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  Chapter 1941 is the power of pressing the master, the power of Ya

"Even I don’t know How strong is it!"

Said with a big smile.

high-spirited and vigorous.

Today, it can be said that it is his fastest day, by the strength of oneself, pressing down the four major zombie in the restricted area.

Before this was changed, he couldn't even think about it.

After all, he is not even Hedao.

But now, with the help of the Four Blood Pill, everything has become a reality. This Pill is really too powerful.

"roar! !"

Roar towards the sky.

Corpse Qi aspect.

The breath of terror spread out, shocking the restricted area.

Centered on the master of the subject, the void affected by Corpse Qi began to crack, and its power made all zombies secretly palpitations.

"Hanyan Mai Master, Win Gou Mai Master, Hou Qing Mai Master, I can give you one last chance, submit to me, obediently and honestly hand over Chu Kuangren, you are still the Mai Master! "

Standing up against the minister, he looks like he is holding the winning ticket.

The four zombie forces are one.

He can't think of how he can lose? !

"Ha, you want me, why don't you do it yourself?"

A chuckle sounded.

I saw a white clothed silhouette slowly walking out of the Land of Sealing.

White clothed like snow, with white jade ancient sword on the waist.

It seems that it is handsome and romantic, but between the sleeves, the breath is like the Supreme Immortal King, wherever he goes, the mountains and rivers are broken.

Even the void collapsed silently.

"Chu Kuangren!!!"

After seeing the person coming, he narrowed his eyes slightly.

In those blood-colored pupils, there was an extreme desire.

Even if he had absorbed the Four Blood Pill, Chu Kuangren's breath of precious blood still made him extremely eager.

The bloodline is restless, the gums are itchy, and the fangs are already beginning to stir. Every cell under his body seems to be noisy for him to rush up and suck Chu Kuangren into one. Mummies!   Aware of the ultimate desire of the Lord of the Ministers for himself, Chu Kuangren's eyes gradually became cold.

"The look in your eyes makes me very uncomfortable."

"Chu Kuangren, you finally appeared! If you have sucked your blood, plus what's in my body Four blood treasure pill, I can't imagine how high I will reach!" Jiang Chen said expectantly.

sou! In   an instant, his silhouette disappeared in place.

The speed is so fast that even the most skilled in speed zombie, the master of Hou Qing, couldn’t help creding out in surprise, "Be careful!"

But Chu Kuangren looked indifferent and sword Pointing to a condensed point, moved towards the void in front of him, and sword qi suddenly vented out.

Just when he pointed out with his sword, the main minister appeared in that direction, punched out.

Sword qi and Corpse Qi collided in an instant, and a shocking energy storm rolled out in an instant.

all around The ground exploded, the void shattered and collapsed.

"You can keep up with my speed!"

The minister was a little surprised. Then, he punched out and punched out, the drought True Fire, and the win hook Corpse Qi. Contains it.

The speed is so fast that even Hedao may be difficult to capture.

Chu Kuangren's sword fingers move instantly.

The opponent's attack was easily dismantled by him.

"You are too slow than the speed."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said, the moment his sword broke through Corpse Qi, the Kunwu sword on his waist was clanging Out of the sheath with a sound.

A brilliant sword light flashed by!

This sword, speed to the pinnacle, is so fast that it crosses the limit of time and space.

This sword, with a clanging sound, landed on the chest of the chief minister, and the surging sword qi exploded in an instant.

A sound like a meteor flew upside down, smashing more than a dozen mountain peaks one after another, that is the master of the generals!

He who suppressed the three big zombies fighting together, was actually knocked out by Chu Kuangren with a sword, which made the zombies stunned.

"Hedao, he has a breakthrough to Hedao!!"

"Wait, even if he has a breakthrough to Hedao, how can it be so terrible? They are also the winners He Dao."

"Heh, don’t forget, he is Chu Kuangren. He dare to challenge the others before he breaks through He Dao. Now that he breaks through He Dao, you think Will the other party be an ordinary co-dao?"

"It makes sense..."

Everyone watched this scene attentively.

I want to see how far Chu Kuangren's strength is, especially Jiang Chen Lineage, with a look of worry in his eyes.

If the minister fails.

Then they will have a hard time in the restricted area in the future.


At this time, a loud laughter sounded.

I saw the ministers soaring into the sky, not only did the aura on his body not weaken, on the contrary, it was even more terrifying.

On his chest, a piece of body protection armor has been torn to pieces by sword qi, but he is unscathed.

His fleshy body is more terrifying than Bao Jia!   "Chu Kuangren, me who combines the four zombie abilities, its fleshy body is stronger than the master of the win, how can you kill me?!"

Grasp the clothes on the body master.

, Shred it.

A sturdy body is exposed, the muscles undulate like a hill, like molten iron, revealing a metallic feel, and under that skin, the meridians are like horned dragons dormant...


"Dry stupid fire!!"

Between the Lord's hand, the dry stupid fire wave turned out.

Chu Kuangren didn't retreat and cut out with a single sword.

The boundless flame was divided into two by him.

But this is not over yet.

Squeeze the mysterious secret art in the hands of the minister, and a strange wave spreads out, which is the cursing power unique to the lineage of Houqing.

However, there is a ray of Dao Rhyme flowing out of the Azure Lotus imprint on Chu Kuangren's forehead, and the power of the curse is instantly isolated.

True Fire, the power of curse has failed one after another.

The silhouette of the minister is like a meteor, falling from the sky, and Corpse Qi, who is no less inferior to Ying Goumai, is surging throughout his body.

"This sword will break your fleshy body."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

Kunwu held high in his hand, and countless runes above were lit by one after another.

A stream of extreme destruction and destruction turned out.

It is the sword of Zhuxian!

A sword cut out, reflecting the natural phenomenon of the fall of gods and Buddhas.

Putting the vassal master in front of this sword, bear the brunt of it. Corpse Qi on his body was torn apart by sword qi, and the whole person was enveloped by sword qi. The sword qi collided with the fleshy body and made a clanging sound like a metal collision.

But then, the sword qi became stronger and stronger...

A bloodstain appeared on the body of the main subject, and the bloodstains also increased, invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable The fleshy body was broken open by a sword!

Boom! !

Drop the minister from in midair to the ground.

A large amount of sword qi is eroding his fleshy body, and his face changes uncertainly, "Why, how could I lose to you!!"

He was full of disbelief , He struggled to get up, staring at Chu Kuangren, his eyes showed a tyrannical meaning.

"I took the zombie of the Four Blood Pill, how could I lose to you!!! This is impossible!!!"

"roar! !"

Putting the minister zombie roar towards the sky, I saw that his body actually started to swell, and he grew thick body hair.

A tyrannical meaning different from Corpse Qi permeated.

Soon, a sinister giant beast appeared in front of everyone, with first antlers, body like a tiger, blood-red eyes exuding monstrous baleful aura.

All the zombies looked at this giant beast, they only felt that the bloodline trembled, and their eyes were shocked, "This, this is 犼! The legend is true, the four zombie powers are combined, and the power of 犼 can really be obtained. !"

(End of this chapter)

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