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  Chapter 1961 Qianxi Immortal Emperor, threatening Ye Zhu, where is the courage so arrogant   "Damn , Let them run."

A general coldly snorted and said.

Chu Kuangren was on the side and didn’t care, because this was the result of what he deliberately did. With his strength, it’s not difficult to keep Yun Zhongyue, but he didn’t want to do it. .

Just paddling by yourself, there is no need to be so serious.

"Return to the city for rectification."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

Everyone is hearing this, it should be in a hurry.

Looking at Chu Kuangren's back, their eyes showed admiration, and they didn't know the specific strength of each other.

I don't know that the opponent was paddling in the previous battle.

But the strength displayed by the other party made them amazed. If there is no other party, they are afraid that they will be completely wiped out by Yun Zhongyue.

After returning to the city.

Chu Kuangren found a military advisor in the city.

This person's name is called Anzhi Inquiry.

The cultivation base is not high, but it is the strongest confidant before the Red Blood, but after the death of the Red Blood, he has shown great diligence to Chu Kuangren.

A whole wall of grass.

"I'm here for you, there is mainly something I want you to do. Do you know how many fairy gold veins are hidden in this ninth continent?"

Chu Kuangren asked .

An Zhixun was a little surprised. I don’t know why the other party suddenly asked about this, but it was obediently and honestly replied: "The ninth continent is not rich in immortal gold, only seven immortal gold veins."


"I know, you find someone to go mining."


After Anzhi's inquiry left, Chu Kuangren fell into deep thought.

He asked about the immortal gold veins for the purpose of Zeguo's battle map. If you want to set up this Formation, you need a lot of metal.

That's why he asked about the fairy gold veins.

"Seven...This is far from enough."

Chu Kuangren whispered.

If you want to lay out the Zeguo battle map that covers the entire void battlefield, the required fairy gold resources are absolutely massive.

These immortal golds are far from enough.

"It is necessary to investigate where there is enough immortal gold..."

Chu Kuangren took out a jade slip.

Send this message to all members of the Yuan Tian Guild in the Void Battlefield.

Let them pay attention.


Yunzhongyue defeated the ninth continent.

Embarrassed and fled back to the line of defense of the Pangu universe.

"Damn, didn't expect the strength of this Heavenly Sword to be so strong!"

Yun Zhongyue can't help but feel a little emotional, "It's really a new generation of newcomers for the old, Immortal of Pangu Universe King, Heavenly Sword of Tianyuan Universe. Seeing these people, I feel that I am really old."

"Senior is polite."

A laugh sounded. .

Then, a star map appeared in the sky.

Only a silhouette appeared.

The visitor wore an azure gown and held an azure sword in his hand.

In a pair of azure eyes, there is sword qi faintly discernible.

A green grass emerged in it.

"Oh, you are the one who rescued just now."

Yun Zhongyue said curiously: "It was actually Aoba Kento. If I didn't guess wrong, you are Three The leaf bamboo of Clears Dao Sect."

"Senior recognizes Junior, and Junior is honored."

"Ha, although I suppressed the qi of Dao dye in seclusion for many years, but Also not I don’t know anything about the outside world. Looking at your cultivation base, I’m afraid it’s not far from Hedao. Perhaps, on the word dao, only you and the Immortal King in the Pangu universe have the opportunity to break their hands with the Heavenly Sword. "

Yun Zhongyue said.

Speaking of Heavenly Sword, Ye Zhu's eyes couldn't help but become serious.

"This person is indeed the one I have ever seen. Apart from Fellow Daoist Chu, the most enchanting existence exists. Even if I am promoted, I am afraid that there is not much certainty that I can compete with him. Only Fellow Daoist Chu is good."

"Well, Heavenly Sword is really tricky. By the way, the star map you just used seems to be mysterious. I don't know what treasure it is?"

Yun Zhongyue Asked curiously.

"That star map is the symbol of the nine stars of Xuan Tian, ​​and it was issued by Xuan Heavenly Star Token." Ye Zhudan lightly said with a smile.

