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  Chapter 1952 Xuantian Nine Stars Breaking Army, Mysterious Entering Taoism The Master of the Mist Casts the   Mist Secret The technique integrates the power of several amalgamations into one body, and bursts out a terrifying battle strength comparable to that of the multiple syndicates.

The powerful breath poured out, circulating everywhere.

Chu Kuangren looked at the Lord of the Mist in front of him, with a playful look in his eyes, "Come on, let me see how far you can struggle."

With a contemptuous smile, The lord of the Wuzu was furious.

punched out.

The power of the Extreme Dao whistling, engulfed in the treacherous black mist, completely enveloped Chu Kuangren in it, constantly eroding his body.

At this point.

But seeing Chu Kuangren raising his raised hand, Kun Wu in his hand swept across in the sky, and the dazzling sword light moved towards all around spreading away.

It's just a sword, all around the dense fog suddenly dispersed.

But this is only the beginning.

How easy is the lord of the mist tribe with a combination of several gangs?

He raised his hand in the sky and grabbed it, and the endless black mist swept across, blended in the midair, and turned into a horrifying evil soldier!   That is a dark long halberd! The   power of the evil soldiers surpassed the world, terrifying extremely.

Chu Kuangren saw him, his expression was indifferent, when the Wuzu Hedao held the long halberd blasting, there was azure Dao Rhyme flowing out on his forehead.

An azure lotus shines.

Azure Lotus descended from the sky to suppress the master of the mist tribe.

It is Azure Lotus Secret Arts Second Style!   a Azure Lotus is overwhelming!


The lord of the mist tribe was suppressed by Azure Lotus, and the whole person let out low roars, staring at Chu Kuangren with ferocious and brutal eyes.

"Chu Kuangren, you can't kill me!"

I saw a large amount of mist spreading out of him, turning into treacherous runes, madly impacting Azure Lotus.

Under the impact of this force, the Power of Destruction contained in Azure Lotus was violently turbulent and collapsed one after another.

"The current me is comparable to multi-community, you can't kill me!"

The lord of the fog race gradually stood up against Azure Lotus.


Chu Kuangren lightly snorted.

Behind him, nine dazzling Dragon Qi appeared.

With the blessing of Dragon Qi, his strength has been raised to a level again, and the azure lotus blooms billions of times.

The lord of the mist tribe was given to town again with a bang.

"I want to kill you, don't say you are comparable to multi-hedao, even if you are Hunyuan, you still die!!"

Chu Kuangren said indifferently, palms in the Sky slightly presses.

Azure Lotus Power of Destruction, crazy surging.

The Tao in the main body of the Wuzu gradually fell apart.

"Chu Kuangren, one day Panlian will find you for revenge!"

"Do you think he can escape?"

Chu Kuangren sneered.

Not far away, a huge star map suddenly appeared. On the star map, nine stars are connected together, which is very mysterious.

This is the Big Dipper nine-star map!   Among the star maps, one of the stars is the most dazzling.

"What is that?"

Looking at the huge star map that suddenly appeared, the fog cultivator couldn't help but wonder and panic. What the hell is happening for Chu Kuangren?

And Panlian, who was about to take advantage of the chaos, suddenly encountered a star map in front of her and blocked her way, so angry, she directly a spear thrust out.

Combining the Qi of Dao dye with the unique cultivation method of the mist tribe, plus the top grade Source Supreme Treasure Divine spear, the formidable power of this blow is extremely powerful.

The void was directly torn in half.

But seeing the star chart, rays of light flashed by.

That shot was actually distorted by a force of nothingness.


The star chart is scattered.

Replaced by a white clothed young man with white hair, there is a terrifying breath flowing around him.

all around The void collapsed silently and collapsed around him.

"This is the power of the gods and demons, and the person of the gods and demons lineage!"

The lord of the mist tribe said with a gloomy face when he saw the man.

"It is the Xuantian Nine Stars...Breaking the army is absolutely godless!"

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

"No matter who you are, kill!"

Panlian is coldly snorted, holding a divine spear in his hand and blasted out with a shot, the horrible Taoist energy sweeps the world, moved towards There is no god to crush and nothing.

Seeing the other side standing proudly and flying white hair.

With a slight grip on the five fingers, the power of the Tao will flow out of the body!

He, he has a breakthrough!

"Experience the power of nothingness."

Absolutely No God indifferently said.

The gray divine light shines out, blending into the power of Dao, and it is with Panlian's rapid strikes.

Two overbearing powers exploded in a blast!

Space collapses one after another.

Absolutely no retreat.

Panlian also refused, and the two looked at each other, killing intent awe-inspiring.

"Even if you are in harmony, in front of the Qi of Daoran, you are just unable to withstand a single blow!!!" Panlian frantically urged the Qi of Daoran.

Absolutely Wushen faintly feels an overwhelming effect.

But he still does not retreat.

"By the order of my king, today, the Wuzu people, one will not stay!"

No God’s words fall, all around the void, there is one after another silhouette appearing, every one People are full of tyrannical spirits of gods and demons.

These people are actually the cultivator of the lineage of gods and demons!

Immediately afterwards, Jue Wushen raised his hand in the sky and slammed it. The void broke apart, and a majestic golden platform emerged.

On the high platform, there are countless runes engraved.

There is an ultimate Qi of Slaughter! It   is the former Supreme Treasure, Behead Immortal!   Behead Immortal appeared on the stage, the endless Qi of Slaughter enveloped Panlian, and with the addition of Absolute Godlessness, he couldn't get out of trouble for a while.

As for other fog cultivators, some wanted to leave, but they were held back by the shadow warriors and the shadow army.

Not to mention, there are numerous Fiendgods cultivator around the side.

They have no way to go!

"Damn, damn!"

"Chu Kuangren, you destroy my mist tribe. Today, even if I die, I will hold you back!!" The lord of the mist tribe is crazy .

I saw Dao in his body roar.

The Tao roared out, collapsed on its own!   A more terrifying force is accumulating.

Upon seeing Chu Kuangren, expression congeals.

"Oh, sacrificing one's own way? It's a bit courageous!"

Sacrificing one's own way.

The lord of the mist tribe wants to perish with Chu Kuangren.

"It's a pity, I want to be perish together with me, you don't have this ability!" Chu Kuangren raised his hand and sang in the body.

I saw that he was condensing old runes all over his body.


Between Heaven and Earth, great energy surges around him.

An extremely surging coercion swept out in an instant, and everyone only felt that this force was incredibly powerful.

Even Zangfeng and Wuzu's multiple unions were shocked.

"This power is... a great way!!"

At a glance, Cang Feng recognized the power used by Chu Kuangren.

power of Grand Dao!

"How is it possible?!"

The Lord of the Mist murmured.

He sacrificed his own Tao to this cosmic avenue in exchange for stronger power. Chu Kuangren used the power of the avenue in the next instant.

Is there anything more outrageous than this?

The lord of the mist tribe is completely stunned.

"This approach is really mysterious."

Chu Kuangren faintly smiled.

What he is using now is the method of entering the Tao.

Borrow the Pangu universe power of Grand Dao to suppress the Wuzu!   "Cut!"

Chu Kuangren didn't use any divine ability. He raised the sword in his hand and chopped it out gently. The powerful force directly turned into a majestic sword qi.

Wherever they went, the fog tribes dissipated.

Even the Lord of the Wuzu who sacrificed his own Tao felt an unprecedented pressure. The whole person was bombarded by the sword qi, and the Tao that was already collapsing in his body was once again hit hard. Three become.

(End of this chapter)

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