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  Chapter 1945 One man one sword, blocking Hunyuan, fighting against each demons   A big explosion, ringing Through the world, shock the universe.

Chu Kuangren's eyes condensed, and he looked at a certain place in the universe. In a void, three silhouettes rushed out.

These three people are riddled with scars, and they seem to have a feeling of being seriously injured and dying, and their breath also has a sense of malaise.

But it was this feeling of malaise that shocked everyone.

Even if it is Hedao, after perceiving the other person's breath, there is a feeling of scalp tingling. This breath is definitely Hunyuan!   "Is it the Hunyuan of Tianyuan Universe?!"

Chu Kuangren narrowed his eyes, judging from the opponent's current injury, the opponent has already been severely injured.

The badly wounded Hunyuan...

Was it badly wounded against Wugui?   Chu Kuangren some begin to stir.

The heyday of Hunyuan, the horror of its battle strength, is not something that Hunyuan can resist, but the heavily damaged Hunyuan...

Can he fight? !

The fall of Taoist ancestor made Chu Kuangren a little sad.

And now, he is looking for someone to vent some.

"Then... impudent one!"

Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly.


A big bang shocked the universe, and the three Hunyuan who escaped from the big bang are quickly rushing back to the Tianyuan universe.

Although it was hit hard, Hunyuan is Hunyuan after all.

Its breath is sluggish, still terrifying.

The powerhouses of the Pangu universe are extremely jealous and dare not make any moves.

"The existence of Hunyuan is not easy to deal with. Even if it is hit hard, it is not comparable to Dao Integration Realm."

"Even if they only have one ten thousandth of their power left , I’m afraid I still have the battle strength to crush Peak Hedao."

"How about the situation without regrets?"

"Don’t act rashly."

A crowd of immortal knowledge converge, no one dares to take action easily.

Their immortal consciousness is exploring the source of the explosion, looking for existence without regrets. The other party is the only Hunyuan in the Pangu universe.

If he falls, the Pangu universe is really dangerous.

The three Hunyuan traversed the void at a very fast speed.

They came to the two-world channel.

"It's finally here."

"Back to Tianyuan Universe, we will be truly safe."

"Didn't expect this no regrets It's so difficult, and at the last minute, this great avenue of the ancient universe was actually completed. It's really strange. Otherwise, it will be dead without regret!"

"That's all, this battle is also achieved." The purpose."

The three major hunyuan communicated.

The two-world channel is close at hand.

But just when they are about to step in.

A white clothed silhouette suddenly appeared and stopped in front of them.

The visitor is dressed in white clothed, with a long sword on his waist, and a bright fairy radiance flowing on his body. The breath is sweeping everywhere, like a world-famous Immortal King.

One person, one sword.

Block the three big players!

This scene stunned the fellows of Pangu Universe.

"I'm crazy, is he crazy?!"

"What does Chu Kuangren want to do? That's Hun Yuan, and it's three, just him What can one person do?"

"He is going to die!!"

The group of gangs were all stunned.

Is there little harmony in the Pangu universe?

Not much.

But there is not much.

Among them, there are Supreme in the restricted area, Immortal Emperor in Xian Ting, and some ancient ones who have experienced the last space war.

These people are all famous and movers. In their own era, they are peerless figures who dominate the universe! But   now.

In the face of the three badly wounded Hunyuan, the one who dared to stand up and stop them was only a young junior who had just become a Hedao for a few years.

This moment.

These people feel deeply that they are old.

The spirit of press forward is gone.

In front of the two-way passage.

Chu Kuangren Kun Wu unsheathed at his waist, the sword pointed to Hunyuan, and the sword edge turned around, spreading heavenly sword qi like a storm, sweeping across the starry sky, "My Pangu universe, how come as you want , and go as you want!!!"

Three mixed elements look at each other in blank dismay.

Although Chu Kuangren stunned Chu Kuangren and dared to stop them, he didn't take it too seriously. After all, the opponent was just that's all.

And it seems that it hasn't been a few years since becoming a Hedao.

"Chu Kuangren, didn't expect that you have become a co-dao. It just so happens that I will end you here!" Feng Mo coldly said.

As a result of ten calamities, he naturally recognizes Chu Kuangren.

It surprised him that the other party could break through so quickly.

This also strengthened his determination to kill the other party.

This person is immortal, and I am afraid that it will be more difficult than no regrets in the future!

"Today, I will use Kunwu in my hand to try Hunyuan!"

"If you can converge on the temperament and develop in secret, then I might still avoid you by three points. Unfortunately, you are too arrogant!"

Feng Mo is coldly snorted.

Between he raised his hand, a strand of Chaotic-Origin Force burst out.

Just a thread.

But its formidable power still destroying heaven extinguishing earth!

Chu Kuangren lifted his sword one gear, and the power of Dao poured out!


The powerful force blasted Chu Kuangren out.

Smashed a dozen stars one after another.

"hmph, stupid!"

Feng Mo coldly snorted and said.

The other two Hunyuan also sneered disdainfully.

But this time.

A sword qi, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering is coming!   Wherever sword qi goes, stars turn into ashes.

The endless meaning of killing and destroying has enveloped every demonic!


Fengmo complexion changed.

He urged the Chaotic-Origin Force in his body to block the sword qi.

Seeing Chu Kuangren walk out of the ruins of the starry sky, he didn't seem to have suffered much damage, which surprised everyone.

Even if it is a badly hit Hun Yuan.

Its power cannot be blocked by ordinary Hedao!

"Do you only have this?"

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

The sword body of the Kunwu sword in hand, there are countless runes lit by one after another, the brilliant sword light, blooming again!   This sword combines the power of Azure Lotus.


"Azure Lotus Secret Arts, open the sky!"

Boom! When   every demon was slashed by this sword, the Chaotic-Origin Force in his body was shocked strongly, and the whole person could not help flying several hundred zhang.

"How could this happen?!"

Fengmo's face was extremely gloomy.

I was actually forced to retreat by a Hedao and a Sword!   Shame, shame! !

"Every demon!"

"Let's take action together and destroy him!"

God, the faces of Fenghuang and Fenghuang are not very good-looking.

The three big players were intercepted by the same one?   What does this look like?

"You leave first!" Fengmo took a deep breath and gradually calmed down, "The other people in the Pangu universe don't know if they will do anything. I will take care of him. You go back first."

The Emperor Feng, the two of God and Heaven were hearing this and looked at each other.


They didn't hesitate, their silhouette flashed and left quickly.

While Feng Mo stayed in place, looking at Chu Kuangren, his eyes were extremely cold, "I'll stop Hun Yuan, I will make you regret it!"

The Primordial Qi in his body turned around. Out.

Every strand has the power to kill the ordinary harmony!   He was angry.

"I have never regretted in my whole life!"

Chu Kuangren shook hands with the Kunwu sword, as the immortal Yuan flowed, his body flashed with brilliance, a gorgeous royal robe, and a top Paragon King crown, an Immortal King seal vacated, Immortal King three treasures, all appeared!

Although it is not in Immortal World, these three treasures are still Peak's treasure, and the formidable power is no less than the top grade Source Supreme Treasure.

With the blessing of the Three Jewels, his breath is rising steadily.

But this is not over yet.

Along with a dragon roar, I saw nine towering Golden Dragons appear behind Chu Kuangren. It is Sovereign Dao Dragon Qi!   (End of this chapter)

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