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  Chapter 1943 Daozu used his body to make up for the Dao, and the road ahead is long, and I respectfully send Daozu back.

With my own strength, watching the female Yan's face change, the other zombies are also secretly guarding.

I'm afraid that the other party will suddenly go crazy.

Only Chu Kuangren watched quietly, with a calm expression.

Just now.

He contacted Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren.

Let the other party ask Xiao Ai to analyze the Four Blood Pill to see if she can save the female man. Although Xiao Ai did not see the Four Blood Pill in person, she can still analyze it according to the information given by Chu Kuangren. Approximately.

This Baodan is indeed prone to maddening, but it is caused by absorbing too many Baodan's own tyrannical Yin Qi.

The zombie is the thing of the most yin.

zombie blood essence is the yin in the yin.

The four-blood treasure pill made with countless zombie blood refinement, although there is a drought that True Fire suppresses Yin Qi, but when it merges with the treasure pill to a certain extent, it will still be swallowed up by Yin Qi and reduced to strength. Slave.

For example, the generals and ministers who are incarnate as Jian.

However, in Chu Kuangren's four-blood treasure pill, the tyrannical Yin Qi contained in it has been almost absorbed by the minister.

It’s like a filter.

He filtered out the tyrannical Yin Qi in the Four Blood Pill, although most of the power contained in the remaining Four Blood Pill was consumed.

But it is a treasure pill with no side effects!


The complexion of the girl gradually improved.

Not only that, her vitality is also rising.

Everyone is attentive.

But after a while, the breath of the female ghost gradually stabilized, and she has no tendency to go crazy, everyone is relieved.

"Female Yan, what do you think is going on now?"

Dr. Yan Mai asked.

"Very good, it's better than ever before." The female ghost felt the power rising in her body, and she couldn't help but be extremely surprised.

She looked towards Chu Kuangren, her eyes showed the meaning of worship, "Many thanks Immortal King, I know, you can't bear me."

Chu Kuangren's mouth twitched.

This woman is narcissistic.

But he didn't care too much. The Four Blood Pill had no effect on him. It could give the female ghost a favor.

"Many thanks Immortal King."

Droughty Maid also expressed his gratitude.

He was very surprised.

These Four Blood Pills are the taboo of zombie lineage, even they don't know the specific functions and effects of the Four Blood Pills.

But the other party is sure to save the female ghost.

Is his research on zombie still above himself and the others?

"How does the Immortal King be sure that the female ghost will not go crazy."

Drought and ghost still can't help asking.

Chu Kuangren briefly explained.

"Putting it that way, the female ghost is a blessing in disguise, not only the power brings it up a level, but also the power of part of the power?!"

The host of Hanyun said in surprise .

"en. "Chu Kuangren nodded.

Many zombies immediately looked at the female ghost with envy, and some of the zombies from the lineage nearby felt a little sad when they heard this.

The treasure pill they worked so hard to refine, the vein master actually became a tool man, filtering out the treasure pill Yin Qi for the other party.

Let the woman pick up a big deal in vain.

"Perhaps this is what we have only oneself to blame."

Zombie with the lineage of the generals said with emotion.

After this battle, the general lineage's position in the zombie restricted area is even lower. Although the mastermind is the general lineage, they will naturally be implicated as the opponent's vassal.

As for how the drought and the others will deal with the lineage, this is not within Chu Kuangren's consideration.

He came on this trip mainly to solve the qi of Daoran. Now that this matter has been completed, he does not need to stay here anymore.

After staying for a few more days, he left the zombie restricted area under the reluctant gaze of the woman.

"The matter of the Qi of Daoran, except for those that disappeared inexplicably, the other things are almost resolved."

"Next, do you want to go to one? How about going to the void battlefield?"

Chu Kuangren thought to himself.

At this moment, he suddenly sensed something and looked at somewhere in the universe, with a look of uncertainty on his face.


In the universe.

Somewhere in the chaos, an old man dressed in a purple daoist robe walked out slowly, with a mysterious Dao Rhyme flowing around him.

This person is the ancestor of Taoism.

And he looked towards the void, and saw three silhouettes fighting there, and terrifying power burst out.

Everywhere, even the deep void is easily broken!

All kinds of bright Taoism are intertwined.

Any kind of Tao has reached an extremely tyrannical stage, which is difficult to achieve by ordinary harmony.

And these Daos are blending with each other, bursting out incomparably amazing power, this is a battle at the Hunyuan level!

"No regrets Fellow Daoist has almost reached its limit."

Dao Zu murmured.

Then, he looked at the starry sky and took a deep breath, "Then it is time to finish this thing."

"In the past, I used your power to repel the invasion. However, it also caused you to be injured and has not recovered so far."

"Now, let me supplement you again."

I saw him rise in the air, Hundreds of millions of immortals bloomed, and countless ancient mysterious runes surrounded him.

This moment.

The rays of light that the Taoist ancestors bloom not only light up the cold and dark universe, but also seem to shine on the past and the future.

An extremely mysterious wave, centered on him, spread out. The powerhouse of the entire universe had a feeling in the heart.

"It's the ancestor of Dao!"

"What does he want to do?!"

Everyone was extremely surprised, one after another Immortal Consciousness spied out.

And what they saw was the sacred and dazzling Taoist ancestor who was enveloped in the fairy radiance, surrounded by rune, and then, bursts of Taoist sounds came from the opponent, resounding across the universe.

Before everyone could understand what Dao Ancestor was doing, I saw that Dao Qi appeared in the universe suddenly, coming from all directions, covering Dao Ancestor, and his silhouette gradually became nothingness.

Are these Dao Qi Machines devouring Dao Ancestor?



It is Daozu who is merging into these Dao Qi mechanisms.

There are some powerhouses, and I have already faintly guessed in my heart.

And Chu Kuangren also saw this scene.

In his mind, the previous conversation with Daozu constantly appeared, and he finally understood where the strange feeling came from.

It turns out that the other party is really telling the story.

At this time, Dao Zu’s eyes seemed to have crossed countless stars, staring at Chu Kuangren, faintly smiled, "Fellow Daoist, the next thing will be troublesome for you, the road ahead is long, forgive me for not being with you Going with him."

After speaking, his silhouette began to fade away.

When he disappeared completely, the entire universe was shaken, and some Hedao powerhouses felt the change of the universe.

The original flawed road... Perfection!

"Perfection, since the catastrophe in the ancient times, until now there are flawed avenues, and finally Perfection!"

"The power of the avenue has been restored, we No longer have to worry about it coming down to kill and robber in order to restore its strength."

"It is Daozu, this must be done by Daozu!"

" Daozu disappears, and the avenue is perfection. He used his own strength to fill in the flaws of the Great Dao!"

In the universe.

Chu Kuangren stood in the air with mixed feelings in his heart, and then moved towards Daozu, bowing and saluting, "Send Daozu!"

(End of this chapter)

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