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  Chapter 1962 created the mysterious of Life Power, the ancient star of the disaster enters the battlefield   "This voice is... "

Yun Zhongyue turned and looked towards the one who held her.

A white clothed dress with an ancient sword hanging from the waist.

It is Chu Kuangren.

He has come to the battlefield of the void.

Seeing him, Ye Zhu couldn't help but be pleasantly surprised, "Fellow Daoist Chu!"


Chu Kuangren slightly nodded, and then looked towards Qianxi Immortal Emperor, indifferently said: "My Xuantian Jiuxing person, it is not your turn to be the master."

Qianxi Immortal Emperor squinted his eyes and looked at Chu Kuangren, "You are just driving Xianting away." It’s better to see people who leave Immortal World."

After all, he actually moved towards Chu Kuangren and pointed out.

A powerful force flows through it.

Chu Kuangren is lightly snorted, which is also a finger pointed. The sharp sword qi contains it, and there is a vaguely blooming azure lotus.


The void seems to be shattered, emitting a rumbling sound.

With one blow, the two of them did not retreat.

"Good boy."

Qianxi Immortal Emperor was a little surprised.

Can Chu Kuangren withstand multiple combined attacks? !

"hmph, try again!"

Just when Qianxi Immortal Emperor wanted to make another move, a horrible pressure broke out and enveloped the a side World.

"I said, if you want to kill each other, come find me!"

A purple-clothed youth appeared.

There is one after another purple-golden dao on the body, then it goes around.

"Purple Gold Wheel!"

Qianxi Immortal Emperor's face changed slightly.

The person here is the Purple Gold wheel, one of the seven gods and demons.

"hmph, leave." Qianxi Immortal Emperor didn't want to have any conflict with the other party for the time being, so she turned around and left with Gu Xi.

And Chu Kuangren looked at the back of the two leaving, looking thoughtful.

Especially Guxi.

There is a breath in the other party that makes him very concerned.

"It seems that this guy has any chance."

Chu Kuangren faintly smiled.

Then, he looked towards Yunzhongyue, "Fellow Daoist is okay."

"It's okay."

Yunzhongyue shook the head, but In the next second, his face became pale with a brush, and he directly vomited a large mouthful of blood.

"Senior was hit hard by Heavenly Sword, it's better to find a place to recuperate." Ye Zhu hurried forward and said.

"If you don't mind, let me heal the senior."

Chu Kuangren said.

A few people were taken aback.

The wounds of Hedao are difficult to recover.

It often takes a lot of time to recover on its own.

How should Chu Kuangren heal his injuries?

I saw the other party faintly smiled, and between raising my hands, there was an azure light flowing in the palm of my palm, continuously injected into the moon in the cloud.

An endless stream of Power of Fortune is permeating.

The wound of Hedao is recovering quickly!   This is Azure Lotus created Life Power.

Until now, the most commonly used by Chu Kuangren is Azure Lotus Power of Destruction, but this Azure Lotus creates Life Power, but it is also extraordinary.

This force has the power of good fortune, and its magical uses are endless.

Healing people like this is just one of that's all.

It can also give birth to spiritual medicine, creations and so on.

"What a magical power."

In a short while, Yun Zhongyue's injury in his body was almost healed.

If he were to recuperate on his own, it would take thousands or tens of thousands of years, but now, he will fully recover in such a short time.

This makes everyone held breath cold air.

When everyone looked at Chu Kuangren, their eyes suddenly became extremely fiery.

You know, this is a battlefield. I don’t know how many people are injured every day. In some Peak powerhouses, even some precious medicine pill are difficult to recover from their injuries, so they can only recover slowly by themselves...

But if there is Chu Kuangren, who creates Life Power...

They will have no worries!   And the Purple Gold round also thought of the great value contained in Chu Kuangren's creative Life Power, and his eyes were shining.

"senior, I trust you have been well since we last met."

Then, Chu Kuangren looked towards the Purple Gold wheel again, with a hint of curiosity in his eyes, and another One of the seven gods and demons.

So far, there are seven people, and he is only the last one he has never seen.

"Well, you are very good."

Purple Gold took a look at Chu Kuangren and was very amazed.

Then, a few people found a place to stay.

And the other side.

Within the ninth continent of Tianyuan Universe Battlefield.

Chu Kuangren received the news.

It was from Feng Qiyu, a member of the Round Sky Club.

The other party said that she knows a continent rich in immortal gold veins.

It is the thirteenth continent. This continent is an extremely important part of the Tianyuan Universe Line of Defense, because this continent contains a lot of immortal gold, and many soldiers' weapons are made here.

Feng Qiyu is one of the generals of this continent.

Except for her.

There are several generals on this continent, and each one is extraordinary, especially two ancient Divine Kings have recently come.

These two Ancient Divine Kings are very secretive. Except for the generals in town, almost no one knows their existence.

Chu Kuangren has a little interest.

He intends to go to the thirteenth continent to take a look.

As for the ninth continent, due to the failure of Yunzhongyue and the others' previous actions, it shouldn't be someone at this time.

What if there is?

The ninth continent is gone if it is gone.

He will not take seriously.

"However, if the ninth continent is really gone, wouldn't I be accused of negligence by some people? This may have some impact on my future actions."

Thinking of this, Chu Kuangren secretly contacted an existence.


Tianyuan Universe.

At the entrance of the void battlefield, a large number of people are suppressing it.

These days, they have met many people to-and-fro and entered the void battlefield. Among them, there are many Divine Kings.

"It seems that the space war has begun. I really don't know what the final result will be." A soldier said.

"Who knows."

"But I didn't expect. It turns out that there are so many Divine Kings in Tianyuan Universe. I have seen a lot these days."

"Yes, eye-opening."

The soldiers discuss spiritedly.

But now.

A soldier seems to see something, eyes shrank.

"Look, what is that?!"

Everyone looked at it and immediately held the cold air.

Only seen in Boundless Starry Sky.

An ancient star leaps into the sky, with layers of black mist swirling on it, seeming to form a peculiar array.

And in the mist, faintly visible tower-like buildings on the surface of the stars.

But these are not the most shocking things for everyone.

The most shocking thing for everyone is that there is a monstrous resentment flowing above this star, like a terrifying star giant beast.

After just one glance, everyone felt an unprecedented pressure, and some people even couldn't breathe.

Too terrifying.

"It's the ancient star of military disaster!!"

Someone recognized this star and was extremely surprised.

A Divine King from a temple flew over and came to the sky above the ancient star of the disaster. Loudly said: "The disaster family, what are you doing here?"

One of the Great Firmament vacated. He stood up and said: "I will wait for the order of the God of Disasters to enter the void battlefield and join the battle!"

The God of Disasters?

Will the ancient star of military disaster join the war?   This Divine King was a little surprised.

In the past, the military disaster family has never been so active.

He contacted the Divine King Sikong of the temple.

The other party was also very surprised.

But in the end, he agreed to let the ancient star of the disaster enter the battlefield.

Vaguely, everyone seemed to hear the sound of Jin Ge from above the ancient star, and felt an extreme coldness,

everyone watched the ancient star leave. silhouette, as if seeing an unprecedented military battle is about to be staged on the battlefield of the void.

(End of this chapter)

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