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  Chapter 1954 has its own measure, Ancient Divine King, only this in the   universe.

A group of warships are heading somewhere.

Since joining the Yuantian Guild, the Shenluo Thieves have followed some instructions from Heavenly Sword, and now they are heading to the void battlefield.

But at this time.

In front of the Shenluo Pirates, a silhouette volleyed over.

"The person in front, come and announce your name!"

On the battleship, someone saw someone coming, loudly said.

But the people who came here didn't care.

Punched out easily.

The domineering Dao's power turned into thousands of thunders and swept out, a battleship turned into dust, and no one on the battleship could survive the cultivator.

"It's Divine King!"

"Why is the Divine King coming to trouble us all of a sudden?"

Everyone was very surprised, and they were on guard.

A silhouette rushed out.

There is also Divine King power circulating on him.

It's a thief from Shenluo.

He looked at the person in front of him, and solemnly said: "Who are you?!"

"The Dao King family, the sky is cloudy!"


The Divine King's power broke out. Among them, there was actually the aura of two Taoisms, which directly suppressed the Shenluo Pirates.

The multiplicity of combined strengths exploded.

"It seems that the Ancient Divine King from the Dao King clan is back."

Shen Luo Thief has a solemn face.

"Shen Luo pirates used to guilty of my Dao King clan, today, you all need to die!" Motian Yin raised his hands, and Dao circulated.

"You can't kill us." At this time, the Shenluo thief spoke to stop the opponent, "We have decided to go to the void battlefield."

"Then has anything to do with me? "

"Motianyin, he was right, you can't kill them."

An indifferent voice sounded.

A silhouette came.

It is Sikong Divine King of the Primordial Spirit Temple. He said: "Our war with the Pangu universe has begun. The Void Battlefield now needs troops, and the Shenluo Pirates applied to the Temple not long ago to participate in the Void Battlefield. , They are a precious source of troops, you can't be foolish."

Hearing this, Mo Tianyin's face sank slightly.

What a thief from Shenluo.

Can actually think of this.

"Then the sins suffered by my Dao King family are forgotten?"

Motianyin coldly said.

"Please take the overall situation first!"

Sikong Divine King indifferently said.

"The overall situation, that's good, so I can ignore the others, but the leader of the Shenluo thief must die!"

"Oh, you want to hurt me People of the round sky meeting?"

An indifferent voice sounded.

Not far away, Chu Kuangren walked slowly.

There is a sword qi flowing around him, while the roads converge. There are bursts of mysterious Dao sounds in his body, which stirs the world and shakes the starry sky.

Behind him, there was a black-clothed youth who followed Chu Kuangren at a moderate pace with an evil charm on his face.

"Heavenly Sword!"

The Sky Cloud can judge the person's identity at once.

There are too many rumors about this person, even if it is Divine King who has just recovered not very long, he is like thunder piercing the ear.

"Why did he come..."

Sagong Divine King suddenly felt a headache.

Every time Heavenly Sword appears, things are always beyond your control.

Also, what is Yuan Tianhui?   Is it an organization established by Heavenly Sword?   Who is there?   What about the background of strength?   Sikong Divine King is very concerned about this issue.

"Heavenly Sword, you came just right, I originally planned to solve the Shenluo Pirates and then look for you." Mo Tianyin said coldly.

"Heavenly Sword, the sky is feminine and irritable, and now we are at a critical moment of the battle between the two universes. Our Tianyuan universe can no longer fight inwardly. I hope you can be more merciful when you wait. There is too much conflict." Sikong Divine King sounded transmission to Chu Kuangren.

"Don't worry, God, you have your own measure."

Chu Kuangren also sound transmission said.

Hear this.

Sikong Divine King sighed in relief.

It seems stable.

Heavenly Sword is very good for being considerate of myself.

"Heavenly Sword, if you don't speak, does it mean you are afraid? If you want to be destroyed with the Shenluo Pirates here, I don't mind."

