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  Chapter 1955 Xuankong Hedao Jue, Divine King meeting, is the face of the sky big enough?   "Ancient Divine King, just this."

Chu Kuangren smiled contemptuously, and put away his hands.


He looked towards Sikong Divine King, but saw that the other person looked at him in shock, as if he was shocked by what he could do.

See Chu Kuangren looked towards himself, Sagong Divine King came back to his senses and quickly said: "Heavenly Sword, didn't expect your strength to improve to this level, it is really surprising Ah."

Hearing what he said, Chu Kuangren looked indifferent, and said unemotional: "Is this all you want to say?"

"Oh, besides, I would like to invite you to attend the Divine King meeting in the Primordial Spirit Temple." Sikong Divine King said indifferently.

"Divine King meeting?"

"Yes, now, the battle between the two universes is about to start. We have decided to start a meeting, and I hope you can attend it."

Sikong Divine King said.

Upon hearing this, the corners of Chu Kuangren's mouth were slightly raised.

Very good.

I am now qualified to participate in the decision-making of the top level of Tianyuan Universe, which is very convenient for my future actions.

"God, I will participate."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

"The time of the Divine King meeting, I will notify you separately."

Sikong Divine King said, and then left.

"Many thanks, the guild leader is released."

Shen Luo Pirate came to Chu Kuangren and said respectfully.

Chu Kuangren is now the master of Yuantianhui.

So it's okay to call him the president.

"It's okay, you rush to the void battlefield first."


Shenluo took the people away and went to the battlefield.

"Tianying, let's go."

Chu Kuangren said indifferently, turning and leaving.

Behind him, the sky shadow followed silently.

Time is long.

Two years have passed.

However, for Chu Kuangren now, even if it is thousands of years, it is just a flick of a finger.

Two years are really dispensable.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing Divine Grade to reward the Xuankong Hedao Jue!"

This day.

Chu Kuangren is lottery.

The prize drawn is only a Divine Grade reward, and now most of the Divine Grade rewards are dispensable for him.

But he took a look as usual.

This look made his eyes shine.

Xuankong Hedao Jue.

This is an extremely special method of Harmony. This method of Harmony combines the method of incarnation, the technique of cultivation, the method of enlightenment and so on.

This method can divide one person into two people.

One is the deity, and the other is the Avatar.

Both cultivation at the same time, and finally fuse together. This is equivalent to fusing the power of the deity and the Avatar.

equivalent to double the cultivation efficiency.

This sounds extremely powerful.

Only this cultivation technique has certain limitations, that is, this cultivation technique can only be used once in a lifetime, and it is only effective if it is below Hunyuan.

But despite this limitation, this method is still powerful.

This reminds Chu Kuangren of Azure Lotus Chu Kuangren.

The other person is his incarnation.

Compared with Avatar, this is equivalent to another self, which is more powerful at a high level. If he and Azure Lotus Chu Kuangren are both cultivation of the profound empty art, and then fuse together.

So, how strong will you become when you add them together?   Chu Kuangren looks forward to it.

He immediately cultivated this cultivation technique and transferred it to Azure Lotus Chu Kuangren. The two cultivated together and quickly mastered it.

Another year has passed.

Xuankong Hedao Jue, he has completely controlled it.

This day.

A message came from the Temple of Primordial Spirit, inviting to participate in the Divine King meeting.

"Then let me see which Divine Kings are there."

Chu Kuangren's mouth raised.


Inside the Primordial Spirit Temple.

Divine King from all sides gathered together.

Most people are shrouded in Xianhui, their true colors are illegible, but they all reveal an extremely ancient aura.

"Motianyin, I heard that you suffered a loss in the hands of a young man not long ago." A teasing voice sounded.

Hearing this, the skyscraper complexion sank, "hmph, Divine King, do you want to fight? I don't mind being with you to the end."

"Ha, destroyed You who have done so, will you still be my opponent now?" Divine King in Xianhui said indifferently.


Skyscraper Yin Qi is very angry.

In fact, the battle strength of multiple Dao Integration Realm is often determined by the number of ways to be merged. Originally, Sky Cloud only merges two ways.

In the multi-joint road, it is not a peak.

Now, Chu Kuangren smashed a road with a hammer and wanted to recover. Nothing was impossible for tens of millions of years.

Chu Kuangren's hammer was too cruel.

"Okay, stop arguing, Heavenly Sword is extraordinary. I have fought him once and it's not easy to deal with."

A voice sounded.

This person is the Divine King Yuanteng of the Titans.

Everyone was a little surprised when he heard that he played against Heavenly Sword.

And Yuan Teng also briefly said that he had just awakened from the beginning and had to deal with Guxing.

After finishing, he solemnly said: "At the beginning, one of my ways had not fully recovered, but there was still a way to get out of his hands calmly, but now, the sky is destroyed by him. Dao, it can be seen that this person's strength has improved so fast."

"Maybe it's just that the sky is too wasteful?"

At this time, Qianyan Divine King continued.

Hearing what he said, the cloudy sky was flustered and exasperated, and the Divine King power broke out on him. "Divine King, if you really want to fight, don't pester and chirp, just shoot!"

"Oh, are you afraid of you?"

But at this moment, a burst of colorful streamer power swept out, and the Divine King present couldn't help it in front of this streamer power Body tremors slightly.

Looking at a silhouette shrouded in colorful fairy radiance, there is a look of dreading in his eyes, with a little fear.

Because this person in front of him is definitely one of the strongest people in their group of Ancient Divine Kings, and even one of the oldest beings in the Tianyuan Universe. On battle strength, when the second only to Under Hunyuan.

"You quarreled me."

The silhouette indifferently said in the colorful fairy.

As soon as this remark came out, everyone held their breath and dared not say much.

At this point.

A person walked in, it was Sikong Divine King. He looked at the silhouettes shrouded in the fairy hui and counted them.

Although some people have not come, the meeting can continue.

But there is one person who hasn't arrived yet, and he is especially concerned.

That is Heavenly Sword.

I personally invited him, and the other party said he would come.

"Sikong Divine King, the meeting hasn't started yet?"

Some Divine King said impatiently.

If it weren't for the Divine King of Sikong, the Left Law Enforcer of the Primordial Spirit Temple, the agent of the Palace Lord, they would have been disinclined to pay attention to each other.

"Wait a minute, one more person is not here." Sagong Divine King said.

"hmph, do you mean all of us are waiting for him?"

"Sikong Divine King, because you are the spokesperson of God, we only let you The one who is presiding over this meeting, don’t push your nose on your face, you want us to waste time here?"

"I would like to know, who has such a big face."

Someone coldly snorted and said.

"Oh, Tian's face, is it big enough?"

At this time, an indifferent voice sounded.

Accompanied by a burst of bold sword pressure spreading out, under this sword pressure, the Divine Kings shrouded in Xianhui, faintly meant to appear, and they all looked towards The source of the sound.

(End of this chapter)

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