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  Chapter 1956 You are very brave, you are very brave, you distribute your forces, he killed Hunyuan

The Divine King meeting begins .

Just when everyone was dissatisfied with what Sikong Divine King had done for a while, a silhouette walked in slowly.

Chu Kuangren came here.

There is a bold sword pressure on him, sweeping the entire great hall.

When the Divine Kings who were shrouded in the fairy hui perceive this aura, a touch of different color appeared in their eyes.

"An extraordinary breath!"

"Pretending to be heaven, it seems that you are Heavenly Sword."

"This kind of breath, you are Are you provoking us?!"

The Divine Kings looked at the people with curiosity in their eyes.

But a few people showed hostility.

For example, the sky is overcast, his face becomes difficult to look after a brush, staring at Chu Kuangren, his eyes are cold and cold.

That hammer is still fresh in his memory.

There is also a silhouette shrouded in black mist, which also reveals hostility to Chu Kuangren, the Ancient Divine King of the Hades family.

There is also a clan of emperors, a clan of Luo kings...

Some of the Ancient Divine Kings, who are more or less hostile to Chu Kuangren, hide some hostility towards him.

Behind Chu Kuangren, Tianying glanced over those people.

Although those Divine Kings hide well, Sky Shadow is a demon who feeds on resentment and maliciousness, and is very sensitive to hostility.

In the field, who has hatred for Chu Kuangren.

Can't hide from him.

He wrote down the breath of these people one after another.

Anyone who is an enemy of the Lord of the Devil, these people need to die! There was a   cold color in Tianying's eyes.

Chu Kuangren didn't notice the strangeness of the sky shadow. He just looked at the Divine Kings in front of him and let Xiao Ai begin to analyze.

Get as much information as possible.

"Interesting, Heavenly Sword, it's not as good as seeing, your arrogance is above my imagination." Qianyan Divine King indifferently said.

As he said, the coercion vented out of him.

The aura of multiple harmony, rushing to Chu Kuangren, overbearing and arrogant, like an extinction fire that will burn all things and all souls!   Faced with this coercive Chu Kuangren, he stood with his hand in hand.

It's just that the sword pressure on his body is even more terrifying.

The two breaths are colliding crazily.

The entire great hall was shaken.

"All the people present are the Ancient Divine King who experienced the last cosmic battle. You a junior, have what skills and abilities come to participate in such a meeting?!" Another Ancient Divine King coldly snorted .

Suddenly, another majestic breath came out.

"Heh, Heavenly Sword, I trust you have been well since we last met."

Yuan Teng looked towards Chu Kuangren, faintly smiled.

But the imposing manner on his body is unreserved and vented out.

There is also a cloudy sky.

He was killed by Chu Kuangren not long ago, and his heart is extremely annoyed. Now he sees everyone oppressing Chu Kuangren.

He couldn't help but want to mix it up.

The power of the four ancient Divine Kings is pressing on Chu Kuangren. If it is an ordinary Supreme Divine King, I am afraid it will be shiver coldly under this pressure.

But Chu Kuangren stood still, his expression indifferent.

The next moment.

The power of an incomparable Dao soars into the sky!

Almost lift up the ceiling of this great hall!

"This kind of Tao..."

After several Divine Kings noticed Chu Kuangren's Tao, their complexion changed slightly, and their own Tao felt like being bounced back. .

In terms of coercion, they can't compare to each other? !   "His Dao is extraordinary. It is a Dao and does not belong to this universe. No wonder we can't suppress him."

"Heavenly Sword...should not be underestimated."

The eyes of a few people gradually became serious.

Not only them.

The eyes of the rest of Divine King also showed different colors.

"Being rampant in front of the sky, you are very brave, then you dare to be brave and fight the sky?!"

Chu Kuangren's eyes were like electricity, and several people passed by and said .

"hmph ……"

Divine King is coldly snorted, when he is planning to fight.

Sagong Divine King hurriedly stepped out to complete the game, "Everyone, don’t be impulsive, this time I’m here for a meeting, not for a competition."

"Sagong Divine King, why let Heavenly Sword attend this meeting?"

Qian Yan Divine King coldly said.

"This is the meaning of Palace Lord. If you have any questions, you can ask Palace Lord." Sikong Divine King said with a smile.

Divine King suddenly lost his temper.

Go to question Hun Yuan?   Give him ten courage, he didn't dare to do such a thing.

Everyone then let Chu Kuangren attend the meeting.

"Oh, let God down."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

Upon hearing this, Qianyan Divine King's breath fluctuated violently.

Obviously suppressing anger.

Sikong Divine King was rather helpless, secretly sound transmission to Chu Kuangren.

"Heavenly Sword, these people are the mainstays of my Tianyuan Universe, can you please be more considerate?"

"Don't worry, Tian has its own sense."

Sikong Divine King's mouth twitched.

Be your own way...

You told me the same way last time.

The result?   You smashed all the roads of the cloudy sky! !

He stopped talking and started the meeting.

This meeting mainly talks about the layout of the void battlefield and the plan for the Pangu universe powerhouses.

Among them, Chu Kuangren saw some ancient messages about harmony in the Pangu universe, among them there are seven gods and demons.

"Heavenly Sword, I hope you can sit in the ninth continent."

Said Sikong Divine King.

The ninth continent.

This is part of the Tianyuan Universe Line of Defense.

Chu Kuangren nodded, and did not refuse, "Yes."

Anyway, he will go to the void battlefield sooner or later, this ninth continent can be used as a springboard for his actions in the void battlefield .

The rest of the Divine Kings are also assigned to their respective places to guard.

Chu Kuangren wrote down these secretly.


This is a huge piece of information.

"In addition, when you are in the void battlefield, please pay attention to one person." Sikong Divine King raised his hand, and an image appeared.

Chu Kuangren took a look.


That person is not himself, who else can he be?   "This person's name is Chu Kuangren."

"The Palace Lord said that if anyone can successfully kill this person, he can agree to a condition for the party, whether it is the perception of the breakthrough Hunyuan or the top Grade Source Supreme Treasure, he can agree."

Hearing this, the mood of many Divine Kings fluctuated.

Even Chu Kuangren was a little surprised.

This god is really killing himself in order to kill himself.

"Who is this person? The Palace Lord really values ​​it so much?"

"Hey, this person looks quite young."

"Ha, Isn't it a pediatrics to kill such a junior?"

Everyone said with a smile.

Ke Sikong Divine King took a word, let them explode.

"This person has killed Hun Yuan."


Deathly silence.

The breath of everyone fluctuated violently, and even the silhouette shrouded in colorful fairy radiance was shocked.

"Kill Hunyuan? Did you make a mistake!"

"Pangu Universe, there is an existence that can kill Hunyuan?"

"hehe , Palace Lord is it possible that is to send us to death? A person who can kill Hun Yuan, how can we be opponents?"

Everyone discusses spiritedly.

But Sikong Divine King waved his hand and said: "You are quiet, the former Palace Lord and the other two Hunyuan went to Pangu Universe. They were sealed without regrets, but were severely injured because of this. This person is just taking advantage of it. When Hunyuan was hit hard, he was lucky enough to kill the opponent..."

Sikong Divine King explained.

Although everyone gradually calmed down, they couldn't help being frightened. After all, Chu Kuangren killed Hun Yuan.

(End of this chapter)

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