Motianyin continued. .

"Offenses Heavenly Might, God allows you to fight!"

Chu Kuangren raised his eyebrows, and there was surging pressure on his body.

On the side, Sagong Divine King was dumbfounded.

Heavenly Sword, what do you say is your own sense?

Is this your measure?   "Very good, I would like to see how many catties and how many taels you have."

Mo Tianyin grinned, and the multiple aura of harmony spread out, "If you win , I, Dao Kings, will no longer pursue the thief of Shenluo from now on. If you lose, wait and perish together!"

Without saying anything, he raised his hand and moved towards Chu Kuangren and blasted.

Dao meets, this Dao has reached Perfection Level, and the ordinary Supreme Divine King can hardly resist this kind of attack.

But Chu Kuangren did not retreat, his sword condensed.

The Tao flashes at the fingertips and turns into sword qi.

The sword meets the palm.

It was just a blow, and each was shaken out.

Motianyin was a little surprised, "You can actually block the attack of my Way of Perfection, what a Heavenly Sword, it is indeed extraordinary."

"You are disappointing to the sky. ."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

Then, he got out of the sheath.

A large number of Taos converge in it, and the aura of Tao reflected in it is already close to the Peak level infinitely.

"In a short period of time, he has improved so much!"

Sikong Divine King looked at him in shock.

Chu Kuangren's rate of improvement is simply unimaginable.

"God Lei Batian palms!"

At this time, the cloudy sky urges the power of multiple synergy.

I saw a dark palm print falling from the sky, and it contained a thunder force, and moved towards Chu Kuangren suddenly pressed down.

"The Witness of Heaven, Heaven Beyond the Heaven Sword!"

On Chu Kuangren's sword edge, Tao flows out.

The only Source Power surges.

With one sword cut out, the big black palm was directly cut apart.

Sky Yin was hit by this blow, directly retreated.


"He was able to block my this move!"

Motianyin was a little shocked, you know, his this move is genuine The multiplicity of the power of the Dao!   Simply is not what the ordinary Supreme Divine King can block, but Chu Kuangren can break through with a single sword. This strength is a bit scary.

Chu Kuangren attacked him again.

There is no way to cut out in the hand, one after another sword light hiding the sky and covering the earth.

The force caused by the overcast sky to resist.

But there is actually a feeling of being suppressed, which makes his face extremely gloomy, but he is multi-faceted!   "Purple Thunder Blade!!"

At this moment, a Supreme Treasure suddenly appeared in Motianyin's hands.

It was a long knife entwined with purple thunder and lightning, and with Supreme Treasure in hand, his power skyrocketed.

Slashed out, breaking Chu Kuangren's sword light.

"Heavenly Sword, see my full strength."

Sky Yin held up the long knife in his hand, and when the roads and the rules met, a shocking heavenly blade shadow cut out, the knife Wei shattered thousands of stars!   Faced with the ultimate killer move, Chu Kuangren directly took out the eight-sided imperial hammer and smashed it out with a single hammer. The Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure exploded in half a step.

With a boom, the knife shadow shattered.

Sky cloudy sky flew out, and the Tao in the body was violently turbulent.

Chu Kuangren was hammered out again.

This blow was even more violent, and with the roar of one channel, the road in the Sky Yin body was directly shattered!

"Heavenly Sword show mercy!"

Sikong Divine King couldn't sit still, loudly shouted.

But Chu Kuangren is still reluctant.

At the critical moment, Motianyin gritted his teeth, his whole body burst open, turning into countless blood lights, moved towards all directions and shot out.

Chu Kuangren gave a soft voice, trying to intercept it with the prison of heaven, but there were too many blood lights to completely block it.

Part of the blood light disappears at the end of the starry sky in an instant.

"Heh, Ancient Divine King, just this."

Chu Kuangren gave a chuckle, showing contempt.

(End of this chapter)

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