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  Chapter 1963 The Divine King of Divine Flames and Sky Cloud, Negligence of Duty ? Helping Hand of the Old Star of Disaster

Soon after.

Chu Kuangren left the ninth continent.

He left the shadow of the sky and let the other party take the place.

After he left, the military advisor An Zhixun's eyes lit up, and he immediately took out a jade slip and secretly contacted someone.

"My lord, Heavenly Sword has left the ninth continent."

"Oh, where did he go?"

"I don't know, he didn't say. But one of his entourages stayed, and the strength of this person is not simple."

"I know this better than you, that guy...huh."

jade slip Coldly snorted came from the other end.

I seem to be familiar with Sky Shadow.

"Well, Heavenly Sword has left, then act according to plan, this time I must let him taste the ruin."

The man on the other side of jade slip is coldly snorted. .

Just a few days after Chu Kuangren left the ninth continent.

An atmosphere of horror suddenly enveloped here.

I saw dozens of silhouettes flying into the air in the distance, everyone's body was shrouded in immortal glory, without seeing the real face.

They came to the ninth continent and immediately began to destroy them.

A general can't resist.

"Heavenly Sword, where is Heavenly Sword?"

An Zhixun loudly said: "Heavenly Sword is not in the ninth continent!"

As soon as this statement came out, The crowd was in an uproar.

What? !

Heavenly Sword is not in the ninth continent?   Where did the other party go?   Neglect of duty at this time? !

"haha, what Heavenly Sword, there is no sense of responsibility at all, your ninth continent has fallen, it's all because of Heavenly Sword!"

"Yes, blame him."

In the sky came intruder's laughter.

At this point.

A silhouette rose to the sky.

It was Tianying who made the move.

But soon a firelight stopped him.

"Oh, this kind of breath, it's you."

Tianying looked at the existence in Xianhui, his eyes flashed, and the opponent was the Qian who had fought with him not long ago. Yan Divine King.

"The other people are..."

Tianying glanced over the other people and found the breath of another Divine King. He also had the impression that it was the Divine King meeting that appeared. The characters passed by are the Ancient Divine King of the Dao King family.

In the past, these people showed obvious hostility towards Chu Kuangren.

Tianying has all remembered.

Even if these people hide well now, they can't hide from him.

"While the Lord of the Demon is away, do you come here to make trouble, and then put the charge of negligence on the Lord of the Demon?"

Tianying can see it at a glance These people's abacus.

There was a cold look in his eyes.

A pitch black magic blade is already firmly held in his hand.

"I don't know what you are talking about."

Qianyan Divine King was shrouded in Xianhui and refused to admit it.


Celestial Shadow is coldly snorted, not to mention, let's kill!

The power of the demon surges.

The fire light and black sword light shine out, destroying the world!   But on the other side, Motianyin led others to continue plundering the ninth continent, wherever they went, there was a mess.

"haha, Heavenly Sword, I would like to see, after the fall of the ninth continent, what else do you general do!"

Skyscraper thought to himself in a gloomy manner.

In order to find Chu Kuangren upset.

They did not hesitate to attack the ninth continent.

But when the sky was overwhelmingly proud, a large shadow suddenly spread from a distance. An extremely terrifying aura engulfed the entire ninth continent in an instant, which made people shudder.

"Here, what is this?!"


Everyone looked at the huge stars flying in the sky not far away, they couldn't help but wonder, And Tianying showed a smile.

"So that's how it is, the Demon Lord has arranged everything."

When he heard his words, everyone was even more confused.

Is this star arranged by Heavenly Sword? ?

"What's going on?"

The sky is overcast, and the Divine King of Qianyan both feel an unprecedented danger from this ancient star.

The next moment.

I saw red spots floating in the stars.

Immediately afterwards, one after another beam of light locks onto the cloudy sky and the others, lasing from it, wherever it goes, the void seems to be pierced through.

"Not good, run away!!"

Sky cloudy roared.

What a pity.

They are still a step slower.

Wherever the beam went, every cultivator was easily pierced through the body without any resistance.

Even the Divine King like Motianyin was blasted back several steps.

"Here, what is this?!"

The Motianyin looked at the ancient star and was extremely shocked.

Immediately afterwards, he raised his hand to urge Dao Ze in his body, and an overbearing palmprint moved towards the ancient star of the soldiers blasted past.

But this palm was blocked by the black fog surrounding the ancient star.

Isn't his power enough to destroy this ancient star? !

"I'll try it!"

Qianyan Divine King roared, and the road surged, turning into a golden Fireball, smashing into the ancient star like a big sun .

The size of this big sun is similar to that of the ancient star of military disaster. Under the fierce strikes, the void exploded directly.

But when the smoke and dust passed, everyone only saw that the ancient star of the military disaster still had no damage, and it still moved towards everyone flying.

Not only that.

On the surface of the ancient star, one after another red light flickers.

Like a pair of Death God's eyes, staring at the Motianyin and the Divine King, one after another red light shoots out.

"Hurry up!"

Everyone complexion greatly changed.

The amount of red light is too much.

No matter how they hide, they can't hide.

After a while, the two Divine Kings were actually traumatized.


Qianyan Divine King saw that the situation had changed, and immediately planned to leave.

The cloudy sky will stay soon.

The two quickly retreated.

Among the Ancient Stars of Calamity, Soldiers looked at the two of them, silently mobilized the power of the Ancient Stars of Calamity, and a more terrifying beam shot out.

And the power of this blow directly locks onto the cloudy sky.


Accompanied by a scream and loud noise.

The Tao in the Sky Yin body was destroyed on the spot and fell directly.

Seeing this scene, Divine King of Thousand Flames was scared to look pale, and his crazy urging force turned into a flash of fire and quickly left.

The people of the ninth continent looked at the ancient star of the disaster and were terrified.

What on earth is this?

"Heavenly Sword's entourage said, this was arranged by Heavenly Sword?"

"Hey, can Heavenly Sword even manipulate this thing? It's incredible, how did he do it? What?"

"Heavenly Sword means, profound mystery. It seems that the ninth continent has Heavenly Sword, which is truly solid."

In the crowd, An Zhixun's eyes revealed A little horrified.

How could Heavenly Sword have such a method?

Will he find out that I betrayed him?

What should I do?   Tianying noticed An Zhixun's face, lightly snorted, but didn't pay attention to the other party either, and planned to wait for Chu Kuangren to return.


"Heh, does the Divine King of Qianyan still have a cloudy sky? Didn't expect these two guys to get together in order to deal with me."


"There is also an inquiry, the military advisor of the ninth continent, a clumsy guy, whoever gives benefits..."

Chu Kuangren is not in the ninth continent.

But he knows everything there, and the appearance of the ancient star of military disaster is exactly his arrangement.

Before leaving, he summoned him to the void battlefield.

In addition, the betrayal of the military advisor An Zhixun was not unexpected.

He hates this kind of person.

You can keep it, maybe it's still useful.

"Forget it, I will take care of it slowly when I go back."

These are not too urgent matters. Soon, he came to the destination of this trip, the tenth Three continent.

"Chairman, you are finally here."

Feng Qiyu, a member of the Yuantian Association, came out to greet her.

(End of this chapter)

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