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  Chapter 1940 wins the goumai master shot, the more he fights, the fiercer the minister master   zombie deep in the penalty area .

Chu Kuangren was absorbing the energy of Dao Ran. At this time, he sensed the terrifying wave from outside, and his eyes flashed slightly.

"It seems that zombie's restricted area is not monolithic."

He looked at Ying Goumai lightly said with a smile.

Hearing his words, the other party looked indifferent and said, "Let Immortal King laugh, no matter which race or force, there will always be some black sheep who believe oneself infallible. Human Race should have a deep understanding of this. "

"Oh, indeed."

Chu Kuangren slightly nodded.

The outside world.

Combining the Lord of the Minister and the Lord of the Droughts, the Lord of the Houqing has already fought fiercely together, the powerful Corpse Qi hiding the sky and covering the earth, covering the air over the restricted area.

The zombies are all shocked.

"The master...really strong!"

"His strength has been raised to this level!"

"Four Blood Pill , It is really scary."

Especially the cultivator of the lineage of the generals, they are extremely excited when watching one against two the lineage masters of the generals who are not letting go.

It feels like the rise of Jiang Chen lineage is now.

"haha, the master of the Houqing pulse, the master of the drought, you two, isn't you a harmony? How come you only have this strength?!"

"I'm too disappointed!"

Haha smiled, his tone was extremely arrogant.

He blasted out with a palm, and True Fire whistled.

The Drought Maiden resists the True Fire, and feels a little strenuous.

"He is obviously a general zombie, but True Fire is no less than me. The Four Blood Pill is so powerful!"

"It's not just Drought Fire, his Corpse Qi and fleshy body are no less than the win hook, and the speed is no less than me!" Hou Qing Mai said with a solemn expression on his face.

The current generals and ministers, the cultivation base is not Hedao, but the two of them have joined forces, and they feel like they have been suppressed.

It's too abnormal.

"The Divine Seal!" At this time, the master of the Hou Qing vein pinched the mysterious mark, and a weird rune appeared in midair.

Waves of strange forces spread out.

Locked by this power, densely packed runes appeared on his body, and a treacherous force was corroding his body. This is the cursing power unique to Houqing Lineage.

"Ha, break for me!"

Seeing the general minister lightly shouted, a treacherous curse power spread out from his body, and the curse mark on his body suddenly shattered!

He sneered at the Houqing pulse master, "I will do the curse power, do you think it will be of any use to me?"

"Damn it!"

The main eyebrow of the Houqing vein frowned, the power of the four blood treasure pill was too strong, and directly gave the general the power of the zombie of the four veins.

The abilities they have, as well as the masters.

The abilities they don't have, the generals and ministers also have the power!   This is too bad for them!

"From now on, this zombie forbidden area should be i as Venerable!"

said Jieyu, the chief minister.

The lineage zombies behind him, looking at the zombies all around the other three veins, with squalid fangs, revealing cold light!

"Oh, do you want to seize power?!"

An indifferent voice sounded.

I saw a silhouette leaping into the air, and a man dressed in Tsing Yi, the majestic Corpse Qi spread out with him as the center.

The coming person is the master of Ying Goumai.

"You won the Lord Goumai, you left Land of Sealing?!"

The face of the Lord Maiden changed slightly.

He knows that for so many years, Ying Goumai has been suppressing the Qi of Dao Ran, and has never left half a step.

I didn't expect, it actually appeared now.

This is a bit unexpected.

"I see, it's Chu Kuangren, right? I'll just say why he came to the zombie restricted area. It turned out that he came to deal with the Qi of Taoism."

said the Lord Jiang.

There are people who can handle the qi of Daoran? !   This sounds incredible.

But this can explain why Chu Kuangren came to the zombie penalty area, and why he can leave the seal after he comes.

"Win Gouma, do you really want to fight against me for an outsider?" Jiang Chen said coldly.

He feels very unreasonable.

Even, I still feel angry.

"I and you are both zombies, but now, you are going to deal with me for an outsider? Don't you think it is ridiculous?!"

Loudly said the minister, his eyes were red , Baleful aura monstrous.

But the eyes of the three pulse masters are more indifferent than him.

"Jiangchen lineage master, this outsider in your mouth is dealing with the hidden worries that we have been unable to deal with for many years, and you, as the lineage lineage master, wantonly slaughter for the rest of the zombie, just for your own sake. Selfishness! It's you who is absurd!" Droughty Maid coldly said.

"hmph, I am all revolution!"

"Joke, for the sake of strength, killing the same clan, the reputation is called revolution?! You are more than I thought. shameless!"

"nonsense, let's go!"

Said the Hou Qing Mai Master.

His silhouette flashed, like a black electric light, taking the lead in moving towards the main attack of the ministers, and the powerful force swept out.

And the Drought and Miscarriage also urges True Fire.

Winning Goumai takes one step, punched out, and the seemingly unremarkable punch contains the extremely violent Corpse Qi.

Coupled with the unique Strength of Fleshly Body of the win hook lineage, the strength of this blow directly caused the starry sky in front of you to collapse.


The attack of the three major zombies is shocking!

The Tao is scrolling, Corpse Qi is vertical and horizontal.

No matter how strong the ministers are, they are still slightly inferior in the face of this force, and they have been blasted back several hundred zhang by a single move.

Seeing the situation, the drought and the veins will chase after victory.

The horror True Fire roars out.

But at this time.

However, the Corpse Qi in the main body of Jiang Chen's vein skyrocketed rapidly, and the terrifying power directly destroyed the drought of True Fire.

"He is stronger?!"

"How is this possible?"

The three zombies feel incredible.

And the lord of the ministers couldn’t help laughing heartily, "You didn’t expect, the Four Blood Pills are still merging with me. In other words, the current me is still in good shape. In the process of evolution!!!"

"I am getting stronger and stronger, but you are constantly consuming. The result of this battle is already destined."

Jiang Chen The pulse master said with a sneer.

Hearing this, the complexion of the three big zombies changed a little.

"The power of the Four Blood Pills is so terrifying!"

"It is indeed surprising."

Ying Goumai said with solemn expression: "You two are responsible for containing him, and I will be the main attacker!"

Drought 魃 pulse master, Houqing pulse master nodded.

After finalizing the strategy, the four zombies once again shot, and the force of terror continues to shake the entire restricted area.

This is definitely the biggest civil unrest in the history of the restricted zone!

All zombies know that the outcome of this battle will directly affect the future of the zombie restricted area.

Boom, bang! The   Corpse Qi fluctuated out, vaguely, raising the aura of the minister's pulse master again. The three major pulse masters actually felt that the zombie bloodline in their body was suppressed, and their faces suddenly appeared. A change.

"Get out!!"

With a palm of the minister lineage, in Corpse Qi, the power of the four zombies is actually fuse together.

With this palm, the three major syndicates directly flew out.

"You feel it, right?"

Looking at the chieftain, the master of Yinggouma said, "My bloodline is already above you. Soon, I will Become a more powerful lifeform than zombie!!!"

"Even I don’t know how strong my strength will be when I completely integrate the Four Blood Pill Queen!"

(End of this chapter)

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