"Xuantian Nine Stars...what kind of organization is this?"

"This is created by Fellow Daoist Chu..."

Ye Zhu simply said Once again, I didn't reveal too much.

Then, they returned to a continent.

In a city.

This place is the defensive city of Pangu universe.

Yun Zhongyue is planning to find a place to recuperate.

At this moment, two figures came in front of him.

these two people one old and one young.

The old man wore a golden ornate robe, and his body faintly revealed an ancient breath, while the young man was a young man dressed in white cloth with extraordinary Dao Rhyme circulating on his body, very mysterious.

This person is the Fuxi heir of the Human Sovereign Sect.

"Oh, it's you, Gu Xi."

Ye Zhu saw the descendant of Fuxi, his eyes flashed.

Gu Xi is the real name of the descendant of Fuxi.

Over the years, since losing to Chu Kuangren, he has entered the void battlefield and has been tempering himself, hoping to reach Hedao as soon as possible.

Ye Zhu has met each other several times.

But every meeting is not so friendly.

"Heh, it turned out to be Ye Zhu."

Gu Xi's mouth was slightly raised, his expression indifferent.

"Why do you know each other?"

Yunzhongyue said curiously.

"I have met a few times."

"Oh, I heard that Ye Zhu, you are working under the hands of Chu Kuangren recently, and you have set up a Xuantian Jiuxing, which is so subdued. Under people, are you really willing?" Gu Xi said indifferently.

"Then who should be divided, I feel okay to work with Fellow Daoist Chu." Ye Zhu said neither humble nor arrogant.

"hmph, stupid!"

At this time, the golden man in Chinese robe next to Gu Xi spoke, coldly said: "As an evildoer, what should you think about Surpass Chu Kuangren instead of succumbing to him. You have lost your martial heart in this way. You are no longer worthy to be a cultivator."

"Senior is..."

Ye Zhu was not angry, but asked.

"Kunlun Immortal Court, Immortal Emperor Qianxi!"

Qianxi Immortal Emperor indifferently said.

There was a sense of sorrow in Ye Zhu's eyes.

No wonder he would say such a thing. It turned out to be from Xian Ting, but Immortal Emperor of Xian Ting, he knew, had never heard of the other party.

There is also this ancient atmosphere of the other party...

It seems to be an ancient harmony.

Ye Zhu has also heard about the rumors of ancient Hedao.

"Everyone has his own ambitions, so I don't have to worry about seniors."

Ye Zhu said.

Then he planned to leave.

But didn’t expect, Qian Xi’s Immortal Emperor turned out to be reluctant, "You stand still, today I want you to be in front of everyone and say that you will quit Xuantian Jiuxing, otherwise , Don't want to leave here!"

"Don't senior think you are too impudent?"

Ye Zhu's face changed slightly.

At this time, the rest of the cultivator was also attracted by the dispute here.

"Qianxi Immortal Emperor, you are too much."

Yun Zhongyue couldn't stand it anymore, she drank coldly.

However, Qianxi Immortal Emperor didn't care, "A well-wounded Hedao, what right do you have to point fingers at me?!"

He is coldly snorted, Hedao breath After venting out, the body actually contains the breath of three Dao!

The multiple aura of the Dao, shocked everyone living in the field.

"Xianting actually hides this kind of character!"

Everyone was a little surprised.

Yunzhongyue complexion sank, the aura of harmony is also revealed, although it is not as good as Qianxi Immortal Emperor, but it is still holding on.

The two breaths contended, and the invisible power rushed into one frantically.

But Yun Zhongyue was injured after all, and Qianxi’s Immortal Emperor’s cultivation base was originally above him, and soon fell into a disadvantage.


Qianxi Immortal Emperor waved his sleeves.

An overbearing force rolled out.

In an instant, Yun Zhongyue blasted back a few ten zhang.

Right now.

A silhouette appeared behind Yun Zhongyue and held him.

"Xian Ting is an ancient Hedao, Xian Ting has been expelled from Immortal World, where do you have the courage to be so arrogant?!"

(End of this chapter)

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