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  Chapter 1967 takes advantage of the emptiness, the titan divine fruit, hits the Immortal Emperor   "Heavenly Sword" ......"

Snow Divine King also looked at the scene in a very unexpected way. She didn't expect to kill her, but it was the other party who saved her in the end.

Facing the question of Qianxi Immortal Emperor, Chu Kuangren looked indifferently and said: "Where is the sky, do I need to report to you?"

"Haha, you are just right, Today, by the way, I will catch you all!" Qian Xi Immortal Emperor let out a long roar, and the power of Taoism on his body continued to gush out, and soon enveloped the a side World.

Since Xian Ting was driven out of Immortal World by Chu Kuangren, Xian Ting Hedao has always wanted to regroup and restore its former reputation.

This time the Void Battlefield is an opportunity!   As long as you become famous in the void battlefield, make great achievements, and establish new prestige, then returning to Peak in the future will not be impossible.

If you want prestige, you must have a record and meritorious service.

Therefore, Qianxi Immortal Emperor will take the initiative to attack the thirteen continent.

"A thirteen continent, plus a Heavenly Sword, if I can get this exploit, my fairy court will be famous in the void battlefield!"

Qianxi Immortal Emperor no longer said more, Raising his hand to condense a sharp lance, moved towards Heavenly Sword lased away!


Lance broke through the air, and the formidable power is more terrifying than before.

Chu Kuangren does not retreat and does not evade, Wu Dao is already in his hand, the emperor's aura whistles out, and the sky's testimony comes out.

"Emperor Tyrant Eternal!"

Boom! !

Accompanied by a shocking sound, all around suddenly exploded!

Chu Kuangren and Qian Xi Immortal Emperor each retreat.

"Heavenly Sword... really powerful!"

Qianxi Immortal Emperor's gaze condensed, and he tried again.

On the side, Dahei heavenly demon and Longying Immortal Emperor saw this, they wanted to help, but Qianxi Immortal Emperor stopped them.

"You go and occupy the thirteenth continent! He handed it to me."


The two were nodded.

"I want to occupy the continent, dream!"

Regardless of the injury, Xue Divine King moved towards the two big gangs to attack.

But he was easily stopped by the Dragon Shadow Immortal Emperor.

Dahei heavenly demon took a look, then came to continent, facing the soldiers rushing up, his face was sneered.

Between raising his hands, a billowing black mist eroded out.

"Swallowing heaven devouring earth Great Demon tide!"

Wherever the black fog goes, everything is swallowed up, reduced to irrational monsters, each other is actually Attack each other.

Suddenly, the entire continent was in chaos.

At this time, Yuan Teng in Divine Tree of Titan, Dark Night could not sit still.

"If we let the thirteenth continent fall, I'm afraid that the Primordial Spirit Temple will condemn us. If it annoys Hun Yuan, it's not good."

"Yes, Let's do it."

The two placed heavy restrictions on the spot.

Then the silhouette flashed and disappeared in place.

Outside the mountain range.

A white silhouette came out.

Looking at Yuanteng and the two of them in the dark night, there was a smile on his face, "Let me see what is hidden here."

This person is exactly Chu Kuangren.

is Azure Lotus Chu Kuangren from Pangu Universe.

He and Qianxi Immortal Emperor came together, but they have been hidden in the dark, no one found it.

The reason for doing this is for the secrets of this mountain range.

He wants to use Qianxi Immortal Emperor and the others to attract attention and lead Yuanteng three people away, and then he is taking advantage of the emptiness to enter the mountain range to explore the secrets of the mountain range.

Although there were some accidents in the process.

He didn't expect Yuan Teng, and Divine King would die in the dark against the snow.

But in the end it succeeded.

Looking at the numerous restrictions on mountain range all around, Chu Kuangren didn't feel tricky. Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren had already used Xiaoai to resolve these restrictions and passed them to him.

After a while, he went deep into the mountain range.

When I saw the divine divine tree filled with immortal glory, Chu Kuangren couldn’t help but admire a bit, "good baby!"

There are thirty condensed on this divine divine tree. There are six divine fruits, each of which is filled with brilliant brilliance, circulating mysterious Dao Rhyme.

