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  Chapter 1944 The Battle of Hunyuan, the message left by Dao ancestors, the method of entering the Dao, the method of supplementing the Dao   In the Pangu universe.

Some ancient star.

A young man riding Azure Ox and holding a book in his hand is sitting under a big tree. He is reading. Suddenly, a leaf fell from the tree. He seemed to sense something. sigh.

He got up and moved towards the distance of the universe, bowed and saluted.

"Congratulations to the teacher."


A young man with a sharp eyebrow was practicing sword, his sharp sword qi swept all over the place, and suddenly, his sword heart trembled.

Immediately moved towards the distance, bowed and saluted, "Send the teacher."

Similar scenes are constantly being staged throughout the universe.

Scholars, swordsmen, novices...

With a sigh of congratulations, announcing the official departure of the founder of the immortal dao in this ancient universe, and a generation of Taoist ancestors came to an end.


Somewhere in mysterious space, a large amount of thick fog gathers, and in this fog, there is a strange breath circulating.

"Haha, he is gone, he is finally gone!"

"The Daoist ancestor is dead, my Wuzu has one more obstacle!"

" Don’t be too happy. Although Daozu died, he has completed the Dao. From now on, I’m afraid it will become more difficult for me to act. After all, we are also people in a different universe."

"It's okay, just adapt to a few days. Besides, we still have a trump card in our hands. After collecting the energy of Taoism for so long, it's time for him to appear."

"You have to be careful of Chu Kuangren..."

In the dense fog, one by one voices sounded one after another.

The fog family seems to want to make waves again.

And somewhere in the sky.

The battle of the three Hunyuan is in full swing.

The Chaotic-Origin Force collided, bursting out the dazzling Dao Rhyme celestial splendor. The powerful force caused the entire void to roar loudly.

This battle has been going on for decades, and the three big hounds have exhausted all their strength and finally suppressed No regrets.

"It's really not easy to deal with."

Fenghuang said coldly snorted.

"But the formation is complete, he is already an arrow at the end of its flight."

Shentian said indifferently.

I saw that their three big chaotic elements each occupy a position, and the Chaotic-Origin Force is circulating, and a gigantic formation is actually formed.

"Let him try now, my Tianyuan has the strongest Killing Formation power of Universal Seven Killing Formation!" Feng Mo coldly said.

The words fall and Formation opens.

I saw one after another blazingly killing all and whizzing out.

No regrets were shrouded in death.

Suddenly he was in danger, but his face was calm and he did not panic. He waved the long spear in his hand and Chaotic-Origin Force burst out.

Killing all is consumed by one after another.

But in the sky has gradually imprinted countless runes.

These runes are like a starry sky, revealing a powerful and incomparable pressure, covering no regrets, intending to suppress him in one fell swoop.

At the same time, thousands of killings were wrapped up again, carrying the danger of extinction.

At this critical moment.

The void shuddered.

An incomparable great power suddenly intervened in the battle, and the Hunyuan of the three major Tianyuan universes suddenly felt tremendous pressure.

"This kind of power is... Dao!"

"No, isn't the Dao of the Pangu universe damaged? How could there be power to suppress the three of us?!"


until now, the battle between Tianyuan Universe and Pangu Universe is Tianyuan Universe gained the upper hand.

Because the avenue of the Pangu universe is flawed.

Even if the people of Tianyuan Universe invade this universe, the power of the Great Dao is not enough to suppress them.

But now, Dadao is showing off.

He is expelling these visitors from another universe who invaded him!   Under this suppression, their Tao was unable to exert their full strength, which allowed Wugui to seize the opportunity to defeat Formation in one fell swoop.

"Taozu, many thanks!"

No regrets seemed to sense something, indifferently said.

The battle of Hunyuan, start a new round!

And this time, the three Hunyuan were suppressed by the Dao, and their power could not be fully exerted, even with the blessing of Formation.

But it is still difficult to defeat without regrets.


The three chaotic elements urge Killing Formation to be the strongest move. The three chaotic-origin forces blend in the sky, turning into a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering force.

The terrifying Chaotic-Origin Force smashed the void!

Even the Great Avenue of the Universe cannot be completely suppressed.

No regrets, coldly snorted, raising your hand to urge the power of the gods and demons, a spear thrust comes out, the powers of the Dao and the rules converge, turning into a shocking spear glow! In   an instant, Heaven and Earth changed drastically, and the powers of the Dao Qi were wiped out.


After Daozu left.

Some new information appeared in Chu Kuangren's mind.

That is another piece of information that Dao Zu left him, which includes Dao Zu’s cultivation perception and the whole process of making up for Dao with his body.

"In the age of immortal ancient times, the invasion of different universes, I use my body as a matchmaker, with the help of power of Grand Dao, to fight back the different universes, but this also caused damage to the avenue, and the downfall of the Dao has continued to this day... …"

"For many years, I have been thinking hard about remedies, and finally let me realize the magic method of supplementing the Tao, taking the body as the Tao, complementing the Tao, even if this way, I will become a Tao Part of it is considered as body dies and Dao disappears, but this is the only turning point for the Pangu universe in this crisis..."

"Fellow Daoist, you are an anomaly in the Pangu universe, and you are not controlled by the Great Dao Palm. , It’s hard for you to resist the Tianyuan universe. Here are some of my cultivation insights, I hope I can help you......"

The message left by the Dao ancestor was interpreted by Chu Kuangren one after another.

But then.

A giant purple door once again occupied Chu Kuangren's mind.

This door, Chu Kuangren had seen it in the memory of the Underworld God, and now, in the message left by Dao Zu, this door is also mentioned.

"Everyone knows that I am the founder of immortal dao, but they don’t know that my immortal dao is derived from this comprehend, which has an extraordinary origin and appeared once in the immortal period. Then disappeared, there might be some kind of secret hidden in this, but unfortunately, I can't solve it."

"If Fellow Daoist is destined, maybe it can be solved..."

Dao Zu's words made Chu Kuangren a little bit astonished.

Daozu’s immortal dao came out of this giant gate comprehend.

So, is the immortal dao of Tianyuan Universe the same?

This giant gate has appeared in both universes.

This makes Chu Kuangren very curious.

What does this door exist?   What's hiding behind the door?   Chu Kuangren temporarily pressed this idea, and then began to comprehend some of the cultivation insights left to him by the ancestor of Taoism.

For him, these are a valuable asset.

Among them, what attracts him the most is the two methods of Dao ancestors created by Dao ancestors, namely, the method of entering the Dao and the method of supplementing the Dao.

Entering the Dao method is a powerful method used by the Dao ancestor to lead the Dao to enter the body in the past years, borrowing the power of Grand Dao. In the past, Dao ancestors repelled the invasion of the alien universe by relying on this method.

Budao method is a method used by Dao ancestors not long ago to replenish Dao with one's body and restore the complete Dao power.

The reason why Daozu did not go to reincarnation is to complete this mission and return a complete road to Pangu universe.

"Introduction to Taoism, supplementary Taoism... I feel it is necessary to study it." Chu Kuangren has a hunch that these two methods will help him someday.

In addition, Daozu's other insights also need to be digested, and these are enough to make him one step closer in the Dao Integration Realm world.

Just when he was planning to find a place to have a good understanding, there was a terrifying roar from somewhere in the universe!   A terrifying big explosion shook most of the universe.

(End of this chapter)

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