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  Chapter 1946 fiercely fights every evil, a Azure Lotus crushes eternal in the   starry sky.

Chu Kuangren one man one sword, block Hun Yuan, fight against each other!

The monsters who stayed behind broke out with a terrifying power, even if they were severely injured, they are still the existence of Primordial Chaos Realm!   And Chu Kuangren faced such power, naturally not to be outdone.

Immortal King Three Treasures, Sovereign Dao Dragon Qi come out together.

The powerful breath shakes the starry sky.

The two looked at each other, both revealing a cold killing intent.

Outside the two-world channel, start fighting!

"Chu Kuangren, see the power of Hunyuan!"

A blood-red long blade suddenly appeared in Feng Mo's hand.

Cut out with one blow.

I saw the blood-colored Chaotic-Origin Force transforming into a blade light and whizzing out, wherever it went, there seemed to be ghosts floating out.

Chu Kuangren is still unavoidable.

Kunwu in hand, under the blessing of Immortal King Three Treasures and Sovereign Dao Dragon Qi, cut out a sword, azure-white sword light, suddenly cut out.

One sword, one sword.

The two forces slammed together in the starry sky.

There was a terrifying roar from the starry sky.

I saw that the entire galaxy was almost shattered, and countless stars were shrouded in sword qi blade light, and turned into dust in the blink of an eye.

The crowd watched this battle together, their eyes dignified.

If there are some syndicate, they also begin to stir.

"Chu Kuangren can fight against Tianyuan Universe's Hunyuan, which proves that the damage to the opponent is extremely serious. If you don't take action at this time, when will you wait?"

Dare to take action, let alone us?"

"Yes, shall we be cowards?"

Someone can't wait to act.

And some people are still watching.

The person opposite, how can I say it is a mixed element!

Who knows what kind of power will burst out.

In the starry sky, the fierce battle continues.

The scarlet Chaotic-Origin Force reflects the scarlet ghosts roaring out one by one, while the sword qi of azure-white is sweeping all around.

The more the demons get hit, the more heart palpitations get.

Chu Kuangren, really has the ability to fight himself? !   "Although I am a seriously injured body, the battle strength that can be played is not a thousand, but I am a Hunyuan after all!"

"Chu Kuangren, why can he be with me? Fight? Why can he withstand the impact of the mixed Origin Force?!"

Feng Mo couldn't believe it.

You must know that the ordinary Hedao is impacted by the Chaotic-Origin Force, and the fleshy body and the Tao in the body are about to collapse for the most part.

But Chu Kuangren fought with him so far, but he is still unscathed.

This is really unusual.

How did the other party do it? Do   you want to retreat first?

"Haha, every demon, what are you afraid of!"

Chu Kuangren said loudly with a smile: "You hesitated to attack!"

The sword was cut out, and Feng Mo was forced to retreat again.

Hearing Chu Kuangren's words, he was immediately very angry, not only at Chu Kuangren, but also at himself.

He is a Hun Yuan.

Was actually forced to run away by a harmony? !

How does this work!   Does he want face?   "Every devil's blade, ghosts!"

With a low roar of every demon, the blood-colored long blade in his hand was held high, and he slashed down suddenly, and the blood-colored blade light whizzed out.

Wherever they went, ghosts and demons shone out from the blood light, and roar moved towards Chu Kuangren biting away.

This blade is not only full of killing, cutting and destruction.

It also contains a force that affects the mind.

Hunyuan is the fusion of Tao and Tao!

It's not surprising that Hunyuan's attack contains multiple Dao powers, and Chu Kuangren's face freezes when facing this blade.

"Azure Lotus Secret Arts, open the sky!"

Sword shadow Hengkong, like a sword qi cut from the beginning of the ancient times, rages on all directions, bringing all the bloody shadows to the complete Tear!

At this time, Feng Mo dared to come to Chu Kuangren like lightning, with a bloody long blade slashing on him!


Chaotic-Origin Force, vent!


With a loud noise, Chu Kuangren was blasted out.

Feng Mo's face is cold.

With the knife just now, even if the multi-combination is cut, it will definitely suffer severe damage. Can this blade kill Chu Kuangren?

In the dust of bursting stars...

A silhouette came out.

It’s Chu Kuangren!

He is not dead yet!   "Sure enough, your fleshy body is unusual!" Although Feng Mo was a little shocked, there was something like that in his eyes.

"I can see it."

Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly.

His fleshy body is naturally unusual.

You know, this is the fleshy body of Primal Chaos Azure Lotus.

Even a complete Hunyuan may not be able to be broken, let alone Fengmo, a broken Hunyuan that has been hit harder than ever.

This is also an important reliance on which he has just come to stop the three Hunyuan!

"Chu Kuangren, I was wrong."

"No regrets is not the biggest obstacle to my Tianyuan Universe. Although he is powerful, we know him well, but you are different. You are still growing, no one knows where your limits are!"

"In my Tianyuan universe, there is only Heavenly Sword that can be compared with you. No matter how strong you are, you will eventually lose. Under the sky!"

Fengmo said indifferently.

For Heavenly Sword, it seems to be highly respected.

And Chu Kuangren glanced at the other person, with some pity in his eyes.

If the other party knows Heavenly Sword is him, will he go crazy?

"hmph, today's battle, this is over."

Feng Mo coldly snorted.

Turned around and moved towards the two-way passage.

Knowing that Chu Kuangren's fleshy body is unusual and that it is difficult to destroy his current self, he decisively chose to leave.

This is not escape!   It's a strategic retreat!

Feng Mo comforted himself so much.

"I want to go, no way!"

At this moment, one by one appeared in front of the passage between the two realms, and these people all rushed to help Chu Kuangren.

Every demon's eyes were cold, the bloody long blade cut out in his hand, and the hideous demon shadows whizzed out immediately.

Under this force, each of them was blown away.

Their Tao was also violently turbulent under this power.

"Really strong!"

"Sure enough, even the severely damaged Hedao cannot be underestimated. How did Chu Kuangren fight him for so long?"

"Damn it, we can't stop him!"

The crowd was a little bit depressed.

There are so many of them, why are they not as good as a Chu Kuangren? !   "If you want to leave, you have to ask me if I agree!"

At this point.

Chu Kuangren's indifferent voice sounded.

When he raised his hand, in the sky, pieces of Supreme Treasure unexpectedly appeared. There were swords, tripods, bells, and axes...

but ten Fang Divine Item!

The light of Divine Item shines on the void, and Chu Kuangren urges the Heaven and Earth Divine Item ten square array, and the powerful force immediately locks every demon in place!

This power makes Fengmo complexion slightly changed.

Immediately afterwards, the Divine Item circled, and the Force of Great Formation broke out!

"Ten Fang Divine Item shook the sky!!"

A colorful beam of light moved towards Every demon gushes away.

"Chu Kuangren, you can't stop me!"

Feng Mo coldly shouted.

I saw him disregarding his injuries and urging a stronger Chaotic-Origin Force.

Cut out with one blow.

Scarlet blade light grandiose.


In the extreme collision, the beam of light shattered.

Shifang Divine Item is scattered in all directions.

However, at the moment when the great formation was broken, Feng Mo felt a stronger force descending from the sky.

What catches the eye is an azure sky.

Take a closer look.

That was an incomparable gigantic Azure Lotus! !   Azure Lotus is swaying in the starry sky, and the petals are engraved with one after another mysterious Dao Mark, which contains extremely terrifying Power of Destruction!

"a Azure Lotus is forever!"

(End of this chapter)

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