood of the four veins zombie, they are refining the four Bloody Pill!"

The female spirit is stale, and the minister lineage is used to refine the treasure pill, designed to take her blood essence, and smoke her True Fire. She managed to escape under the cover of several drought Elders who gave up her life. Came back.

Hearing this, the complexion sank is the master of the drought.

"They are so bold!"

The Four Blood Pill is a long-circulated rumor in the zombie restricted area.

It is said that there is a part of the power of Great Desolate Beast King Ya in each of the four channels of zombie. If they can be combined together, they can obtain the power of Ya, surpass the zombie, and become the existence of Great Desolate Ancient God level. .

The Four Blood Pill is the way to integrate the four zombie powers.

But to refine the Four Blood Pill, a lot of zombie blood essence is needed in the four veins, and I don’t know if it can be successfully refined.

So the Four Blood Pill has always been a taboo in the restricted area.

I didn't expect that the lineage dared to take risks and risked the forbidden area to refine this thing, which made the Lord of Droughts and Vessels angry.

bang!! !   At this time.

Zombie In the depths of the restricted area, there is a breath of incomparable horror, accompanied by endless fire, which shook the entire restricted area.

That is the direction of Jiang Chen lineage.

"Haha, it succeeded! I finally succeeded!"

Put the minister in lineage.

In the endless flames, the ministers slowly walked out, and the breath of the body was full of Power of Destruction.

Although he still has no harmony.

But the strength in the body is not inferior at all.

All the zombies in the restricted area looked at the generals, their bodies were shaking, and the bloodline was agitated, seeming to be in fear.

"Is this the power of the Four-Blood Pill? It's worth planning for many years, and finally succeeded. Next..."

Looked towards the depths of the restricted area, said Where the seal of dyed air was, two squalid fangs appeared from the corners of the mouth.

"Chu Kuangren, your precious blood can't be wasted. If you have your precious blood, plus the four-blood pill, I will like a tiger that has grown wings, even then If I win the Goumai master, I can also win it!"

The subject master was so heartbroken that he seemed to have seen the scene of the entire restricted area of ​​his Sovereign, stepping out of it in one step, and swept towards the sealed ground.

"The time for the revival of the minister lineage is here!"

"Yes, for so many years, we have been squeezed by the other three pulses, and now we are finally able to raise our eyebrows. "

"Follow the lineage master, Sovereign forbidden zone!"

The zombie of the lineage of the minister was like a chicken blood, and he was very excited, and then rushed the lineage master to the seal.

Wherever I go, there is a mess.

The entire restricted area is completely messed up.

And inside the seal land.

When the Lord of the Drought Mane perceives the approach of the Lord of the Lord, the whole body of Drought Mane True Fire flows, and the scorching breath makes Fangyuan ten thousand li turn into a red land.

And his eyes are extremely cold.

bang! The   majestic breath has come.

The minister's vein master looked indifferently at the dry ray master, "Are you sure that the dry ray master is going to be my enemy?!"

"The master of the veins, the four blood treasure pill is Forbidden area expressly prohibited Refining, you violated the rules of the restricted area, and you are the enemy of the entire restricted area! You dare to hurt the female ghost, you are unforgivable!"

"Fucking! Four Blood Treasures Dan’s power is so powerful, but you are afraid of a little sacrifice and make it a taboo. With such a stupid and stale idea, it’s no wonder that the zombie restricted area has not been able to go further for so many years. Only I dare to do what you dare not do. !"

"Only I am worthy to lead the entire restricted area to a more glorious future, the master of the drought, now submit to me, because you are also a zombie, I can keep your position as the master ."

Coldly said the chief minister.

Now he has unprecedented confidence.

When he faced the other three pulse masters before, he was always weaker because of the cultivation base, but now it is different.

He has risen!

He wants to find all the face he lost in front of the other party before, and he wants the other party's acknowledge allegiance to be at his feet!   "hmph, Lord General, you are inciting civil strife!"

An indifferent voice sounded.

I saw a man with an unknown breath coming slowly, and the other party was the master of the lineage.

"This is not a civil strife, this is a revolution! And revolution is always accompanied by bloodshed, come on, let you see how strong I am after transformation!!"

He waved his sleeves, his eyes turned red, and there was a terrifying Corpse Qi boiling all over his body.

Between raising your hands, True Fire circulates.

The Four Blood Pill actually enabled him to master the zombie power of the other three meridians!   Hou Qing Mai Master, Han Yan Mai Master's complexion became very dignified.

(End of this chapter)

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