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  Chapter 1951 The fifth lotus seed, go to fight, no need to worry   of the secret world where the Wuzu is located Inside.

The two armies confront each other.

The terrifying Qi of Slaughter spread out.

Following Chu Kuangren's order, the Five Elements Shadow Army and a million shadow figurines immediately moved towards the Mist Army and rushed away.

A fight broke out!   Millions of shady figurines, wrapped in the extremely strong Qi of Slaughter, collided with the fog races, war chariots, battle formations and other battlefield killing methods were displayed. Everywhere they went, the fog races were crushed. broken!   And the other side.

The Five Elements Shadow Army pierced out like a sharp knife.

The entire Wuzu army was directly pierced through a big hole.

Wherever the Red Fire Army goes, flames burn!

The weak navy army is like a flood, unstoppable! The   sword qi of the Ruijin Army is vertical and horizontal, wherever it goes, the stumps and arms are flying, and the fog tribes are chopped up, and then turned into fog to dissipate.

The thick soil army is open and close, with power to overwhelm others.

The divine wood army assists in the rear and supports various places.

The army of Five Elements, coexisting and restraining each other, cooperates with each other in tacit understanding, the army of a thousand people actually broke out with the power of an army of tens of millions, which is jaw-dropping!

The mist tribe is not an opponent at all.

On the other side of the battlefield.

Will match!   Chu Kuangren's gaze fell on a young man. When he saw him, he noticed that something was wrong with him.

The Daoran Qi in his body was trembling.

Resonating with each other.

Except for this.

There is also an azure lotus mark on the opponent's forehead, which actually makes his body transformed by Azure Lotus a kind of desire.

"Interesting, really interesting."

"It turns out that you have collected all the disappeared Dao dyed qi, Wuzu... You take these Dao dyed qi Just to make this guy?" Chu Kuangren looked at the young man.

"Chu Kuangren, this person is the highest masterpiece of my Wuzu. He is formed by the condensed energy of countless Dao dyes. He is born with absolute restraint for your Pangu universe cultivator!"


The Lord of the Mist said with a sneer.

"Not only the pure Taoist energy, but also the azure lotus mark, and the gun, ha, it is a fragment of Primal Chaos Azure Lotus!"

Chu Kuangren recognized it.

The gun in the opponent's hand is a divine spear.

demonic path Supreme Treasure Divine spear.

"Didn't expect this gun to fall into the hands of your Wuzu people. As for this young man, it is even more interesting. It exudes an aura similar to the Innate Four Lotuses, but the whereabouts of the Four Lotuses, I have I know, I understand. The legend is true. This is the fifth lotus seed."

Chu Kuangren looked at the youth, and in a few words, he understood the origin of the youth Panlian clearly. He is now There is no little love, the origin of this young man is all judged by his experience.

After all, he himself is Azure Lotus.

"Chu Kuangren, you really are my worst enemy!"

Pan Lian stared at Chu Kuangren with unprecedented hostility in his eyes. He is the fifth lotus plant of Azure Lotus. However, the other party specifically absorbs the power of Azure Lotus. His Taoist energy can deal with any cultivator in the Pangu universe, but Chu Kuangren alone can't help Chu Kuangren......

Chu Kuangren, he said it was his Natural enemies are not an exaggeration.

"Panlian, you are not his opponent now, leave first."

The lord of the mist tribe said solemnly.

Then, he soared into the sky, exploding with the power of his debut.

The combined power of cream of the crop locks on Chu Kuangren!   Not only that.

In the depths of the Wu Clan, there are several auras erupting at the same time. Among them, there is a breath that makes Zang Feng's face slightly solemn.

"Multiple Combinations!"


A huge black silhouette leaped into the sky, and three completely different Taoist auras circulated all over the body, it is the multiple harmony of Tao!

"It's a miscalculation, didn't expect that this mist tribe hides an aura of multiple harmony." Zang Feng said solemnly.

"Why, you can't deal with it?"

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

"No, it is not difficult to deal with him, but if I fight with him, I am afraid I will not care about you. These are in harmony..."

If you overlap the Dao, then the Lord of the Fog Race will take action against Chu Kuangren together when waiting for the Dao.

One or two is fine.

But here, there are five!   Can Chu Kuangren cope with it for so long?   This is his biggest worry.

"I said, how do you look down on me."

Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

Immediately afterwards, a surging sword pressure spread out centered on him, "No need to worry, go and fight, they will leave it to me!"

Hearing Chu Kuangren's words , Zang Feng was taken aback for a moment, and then haha ​​said with a smile: "Okay, then I'll be back when I go!"

A demon energy against Heavenly God erupted from him, four completely different ways. Then interweave and circulate with him as the center.

Compared with the multi-community of the mist tribe, he has one more way.

A sword in your hand.

The originally elegant and gentle temperament, in this brief moment, has become a peerless sword cultivator!

"I'm in a hurry, come and die!"

Looking at the Wu Clan in front of him, Zang Feng said indifferently.

Hearing what he said, the Wuzu Harmony's complexion became extremely gloomy, "God lineage, really arrogant!"

On the other side.

The lord of the mist tribe and several other gangs have surrounded Chu Kuangren in a group, and several strands have completely locked him in.

"Chu Kuangren, today, we are going to overcome your biggest obstacle!" The lord of the mist tribe is coldly snorted.

Several Hedao glanced at each other, and immediately shot.


Various daos turned into billowing mist moved towards Chu Kuangren and enveloped them.

"Kill me, you are still far away!"

Chu Kuangren also has the power of the Tao and the power converge.

The collision of Taoism and Taoism.

There is no difference between the winner and the loser!

"How is it possible?"

Several Hedao complexion changed.

How many of them teamed up, and they were just sharing the same match with Chu Kuangren? ! The opponent's strength is so terrifying? !

They couldn't believe it.

But before they could even think about it, Chu Kuangren had a sword.

The long sword in his hand is raised.

sword qi soaring!

"Azure Lotus Secret Arts, open the sky!"

It's just a sword, a gangway can't dodge, and it is directly hit by the sword qi, the whole person burst open on the spot, and the road is all Killed away.

This power makes everyone's heart palpitating.

"Be careful!"

The lord of the mist tribe loudly roared.

I saw him push his own way to the extreme, with a roar inside his body, a palm blasted out, billowing black mist turned into a sinister giant beast, moved towards Chu Kuangren biting away!

"Unfortunately, it is not strong enough!"

Chu Kuangren casually cut the giant beast with a sword.

And the lord of the fog tribe was also flew out by a sword, the Tao in his body was violently turbulent, his face was full of shock.

This sword has broken his Tao by nearly 30%.

"No, if this is the only case, we are definitely not his opponents, everyone, help me!"

At this time, the lord of the mist tribe loudly roared.

Hearing what he said, the couple seemed to understand something.

They took a deep breath.

"Only so!!"

I saw the silhouettes of a few people exploded one after another, and then they merged into the main body of the Wuzu, and the breath of the other party was also in the same place. Rising continuously in an instant, it is actually beyond the strength of Hedao Great Accomplishment! !   Although it is not a multiplex.

But this power can definitely be comparable to multi-combination.

"Chu Kuangren, try the power of the method of melting mist!"

The lord of the mist tribe gave a long roar, but the sound that came out was a male or female voice. Female, very weird, as if the master of the Wuzu at the moment is not a single person, but a collection of multiple Wuzus.

(End of this chapter)

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