He did not pick the divine fruit immediately.

Because he saw that this divine fruit seems to have not fully matured yet.

"It seems that the three major Divine Kings of Titan Race gathered here for this Divine Tree. Ha, it's cheaper for me."

He looked at the Divine Tree. , Between raising his hands, the mysterious Azure Lotus created Life Power surging, constantly injected into the Divine Tree.

This creation of Life Power is extremely mysterious and has the effect of ripening Immortal Medicine.

Suddenly, the Divine Tree blossomed.

Originally, this Divine Tree was almost mature under the power of the Titans of the three Divine Kings, and now it has been injected into Life Power by Chu Kuangren.

At this moment, it is finally fully mature!   one after another Full divine fruit, which falls by itself from the tree.

And every time one drops, the Divine Tree withers a point.

It is like the essence of Divine Tree, all concentrated in these thirty-six divine fruits. As soon as the divine fruit falls, the Divine Tree begins to wither.

Chu Kuangren didn't care too much.

Collect all the fallen divine fruit one after another.

When collecting the last divine fruit, Chu Kuangren seemed to think of something fun. He looked at the last divine fruit, showing a playful color, and placed it back on the withered Divine Tree. Do not take it away.

He took the remaining thirty-five divine fruit and left the place.

From beginning to end, he did not trigger any bans.

And Yuan Teng, who is fighting the heavenly demon from the outside world, and the Divine King of the dark night do not know that they and the others have been stolen.

"Hmph, trifling and a few gangs, dare to come here to make trouble!"

"Impudent extremely!"

Yuan Teng raised his hand to urge Dao Ze , The big black heavenly demon blasted back.

And the dark night expression congeals, several completely different Taoisms emerged in an instant, moved towards the dark heavenly demon shrouded.

"Four ways?!"

Dahei heavenly demon complexion slightly changed.

But he was not fearless, a skeleton magic knife suddenly appeared in his hand, and the long knife slashed, smashing the power of Dao Ze.

"Four ways, one of which is Perfection, three kinds of Great Accomplishment, I have three ways, two Perfection, one Great Accomplishment, in terms of battle strength, I am not much worse than this person, but... …" Dahei heavenly demon thought to himself.

He scanned the scene.

The Dragon Shadow Immortal Emperor is dragged by the Snow Divine King, and Qianxi Immortal Emperor and Heavenly Sword are fighting endlessly. Do you have to face two multi-combinations alone?   Such a chance of winning is not big.

"Damn, didn't expect Chu Kuangren was right, this thirteenth continent really has hidden power!!"

Qianxi Immortal Emperor looked suddenly When Yuan Teng appeared, the two of Dark Ye couldn't help being extremely annoyed, and at the same time they were a little afraid.

If there is no Dragon Shadow Immortal Emperor, Dahei Heavenly Demon and the two come with him, this battle, he must be nine deaths and still alive.

I guess I can't even escape.

"Dare to be distracted in the battle with the sky?"

The indifferent voice sounded.

Chu Kuangren soars into the air, the sound of the Dao in his body roars, and the only Source Power is integrated into the Dao.

"The testimony of the sky, the Heaven Beyond the Heaven sword!!!"

With one sword cut out, the Heaven Beyond the Heaven sword exploded.

The violent sword qi burst out, wherever he went, the void was crazily shattered, and Qianxi Immortal Emperor couldn't help but eyes shrank.

"This kind of power..."

He complexion changed, and his full power was blocked.

Boom! The   terrifying power, made Qianxi Immortal Emperor back out.

The Dao in the body was violently turbulent.

But this is not over yet.

An eight-sided imperial hammer appeared in Chu Kuangren's hand.

A blow.

The void burst.

Qianxi Immortal Emperor forcibly withstood this blow, and the Dao in his body made a violent rumbling sound, almost exploding.

Among the crowd, Gu Xi also participated in this battle.

He looked at Chu Kuangren who had severely damaged Qianxi Immortal Emperor, his eyelids fiercely jumped, "In Tianyuan Universe, there is such a terrifying evildoer, I am afraid that even Chu Kuangren is inferior to it. ."

(End of this chapter)

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