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  Chapter 1965 Qianxi Immortal Emperor wants to attack the thirteen continent, and the show begins.   Thirteenth outside the continent.

Chu Kuangren is observing the weird mountain range.

Tell him directly what secrets are definitely hidden in it, and he asked little hobby to analyze the mountain range well.

After a while, he knew how to break these restrictions, but he didn't immediately take action.

Entering now, it will only beat the grass to scare the snake.

Moreover, if the three Divine Kings of the Titans are all there, once they fight, even he will have to spend some effort.

"Heh, let you go this time first."

Chu Kuangren turned and left.

When he returned to his residence, he was thinking about how to deal with the snow Divine King, when he suddenly heard the message of Azure Lotus Chu Kuangren in his mind.

His eyes suddenly lit up.

"Ha, it was really timely."


Within the defense line of the Pangu universe.

Several apocalypses are starting a combat meeting, Qianxi Immortal Emperor, Yunzhongyue, Purple Gold Wheel, Dragon Shadow Immortal Emperor, Soul Supreme and the others are all present.

Naturally, Chu Kuangren is also there.

These people are all from the Dao Integration Realm world.

"I think we must deal with the thirteenth continent first."

Qianxi Immortal Emperor said.

In front of him, there is a huge map.

And this map was produced by various intelligence about the Tianyuan universe collected by the intelligence forces of Pangu universe.

There are indeed some fortifications of Tianyuan Universe.

When Qianxi Immortal Emperor said to deal with the thirteenth continent, Chu Kuangren's eyes light flashed, without speaking, he watched quietly.

"This thirteenth continent is an extremely important part of the Tianyuan Universe fortifications. It contains countless fairy gold veins. As far as I know, many weapons of the Tianyuan Universe cultivator come from here."

"As long as we take this place, it will not only damage the morale of Tianyuan Universe, but also add a lot of resources to us."

Qianxi Immortal Emperor lightly said with a smile.

Hearing what he said, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

It seems to be thinking about the other party's proposal.

"Immortal King, what do you think?"

Someone asked Chu Kuangren.

But Chu Kuangren sat in the same place, unperturbedly said: "I don't care, you can do it yourself."

"Hmph, are you afraid of going to the frontline battlefield? Didn't expect The renowned Immortal King is actually a weak person."

Qianxi Immortal Emperor coldly snorted.

"Stray dog, where does your face say this?"

Chu Kuangren lightly said with a smile.

The four words stray dog ​​completely angered Qian Xi Immortal Emperor, making him furious, and the baleful aura on his body flowed out.

"Chu Kuangren, don't be too impudent!"

"Who is impudent?"

Purple Gold wheel indifferently said.

The air of gods and demons turned around, suppressing the opponent.

The other party is helpless.

With Purple Gold round, he simply dare not impudent at will, let alone Chu Kuangren's strength is probably not inferior to him.

"Well, let's put your anger down, you all gather together, it's not here to make noise." At this time, a Hedao spoke.

"I agree with Qianxi Immortal Emperor's opinion, but who will attack the thirteenth continent?" Soul Supreme said.

"Who proposed it, who will chant."

Chu Kuangren said indifferently on the sidelines.

Hearing his words, everyone looked towards Qian Xi Immortal Emperor.

The other party showed a pensive color.

Judging from intelligence, the leader of this thirteenth continent is a snow Divine King, and the cultivation base is nothing but Hedao Great Accomplishment.

With my own cultivation base, I want to cope with it, more than enough.

"Okay, I will go if I go."

Qian Xi Immortal Emperor coldly snorted.

"I will go with you."

Dragon Shadow Immortal Emperor indifferently said.

"Oh, there are only two of you, don’t deliver food, do you really think there is only one Divine King in the thirteenth continent?"

Chu Kuangren lightly said with a smile .

"This is from the Intelligence Section of my Xian Ting, can't you still have a more accurate source of intelligence than our Intelligence Section?"

Qian Xi Immortal Emperor coldly snorted .

Although Xian Ting was expelled from Immortal World, many people were left behind. These people are scattered all over the void battlefield, collecting various information, and have been working silently for the rise of Xian Ting. .

Qianxi Immortal Emperor does not believe that Chu Kuangren has a more accurate source of intelligence than them, unless he is a high-level figure in Tianyuan Universe.

But is that possible?   "The thirteenth continent is an extremely important part of the Tianyuan Universe fortifications. Its defensive power is impossible and weak. For the sake of the Pangu Universe camp, I would like to remind you to bring more people."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

He naturally knows what defensive power the thirteenth continent has.

Three Titan Race Divine Kings.

The two are still multiply.

Just Qianxi Immortal Emperor, Dragon Shadow Immortal Emperor these two people pass.

The same as the food delivery.

It's useless at all.

But he reminded that it was not a good intention, but because he needed Qianxi Immortal Emperor and the others to help him hold the Snow Divine King.

This way he can do things easily.

"hmph, are you so kind?"

"Believing or not."

"Qianxi Immortal Emperor, Immortal King, he is also kind, so , I don’t know who is willing to attack the thirteenth continent."

Soul Supreme asked.

"Not equal to me, go too."

At this time, an indifferent voice sounded.

I saw a black clothed person appear in the meeting, and the other person was filled with terrifying coercion, revealing an ancient atmosphere.

"Oh, Dahei heavenly demon, you are here too."

Purple Gold took a look at the opponent.

Dahei heavenly demon......

There is a hint of thinking in Chu Kuangren's eyes.

He had an impression.

It's not that I have seen each other, but in some classics.

It is said that the opponent is the most terrifying demonic cultivator in the Pangu universe since the Immortal Ancient Era. The strength is so strong that it can beat Peak Hedao.

It seems that it is another existence of multi-combination level.

"After sleeping for so long, I want to move my muscles and bones well, Qianxi Immortal Emperor, don't mind fighting with me."

Dahei heavenly demon looked at Qian Xi Immortal Emperor said.


Qianxi Immortal Emperor will not refuse such a strong support from Daikoku heavenly demon.

Then, everyone discussed some specific matters.

Finally, the 13th continent of this attack was finalized, led by Qianxi Immortal Emperor, Dragon Shadow Immortal Emperor and Great Demon Heitian.

The others are responsible for cutting off the possible route of Tianyuan Universe back to the thirteenth continent, leaving the thirteenth continent alone.

Soon, everyone began to act.

The other side.

Within the thirteenth continent.

Chu Kuangren is drinking tea unperturbed.

Feng Qiyu curiously asked next to him: "President, didn't you say you are looking for Xianjin? But what are you doing these days?"

"Wait for a chance "

Chu Kuangren said mysteriously.

At this point.

A cultivator from Tianyuan Universe rushed in in a panic.

"Not good, it's not good, General Feng, the cultivator of the Pangu universe has been killed!" This cultivator said loudly.


Fengqiyu complexion changed.

Then, she quickly got up, "Open the big formation to resist, and send someone to inform the Snow Divine King!"

She got up to go out to defend against the enemy, and then she was weird Looking at Chu Kuangren, "Chairman, this is not the chance you said?"

"Heh, who knows?"

Chu Kuangren gave a chuckle, not admitting Don't deny it either.

Feng Qiyu didn't think about that many, and quickly went out to defend against the enemy.

"The show has begun."

Chu Kuangren looked at this scene with a playful smile.

(End of this chapter)

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