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  Chapter 1947 kills every demonic , no regrets being sealed

"a Azure Lotus is overwhelming!"

Chu Kuangren drank indifferently.

After the Heaven and Earth Divine Item square was broken, he immediately urged a more powerful move, this is Azure Lotus Secret Arts Second Style!   At the same time, it is also the purest Primal Chaos Azure Lotus power!

This shot down.

The starry sky bursts.

The huge Azure Lotus swayed and fell from the sky, and every petal contained a monstrous Power of Destruction! It   seems that the eternal years have been suppressed, and the Heavenly God demons have been buried!   Fengmo sensed the terrifying of this power, so naturally he would not sit and wait for death. He roared and cut it out suddenly.

The moment the blood-colored blade light collided with Azure Lotus, the blade light was destroyed by Azure Lotus one after another.

This Azure Lotus squeezed on Feng Mo's body with an extremely powerful posture, and the terrifying Power of Destruction was constantly killing his way!   Although Hun Yuan is strong, the Tao in his body is not indestructible!

It’s just that, compared to He Dao, the Dao in Hun Yuan is fuse together, so it’s more difficult to be destroyed that’s all.

But every demonic has already been hit hard.

The Hunyuan Tao in the body is broken into bits and pieces.


Under the suppression of the power of Azure Lotus, it is even more on the verge of collapse!   "I'm Hunyuan! How could I be defeated by a little hedao!!" Feng Mo furiously said.

As a Hunyuan, he is extremely arrogant.

He is the existence that stands at the apex of the universe, and he has been standing on Peak for eternity.

From his point of view, ordinary Hedao are all insignificant.

And now, he is about to die in the hands of an insignificant existence that he seems to be, how can he bear it? !

Every demon ignores the injury in the body, throws everything away, urges the Tao of Hunyuan, the bloody magic light whizzes out and infects Azure Lotus.

I saw that Dao Mark on Azure Lotus was infested by blood light, and it began to break one after another, and the entire Azure Lotus on the verge of collapse.

"Oh, should I say that I am really Hunyuan? Even if he is severely injured, he still has such power!"

Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly, and then he stepped forward. Come out, come to the sky above Azure Lotus, have a single foot, and step on Azure Lotus!

power within the body, no more reservations!   Sovereign Dao Dragon Qi whistling, Immortal King three treasures blooming brilliantly, the three natural phenomenon of the academy, Chi You magic pattern, fighting secret technique......

All the means that can improve strength are all used by Chu Kuangren I've used it all, and it's all blessed on top of Azure Lotus.

At this moment, he, Xianhui circulating, all kinds of mysterious and extraordinary cultivation aura exudes, shaking the starry sky in all directions.

When some people saw it, they couldn't help swallowing this saliva, and they were extremely amazed.

"This is Chu Kuangren true strength!"

"It's horrible!"

"How did he integrate so many cultivation methods into one body? "

"Is this what Chu Kuangren is doing with all his strength? It's really terrifying and amazing, how did he do it?"

There are many Peak harmony among these harmony. Tao exists.

But even for them, there are some palpitations at this time.

Boom, bang!!

At this time, the Demon Body under Azure Lotus made bursts of roaring sounds. Under the suppression of Azure Lotus, his originally riddled path broke apart again. Was gradually disintegrated.

"No, no!"

"I wouldn't just lose to a Hedao like this!!"

The evil spirits roared.

He forcibly suppressed the broken Dao in his body.

Chu Kuangren frowned slightly.

What a mixed element.

Heavily wounded body can still persist to this point.

At this point.

A stream of light flew from a distance.

That is an euphorbia! The   big halberd directly penetrated Fengmo's body, making his way violently turbulent, he looked at the long halberd in disbelief.

"This, this is Heavenly Halberd!"

"No regrets?!!!"

When the demons were shocked, Chu Kuangren's eyes lit up , In a spurt of energy, urge the power of Azure Lotus to the extreme!

bang!   Everything in the Demon Body is completely broken!

Pieces of fragments of the Tao of Hunyuan escaped, some in the dark, seeing the same way, brightened up in front of them, and they wanted to collect them.

But now.

However, Azure Lotus suddenly shook, turning into countless light spots broken.

And the force that swept out, threw the Hedao that rushed up to one after another and flew out, and their faces showed unpleasant colors.

"Chu Kuangren, what do you mean?"

A Hedao complexion sank.

"Oh, I didn't see you take action when dealing with the devil. When it was good, it was very positive."

Chu Kuangren sneered.

His words made everyone's complexion look bad.

But no one dared to refute, he could only watch Chu Kuangren with a big wave of his hand and put away all the Hunyuan fragments.

Of course, Chu Kuangren has not forgotten those Hedao that shot at the last moment. Although their role is not very big, they still have a part of Hunyuan Dao fragments, which are comparable to ordinary Hedao fragments. It is more than hundreds or thousands of times more precious.

If you have good luck, you can even comprehend some ambiguities to contribute to the breakthrough ambiguity.

Those who have got such precious things, their faces are a little happy, but some people feel ashamed of it.

"We didn't make a lot of action. We all rely on the Immortal King to kill every demon this time. How can we stand such a treasure."

"You guys can stop every demon even if it's just a moment."

, It is enough to prove that you are more courageous than some people, and it is worth having these treasures." Chu Kuangren lightly saying.

And some of the people in his mouth have extremely ugly faces.

"Damn it."

"He really dared to say it."

"Aren't you afraid to offend us?!"

"Hey, he is Chu Kuangren, what is he afraid of?"

"Yes, he even dares to stop Hunyuan, will he still be afraid of us being together?"

Although some people are dissatisfied with Chu Kuangren, more people are convinced by the opponent's actions to block Hun Yuan.

"This halberd..."

Chu Kuangren didn't pay much attention to the thoughts of the people in harmony. Now he is completely attracted by the halberd.

He clearly sensed that the halberd contained a spirit of gods and demons, and it was extremely powerful.

It can penetrate the Tao of Hunyuan with one blow and help him successfully kill Fengmo.

This kind of power cannot be achieved by ordinary harmony.

Could it be...

Chu Kuangren had a vague guess in his heart.

He looked towards and grabbed the long halberd and swept in the direction where the long halberd shot.

The others followed suit when they saw it.


Everyone came to a starry sky.

This starry sky is full of one after another weird rune, this rune does not only exist in the starry sky.

Even in the sky, which is also imprinted in the deepest part.

Chu Kuangren frowned slightly, his sword fingers condensed, and the powerful sword qi whizzed out, moving towards these runes.

Can be accompanied by a roar.

These runes were unscathed!   "It's useless. This is the seal set by the three bastards. The cultivation base is less than Hunyuan, and it is difficult to break."

At this time, a voice sounded.

Chu Kuangren recognized this voice, "No regrets."

"Oh, it's me, kid, you are good at it, didn't expect actually killed a Hunyuan!" No regrets laughed, and his tone was gratified, "Daozu and I decided to entrust Pangu Universe to you, and that’s true."

Chu Kuangren smiled bitterly, "you two, one can make up for the Dao with his body." One was sealed, but it left me a big basket."

(End of this chapter)

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