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  Chapter 1964 Snow Divine King, Yuan Teng and Dark Night, Titan Divine Tree   "Thirteenth continent It is an important node of the Tianyuan line of defense. There are a large number of fairy gold veins here, which transport weapons to various places, and there are more than a dozen Great Firmaments like me, and there are three Divine Kings, namely Yuanteng, The dark night and the snow Divine King."

When it comes to the Snow Divine King, Feng Qiyu's face is a bit unsightly, because the Snow Divine King is her former enemy.

Now I am sitting on the same continent as my enemy. Don't think about it, the other party must have secretly used some kind of rights arrangement.

"Perhaps he is scrupulous about Heavenly Sword, so Xue Divine King hasn't attacked me yet." Feng Qiyu said with some gratefulness.

"Yuan Teng, dark night... These two people are what you said, is the hidden ancient hedao?"

Compared to Xue Divine King, he is more towards these two people Interested.


Feng Qiyu is nodded, "The matter of these two people coming to the thirteenth continent, except for a few of us, the others don’t know."


"I see."

"Oh, didn't expect Heavenly Sword will come here."

At this time, a sweet laugh sounded.

I saw a snowy white shadow coming, and the temperature in the sky has dropped a lot because of her coming, like a state of falling ice.

Chu Kuangren glanced at each other, "Snow Divine King."


Snow Divine King, Supreme Divine of the Primordial Spirit Temple One of the Kings, it is said that there is part of the Titans bloodline in this person, and Yuanteng, Dark Night, these two people in Feng Qiyu's mouth are also the Ancient Divine Kings of the Titans.

Three Titan Race Divine Kings, gathered in a continent.

This matter is a bit abnormal.

Chu Kuangren is a little concerned.

"I came here on this trip, mainly to find some immortal gold and refine a scabbard." Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

He took out Wudao.

Innocent scabbard because of the perennial influence of the innocent sword qi, today's scabbard is already covered with one after another cracks.

Xue Divine King took a look and lightly said with a smile: "I am the thirteenth continent. If there is nothing else, I will just have a lot of money. Heavenly Sword can choose whatever you want."

"That's right."

Immediately afterwards, Chu Kuangren went shopping on the 13th continent.

Look for suitable gold along the way.

Actually, I was investigating the fairy gold veins here.

In addition, he wanted to see if he could find a clue from these things and explore the reasons why the three major Titan Race Divine Kings gathered here.

On the way, Xue Divine King and Feng Qiyu have been following him, and the two women looked at each other with coldness.

"I heard that Feng Qiyu is a friend of Heavenly Sword?"

"She is a member of the Round Sky Club, and there is no one in the Round Sky Club except Tian. Able to judge them."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

Basically, he is warning Divine King not to hurt Feng Qiyu.

Xue Divine King heard the meaning in his words, and there was a strange color in his eyes, "The Round Sky Club, an interesting organization. I don’t know who the members of the Round Sky Club created by Heavenly Sword are. What?"

She wanted to get some information.

"When it's time for you to know, you know it naturally."

Chu Kuangren didn't say much.


What he found, came within a mountain range.

There are many restrictions here.

It seems to be guarding something.

"Oh, these are...natural restriction?" Chu Kuangren's eyes lit up, "Is there some peerless gold hidden?"

He raised his hand to break the restriction .

But Xue Divine King complexion changed, "Heavenly Sword, stop!"

"What's wrong?"

"This place is the thirteenth continent. The intersection of the Earth Immortal gold veins, once destroyed, the entire continent will be in shock." Xue Divine King said quickly, stopping Chu Kuangren.

"Oh, huh?"

Chu Kuangren's eyes flashed lightly.

He glanced at the restrictions and found that in addition to some natural restrictions, there were a large number of artificial restrictions.

"In that case, I won't move here that day."

He stopped and left.

Snow Divine King sighed in relief.

After several days of surveying, Chu Kuangren planned to stay in the 13th continent for a few more days on the grounds that he could not find a suitable celestial gold.

Snow Divine King did not refuse either.

This night.

Snow Divine King silhouette turned into a stream of light and swept away in the distance.

Chu Kuangren observes in secret, followed along.

I found that the other party came to the mountain range full of restrictions, pinched the mysterious secret art, opened the restrictions, and walked into the mountain range.

"Sure enough... there is a certain secret hidden in the mountain range here."

"There are also Yuanteng and Dark Ye, the two ancient co-daos, they are also in the thirteen continent, but But they have not appeared. Will they hide in this mountain range? What are they doing?"

Chu Kuangren thought to himself.


Inside the mountain range.

A huge fairy tree stands.

There are layers of fairy brilliance flowing above, brilliant and extraordinary, and one after another fruit is growing on the tree, and there is a way that flows.

Snow Divine King came here.

Looking at the fairy tree, there was a frenzy in her eyes.

"How is the Titan Divine Tree growing?"

Xue Divine King asked.

Under the tree, there are two people.

It is the other two Titan Race Ancient Divine Kings here.

Yuanteng has dark night.

The two of them were sitting under the tree, and their bodies flowed, and a large number of fairy Origin Forces kept pouring into the fairy tree.

"You came just right, the Titan Divine Tree is almost mature, you come and help us." Yuan Teng said.


Snow Divine King came under the tree, and continued to inject the fairy Origin Force into the Titan Divine Tree, and the fairy radiance on it became even brighter.

"Once the Titan Divine Tree is fully mature, the Titan divine fruit on it will be of great help to our cultivation. When the time comes, Snow Divine King, you break through the Divine King, but with no difficulty."

Yuan Tengdan lightly said with a smile.

There is a trace of desire in Divine King's beautiful eyes.

"Many thanks two."

"Ha, yes, you and I are both Titan Race people, and you discovered the Titan Divine Tree." Yuan Teng said.

Titan Divine Tree, this is a kind of Divine Tree in the ancient legends of the Titan family. The fruit of this Divine Tree contains a lot of Dao Rhyme.

Even if it is taken in harmony, it has a huge effect.

It can be said to be one of the Heaven and Earth Treasure of the cream of the crop in Tianyuan Universe, and its value is more precious than the top grade Source Supreme Treasure.

When the Snow Divine King came to the void battlefield, he sensed it with the Titan bloodline in his body, and used the power of the Supreme Divine King to occupy the thirteenth continent in advance.

However, this Titan Divine Tree is not yet fully mature. It needs the power of Titan to ripen. It is very difficult for her to ripen in a short period of time with her strength, so I found Yuan Yuan. Tenghe dark night.

These two people are the Ancient Divine King of Titan Race. With the help of these two people, they can mature the Titan Divine Tree in a short time.

"By the way, what happened to Heavenly Sword?"

"He said he came to find Xianjin. He almost strayed here before, and I found an excuse to dismiss him." Xue Divine King said .

"Heavenly Sword... but at this time, I always have some worries in my heart." Yuan Teng said.

"hmph, what are you afraid of, even Heavenly Sword, but facing the three of us, can he still break the sky? Besides, this is the thirteenth continent, which is where we guard."

Divine King indifferently said dark night, a deep night power surged through him, and he was the strongest existence among the three people present.

Others are afraid of Heavenly Sword, he is not afraid!   "I hope everything goes well..."

Yuan Teng murmured.

But when he heard that Heavenly Sword had come to the thirteenth continent, his inner anxiety was increasing day by day.

Like a bomb, I don’t know when it will explode.

(End of this chapter)

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