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  Chapter 1948 What are you afraid of? Zixiao Ting regained consciousness

"No regrets were sealed!"

"Oh my God, what should I do at this time?! He is the only Hun Yuan in our Pangu universe, without him, How do we fight Tianyuan Universe, they still have two Hunyuan."

"Yes, is it really going to destroy my Pangu Universe?"

"How Will..."

After learning that Wu regret was sealed.

There is a faint panic in the hearts of many Hedao.

The sealed Wu regrets this situation and can't help but sneer.

It is precisely because of this that he and Daozu will entrust the young Chu Kuangren with the important task of saving the Pangu universe.

Other people are simply unreliable.


At this time, the same indifferent voice sounded.

The surging sword pressure is like a violent surge, pouring in all directions. After the crowds perceive this aura, they are all shocked by it.

Chu Kuangren coldly snorted, "What are you afraid of? With me, Pangu universe has not reached the time when things have reached a dead end."

Everyone is hearing this, with a little emotion It stabilized a bit.

It's just that they still don't hold much hope.

Chu Kuangren is very strong and good.

But now, it's just harmony.

"The three major elements of the Tianyuan Universe were all hit hard by me. It would take at least a few first years for them to recover. Even if there is some treasure to help, they will not be able to make a difference for at least a thousand years. "

No regrets indifferently said.

Hearing what he said, everyone was lost in thought.

"At least there is still a thousand years. In these thousand years, can we find a way to contend with Hunyuan?"

"Damn! Thousand-year breakthrough Hunyuan is basically impossible. "

It was Chu Kuangren. After hearing that there was a thousand years of time, he relaxed in his heart, lightly said with a smile: "A thousand years... is enough!"

A thousand years of time, enough for him to do a lot It's up.

"You can withdraw."

Chu Kuangren said indifferently to the others.

As if calling the shots.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. Although they were dissatisfied, the battle strength that Chu Kuangren showed before had already surpassed them.

If you don't want to listen, you have to weigh your own abilities.

Everyone had to leave.

Everyone left.

Chu Kuangren took out the long halberd, "This is your weapon?"

"Yes, I exhausted my last strength before sending it out of the seal. This is Half-step Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, I have given it to you."

No regrets indifferently said.

A half-step Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure said that if you give it away, you will give it away.

This courage is no longer there.

But now that he is sealed, this Supreme Treasure can't be used. If it is given to Chu Kuangren, it can still play its due value.

"I won't be polite."

Chu Kuangren accepted it, "The Dao Ancestor used his body to make up for it. The Pangu Universe Avenue has been restored. Do you know about this? "


"What do you think."

"The restoration of the avenue is a good thing. As far as the avenue is concerned, the two major The avenues of the universe are equal, and the rest is our problem. I was sealed and the mixed elements of the Tianyuan universe were also severely damaged, but the overall strength of the Tianyuan universe is stronger than ours..."

"They won't let the time when I was sealed, the day of full-scale war will not be far away." No regrets said slowly.

"For the battle between the two universes, Tianyuan Universe has a group of ancient Hedaos that have fallen asleep to this day. Does my Pangu universe have similar existence?"

"Yes, they are sleeping in Zixiao In the court, the great war will approach, I almost wake up when I think about it... These guys are rebellious and may be a little troublesome, but I will let nothingness and the others help you."

In the crowd of seven, in addition to no regrets, there are six others.

Except for nothingness, Beiming and Linghua.

There are three others, Chu Kuangren has not met yet.

Hearing Wu regret, among the three, one is dealing with the Wuzu, one is in the Purple Heaven Court, and the other is in the void battlefield.

Speaking of which, Bei Ming is considered the weakest among these seven people, and promotion to Hedao has also happened in recent years.

"Do you know a giant purple gate."

"I heard Dao Zu said, but I have never met."

Chu Kuangren asked about purple again The giant door thing.

But even without regrets, I don’t know much.

After the two discussed some more things, Chu Kuangren temporarily left. He returned to Immortal World and began to refine Dao Transformation's ancestral message.


Pangu universe.

In a void, a towering purple palace stands.

A mysterious Dao Rhyme circulates in it.

Inside the palace.

There are golden Buddha statues, purple crystal coffins, and mysterious light spheres surrounding countless principles. The sceneries are different...

And just today.

In this purple palace, a dazzling celestial splendor bursts out!

The golden Buddha statue opened his eyes, the purple crystal coffin was lifted off the coffin board, and the mysterious light sphere revealed the rhythm of life...

"After sleeping for so long, I finally awakened Now."

The mysterious light ball made a sound.

"Amitabha, the catastrophe is approaching."

The Buddha statue clasped his hands together and showed compassion on his face.

It was the middle-aged man who stepped out of the purple coffin with a sneer, and his tone was cold and murderous aura, "It will come sooner or later. I will have enough sleep, so I can move my muscles and bones. ."

"I can perceive that in the Tianyuan Universe, those old farts who have fought with us have also revived one after another."

Mysterious Light Ball indifferently said .

At this point.

Outside the palace, a young man in a purple robe walked in slowly. Seeing this, several gangs showed grave expressions.


"Don't call me that. Back then, I was seriously injured in a battle in the void battlefield, so I came here to cultivate in Zixiao Court, and watch it by the way. With you guys, my injury is almost healed now, whoever loves to be the guardian should go." The young man waved his hand.

"After everyone wakes up, this guardian will be the same as nothing." The middle-aged man coldly snorted and said out of the coffin.


Then, the purple robed youth raised his hand, swept out the stream of light, and injected it into the bodies of the several robed people present.

"This is what has happened in the Pangu universe over the years. Get used to this era."

said purple robed youth.

Everyone began to digest the information in the body.

"My fairy garden was expelled from Immortal World?!"

The mysterious light ball all around showed violent fluctuations, which was obviously shocked by the news.

"The Dao Ancestor used his body to make up for it, and he was sealed without regret?"

Then, they saw even more shocking things.

But these people quickly calmed down and watched the major event one after another that happened over the years.

They were surprised to find that most of these major events have a silhouette, that is Chu Kuangren.

"This person can actually disturb the situation. These major events are always accompanied by his silhouette, and he is often the center of the event."

"Chu Kuangren...Lord of Immortal World, the king of gods and demons, or Human Sovereign, this name is really a bluff."

"Is he still the successor chosen by Daozu without regret? I really want to see it."

"I have suffered such a heavy damage to Xian Ting, and I will not spare this child!" The mysterious light orb is a bit flustered and exasperated.

But when the purple robed youth heard his words, he blasted out with a palm of his hand. Accompanied by a thunderous roar, the ball of light was forcibly shattered.

A man in a golden costume appeared.

It is the photosphere itself.

"Guardian, what do you mean?"

"If you want to hurt my lineage person, I don't mind being here first and get rid of you!"

purple robed youth plays with his fingers and looks frivolous, but his tone is shuddering with cold killing intent.

(End of this chapter)

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