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  Chapter 1958 The fear of the colorful Heavenly Dragon, the ninth continent, the bloody dismounting power   "so that's how it is ......"

Looking at the silhouette in the colorful fairy radiance, Chu Kuangren showed a touch of clarity in his eyes, and then chuckled lightly, "I want to intervene in the fight, do you want to be an enemy of nature too? Colorful Heavenly Dragon!!!”

Colorful Heavenly Dragon!

The existence shrouded in the colorful fairy glory in front of us is exactly the existence in the ancient rumors of the Tianyuan universe, the ancestor of Dragon Clan, the colorful Heavenly Dragon!   "Heh, Heavenly Sword, even if the Divine King of Qianyan provokes you, but the crime is not dead, you are too overbearing."

Colorful Heavenly Dragon indifferently said.

"Oh, domineering, because heaven has this strength!"

"I forbid you to kill him."

"Then it depends on whether you have The strength keeps him."

Chu Kuangren stood with his hand.

The powerful breath flows out.

And Colorful Heavenly Dragon doesn't talk nonsense, raises his hand and points out.

A colorful dragon claw was caught!

It is full of various powerful Taoist forces, mysterious and extraordinary.

Between Chu Kuangren raising his hands, a group of golden flames burned crazily in his palm, turning into a crimson beast!   This is the strength of Dragon!

bang! The   strength of Dragon erupted, banging on the dragon claw.

I saw the void being torn apart by madness.

After a while, the two forces gradually dissipated.

"Sure enough, it is the power of Dragon Clan..."

Colorful Heavenly Dragon murmured.

In fact, Divine King is not dead and has little to do with him.

The reason why he made the move was purely to find an excuse to test Chu Kuangren that's all. He heard something about the other party...

What made him most curious was that The opponent can use Dragon Clan's power.

He wanted to see it, and now, after seeing the strength of Dragon, he couldn't help but feel a little shocked, because he actually faintly felt that the essence of the strength of Dragon was actually within himself. on.

In this world, there is actually a Dragon Clan that is stronger and older than him? He had heard of it for the first time in countless years.

Thought of this.

He has a killing intent towards Chu Kuangren in his heart.

The strongest Dragon Clan in this world is only him, the ancestor of Dragon Clan! The   more ancient and powerful Dragon Clan...

It shouldn’t exist at all!   "Are you afraid?" Chu Kuangren looked at the colorful Heavenly Dragon, faintly feeling the emotion of the other party, and couldn't help but sneered.

At the same time, using the candle strength of Dragon against the enemy just now made him confirm some conjectures. The candle strength of Dragon has the potential to suppress the colorful Heavenly Dragon.

The strength of Dragon is essentially higher level than the colorful Heavenly Dragon.

"Heh, Heavenly Sword, you and I will meet again."

The colorful Heavenly Dragon calmed his mind.

Then, his silhouette flashed and disappeared.

As for the Divine King.

I left long ago.

In the sky, the Divine King look at each other in blank dismay.

"It's gone?"

"It didn't really fight."

"Hey, I feel that the colorful Heavenly Dragon seems to have something to Heavenly Sword. Some fears are really unimaginable."


Everyone discussed for a while and left one after another.

Chu Kuangren also stayed soon, taking the sky shadow to the void battlefield.

At the same time.

All influences of Tianyuan Universe are heading to the void battlefield.


Void battlefield.

Pieces of continent are floating, the sight of bizarre and motley.

And two figures flew by.

It is Chu Kuangren who has the sky shadow, and they are now heading to the ninth continent in the strategic defense line constructed by the Tianyuan Universe.

The ninth continent.

In a massive black giant city.

Fully armed soldiers are stationed here. Most of these soldiers come from various races in the Tianyuan Universe.

And in the giant city.

Several generals are gathering together, discussing something.

"I just received the above instruction. As mentioned above, they sent a person to take over all the affairs of the ninth continent."

A black-clad man headed by indifferently said.

This person's name is called Red Blood.

He is also a Divine King who has been in charge of the ninth continent for some time. The people here are his confidants.

After hearing his words, the faces of the others changed slightly.

"What did you think about it, why did you suddenly send someone here?"

"hmph, this ninth continent is solid under our control. There is no need to change people." Guard."

"Yes, it's just superfluous."

Everyone was very dissatisfied with the upcoming boss.

And seeing everyone’s attitude, Scarlet Blood is secretly satisfied with it. What he wants is this kind of effect. As long as these people are dissatisfied with the new generals, then he can continue to firmly control the place. right.

The ninth continent is rich in materials and a lot of cultivation resources.

Over the years, with this power in his hands, he doesn't know how much cultivation treasure has been restrained, so that he will not easily hand over others.


Chu Kuangren and Tianying came to the ninth continent, looking at the giant black city in front of him, he raised his foot and walked in.

But before he stepped in, one after another aura burst out, locking him in, and then all kinds of immortals whizzed out.

bang!   Chu Kuangren's body sword qi is sent out by itself.

A kind of fairy method is broken one after another under this sword qi.

"Is this welcome ceremony very special?"

A cold light flashed across Chu Kuangren's eyes.

"Stop it, stop it."

At this point.

Scarlet blood came out, loudly said, and stopped everyone.

After hearing his words, everyone stopped.

Scarlet blood walked in front of Chu Kuangren and said with a smile: "Heavenly Sword, it's really sorry. These people think you are an intruder, so you will only take action when you are in a hurry. Please don't take seriously. "

"If God remembers it correctly, the temple should have told you about it before the sky came. Didn't you make any preparations in advance?"

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

"Don't blame Heavenly Sword, the general is usually busy with military affairs. Such trivial matters can't be remembered at all."

said a general next to Scarlet Blood.

"Yes, the famous Heavenly Sword is not so stingy. You have to bear a grudge against such trivial things."

"Ha, Heavenly Sword is generous and generous. "

"The general is usually overworked, occasionally too busy, and forgot to receive Heavenly Sword, please forgive Heavenly Sword."

The rest of the generals also opened their mouths, for the red blood. speak.

Chu Kuangren hearing this, couldn’t help but chuckle, "Your Excellency is a good commander of the army. Heaven didn’t even say these words of blame. The men around you have already pleaded for you. ."

"We are all brothers on the battlefield. We have a deep friendship. Let Heavenly Sword laugh." Scarlet Blood said indifferently.

"That's all, who is the military advisor here?" asked Chu Kuangren.

No one answered.

Until Scarlet Blood said: "Military advisor, get out."

A man in azure clothes walked out.

Chu Kuangren's eyes flashed lightly, "Interesting."

One by one, they are not very obedient.

Behind him, there was a cold color in Tianying's eyes. These people dared to neglect the Lord of Demons. It was really courting death.

He can feel these people's malice towards Chu Kuangren.

This gave him the urge to draw swords and hack people.

"That's all, the sky is tired, take the day to rest."

"Come on, arrange a place for Heavenly Sword."

That night .

In General's Residence, the red blood and the others gathered together.

"Haha, today I gave Heavenly Sword a smashing blow. Happy."

"What about the famous Heavenly Sword in Tianyuan Universe? After all, this ninth continent is not for him. , I want to take over the ninth continent without any qualifications, a joke."


Everyone turned to each other, so happy.

At this point.

A silhouette appeared behind them, the shadow of the sky.

(End of this chapter)

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