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  Chapter 1957 Thousand Flames Divine King provoked, the sky shadow shot, the existence in the colorful fairy glory   " Even if Hun Yuan was seriously injured before killing the other party, this person is still not to be underestimated. If you want to kill him, I'm afraid it is still not an easy task." said the silhouette of the colorful fairy.

The others also agree.

Then they asked for some information about Chu Kuangren.

This meeting is just over.

Everyone left immediately.

Out of the palace behind the Primordial Spirit.

Chu Kuangren wants to go to the void battlefield.

But midway, but was stopped by one silhouette, the other side was filled with scorching and domineering coercion, it was Qianyan Divine King.

Chu Kuangren glanced at him, "Something?"

"Boy, you were very arrogant at the meeting just now."

Divine King, Divine King coldly said.

Chu Kuangren curl one's lip, "Are you here to provoke God?"

"Yes and how?"

Qianyan Divine King's power More domineering and tyrannical.

Some Divine Kings stopped to watch.

They all want to see, how strong is this famous Heavenly Sword who called the wind and summon the rain in this era?   "I heard that Motianyin was defeated by the opponent."

"The strength of Divine King of Qianyan is not much worse than that of Motianyin, but his divine fire phantom is a bit tricky. ."

"Well, yes, can Heavenly Sword handle it?"

bang! When   everyone was talking about it, Divine King had already taken action.

"Let me teach you as a senior, so that you understand what there is always someone who is better than us!"

Qianyan Divine King Physique inside is roaring , Punched out, the flames were so hot that they moved towards Chu Kuangren surging away.

The void is distorted by this flame.

At this point.

But seeing Chu Kuangren's long sword clanging out of his waist.

The bitter sword qi contains the domineering spirit!

A sword slashed through the waves of fire.

"Heaven is the highest and strongest heaven in the world!"

Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

Sword pressure vented out, shocking the starry sky!   "Imperial, domineering?! Tsk, no wonder he dares to be so arrogant, the emperor and hegemon are one, rarely seen."

"Tsk, really monster!"

Everyone clicking one's tongue in wonder.

There was also a solemn expression in Divine King's eyes.

I saw him raise his hand to urge Dao Ze, one after another flames gushing out from his body, condensing into a silhouette in the sky.

They all look exactly like him.

Even the breath is as tyrannical, making it impossible to distinguish his true body.

"Shenhuo phantom body!"


Shenhuo phantom body, this is the unique method of Divine King.

You can use the sacred fire in your body to construct an Avatar, each Avatar has its own part of the strength, it is difficult to be distinguished.

"Oh, what about the Avatar technique?"

Chu Kuangren waved the sword edge from his hand.

The powerful sword qi wiped out the Avatars one by one, but in the next instant, these Avatars recondensed again, as if they were inexhaustible.

"haha, Heavenly Sword, this Avatar is condensed with my sacred fire. As long as my deity is still there, they are immortal."

"No matter how strong you are, yet again How many can you kill?"

Qianyan Divine King's words came from all directions.

Its orientation is difficult to distinguish.

Chu Kuangren's eyes are light flashed, so Xiao Ai wants to analyze the deity of Divine King, but at this moment, the sky shadow behind him walked up.

"Master, can you give this person to the demon."

"Oh, are you interested?"


Sky Shadow indifferently said.

"It's up to you."

Chu Kuangren puts away his hands and has no way.

Seeing this scene, Qianyan Divine King complexion sank, "Let a follower deal with me, Heavenly Sword, you are too impudent!!"

After that, one by one Shenhuo The phantom screamed towards Chu Kuangren and disappeared.

But the other party stood still, disapproving.

It doesn't move.

At this time.

A black blade light shrouded in the sky, and suddenly purple magic flowers bloomed, beautifully beautiful.

Wherever the magic flower goes, the meaning of death is hiding the sky and covering the earth.

One by one Shenhuo phantom body, all shattered.

"Take action against the Lord of Demon, you have no forgiveness for your sins!"

Between the sky shadows raising their hands, a huge black flower blooms behind him, which surges With endless malice.

When everyone saw it, they couldn't help being surprised.

"This power, unheard-of."

Very terrifying maliciousness. "

The flower of evil blooms and turns into a jet-black long blade.

Sky Shadow once again shoots.

The jet-black blade light covers Heaven and Earth in all directions!   "The flower of evil, kill evil in all directions! "

The phantoms of the gods and fire shattered one after another under this blade light.

But then, the flames burned, the roads were intertwined, and the phantoms were once again condensed into a powerful force. Sweep.

"I said, you can't kill these phantoms! "

"Really?" "

Seeing the evil spirit of Tianying smile.

His eyes are fixed on one of the Divine Kings, and the black magic blade in his hand is circulating this chilling monstrous malice.

I saw magic flowers blooming all around.

Between Heaven and Earth, I fell into a treacherous silence.

"The flowers are withered, people do not return, and there is no sound ! "

At that moment when the magic flowers withered.

A boundless meaning of death enveloped, a beautiful and tragic blade light across the sky, locked Thousand Flames Divine King.

Bang, bang, bang...

Wherever blade light goes, every divine fire phantom shatters.

And blade light , Across the Divine King of Qianyan.

A burst of blood shot out, and an arm flew out.

Divine King looked at the hand breaking his arm, his face was gloomy as water, and his eyes were Can't believe it, "How did you find my deity? "

"Your malice is too obvious." "

Tianying said indifferently, with a hint of regret in his eyes.

The sword he just aimed at the opponent's vitals, didn't expect the opponent to hide at the last minute. In the past.

Only one arm was chopped off...

How is this enough?   Sky Shadow's eyes are cold, and the magic blade in his hand is cut out again.

Yes For him, the phantom created by Shenhuo’s phantom is simply a virtual body and cannot confuse him.

He is a demon, and his perception of malice is too obvious.

These divine fire Avatars look real, but in fact they are no more than puppets that's all without any emotion.

And even if the Divine King is hidden well, as long as he has a little bit of malice towards Tianying, he Can be keenly aware.

"The flower of evil, heavenly demon dance! ”

Sky Shadow’s hand is waving the magic blade.

The blade light is flying with the magic flower blooming!

The Divine King of Thousand Flames, for a time, it was difficult to resist. In addition, he broke an arm, and it will be difficult to recover for a while.

He has fallen into a disadvantage at this moment!   "Damn, a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him , Leave first! "

Qianyan Divine King thought to himself.

His silhouette flashed and he wanted to leave.

But he saw the blood flashed in Tianying’s eyes, the magician The blood pupils open!   A huge bloody enchantment enveloped Heaven and Earth.

"Damn it!" "

Qianyan Divine King, who was blocked by the enchantment, looked at Tianying with cold eyes, "This battle, count me down, I gave up. "

Tianying sneered.

"It is not enough to provoke the lord of the devil. "Tianying said nothing, and the killer moves again.

"What, you want to kill me!" "

Qianyan Divine King complexion changed.

At this time, a domineering colorful palm print fell from the sky, smashing the blood-colored enchantment, which could save the life of Divine King.

Chu Kuangren looked towards the direction that the colorful palm prints were emitting, it was the existence shrouded in colorful fairy radiance.

And the breath of the other party gave him a rather familiar feeling .

"It turned out to be like this..."

(End of this chapter)

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