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  Chapter 1968 The last titan divine fruit, the armor of the titan, turned against each other

"This guy... "

Qianxi Immortal Emperor looked at Chu Kuangren, the Heavenly Sword in his eyes, resented, but then looked at Yuanteng, the dark night people.

This battle can no longer be fought.

Otherwise they have to explain here.

"Leave!!" Qianxi Immortal Emperor made a decisive decision, and Dahei Heavenly Demon and Longying Immortal Emperor both retreated quickly when they saw this.

"Want to go, is it so easy?"

Yuan Teng, the dark night two still want to hunt down again.

But now.

Suddenly a power of gods and demons erupted in the distance, and a huge purple-golden wheel rolled from a distance, containing majestic power.


Yuan Teng and Dark Night struggled to block.

bang! The   whole continent was shocked.

"Really strong power is the lineage of the gods and demons."

The dark night is coldly snorted.

The lineage of the gods and devil, they are not unfamiliar. In the last space war, the lineage of the gods and devil destroyed many good things for them.

Far away.

The Purple Gold wheel stood in the air, coldly snorted, "If it weren’t for the overall situation, I wouldn’t bother to save you guys."

No good feelings.

It's just at the moment when the two universes are at war. Any harmony battle strength is precious and cannot be easily lost.

Even Xian Ting Hedao is the same.

Not to mention the existence of Dahei heavenly demon.


In the thirteenth continent.

The cultivators of the Pangu universe have retired.

Looking at the messy battlefield, Xue Divine King's face was extremely gloomy.

Looked towards Yuanteng, the two of them in the dark night, their eyes are even colder, and they questioned: "Why do you wait until now!"

Yuanteng said unperturbed: "I I thought you could handle it."

"Three Divine King powerhouses, I can handle it? You two are too overestimating me. Don't you just want to swallow the titan divine fruit? You two , What a vicious mind!"

The snow on the Divine King pretty face is cold.

She is pressing the urge to take a shot with patience. She knows that she is not the opponent of Yuan Teng and Dark Ye at all.

"hmph, I am too lazy to tell you more."

The dark night is coldly snorted.

Then the silhouettes of the two flashed and swept towards the Titan Divine Tree.

And Snow Divine King stayed to comfort the military.

Chu Kuangren looked at Yuanteng in the distance, the two of them in the dark night, with smiles on their faces, "I hope you like this gift."


In the dark night, Yuan Teng and the two rushed back to the mountain range.

Turn on the ban.

But when they came to the Titan Divine Tree, they were stunned, their expressions stiff, from unbelievable to pale and weak, and then surging with blood and anger, and finally almost lost their reason.

"What the hell happened!!"

"Who is it, get out!!"

The two roared.

Divine King is surging, sweeping across the millions and millions li.

Covered the entire thirteenth continent.

In front of them, the Titan Divine Tree who was fine before leaving, now there is only a section of the yellow and withered tree trunk.

The Titan divine fruit above, almost all disappeared.

This made the two of them angry, almost vomiting blood.

For this Titan Divine Tree, they used the power of Titans day and night, not dare to neglect the slightest, but when they were about to succeed, someone harvested the fruits of their labor in one fell swoop.

How can they accept this result? !   Anger, angry, angry!   The anger of the two Titans Divine King burned wildly, almost engulfing their sanity, and the Divine King's fairy knowledge swept every corner of the continent.

They swear if they let them find the thief.

Must chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades!

What a pity.

No matter how they searched, they couldn't find any clues.

Xue Divine King, who was calming the army's mind, also noticed that the two Yuanteng's immortal consciousnesses engulfed in the monstrous anger, and he was a little puzzled.

"What the hell is happening with these two guys again?"

Then, she asked the others to clean up the battlefield.

Her silhouette flashed, moving towards Divine Tree.

Chu Kuangren looked at her back and smiled, "Ha, another good show has begun, my God, how can I miss it?"

This scene, he But the director.

How can it be done if you don't go and see it in person?


Under Divine Tree.

Yuan Teng, the immortal knowledge of the two dark nights swept across the continent, but they did not find any clues, so they had no choice but to give up in the end.

The anger is still there.

The more burned, the more prosperous.

"Hey, there is one more."

At this time, Yuan Teng saw that there was a Titan divine fruit on the Divine Tree.

Mysterious brilliance is circulating above.

The tempting fruity aroma is tangy.

"This is the fully mature divine fruit of the Titan!!!"

"This is impossible, besides the power of the Titan, who else can ripen the Divine Tree of the Titan, can it take the divine" The fruit is from the Titan Race? He ripened the Divine Tree first, and then took the divine fruit?!"

The two were puzzled, but besides them, the thirteenth continent had Who are the members of the Titans?   Thinking of this, the two have different thoughts.

"hmph, this thief is absolutely hateful. He took most of the titan divine fruit, but only the last one is left. This shows that it is a trap. He wants us because of this divine fruit. Kill each other."

Yuanteng coldly snorted and said.

Analyze the role of this last divine fruit to be clear and logical.

He looked towards Dark Night and said: "You won't be caught, right?"

"hmph, this is nature."

Dark night is coldly snorted, and then He turned his gaze, "Although this thief is hateful, but this last divine fruit should always have a belonging, watering the Divine Tree, I will do the most, so just give it to me."

, He raised his hand and moved towards divine fruit to grab it.

At this time, Yuan Teng stopped him.

"Dark night, you are not kind, right? You have contributed, don't I have it? This divine fruit should belong to me."

"You think Fight with me? Do you have this ability?"

Dark Ye's face became gloomy with a brush.

Dao in his body is flowing.

A violent coercion enveloped Heaven and Earth.

"Dark night, hello impudent!"

Yuan Teng's face is also extremely ugly, and a purple black armor suddenly appeared on his body, with mysterious light flowing on it.

"This is... the Titan armor! Okay, the Supreme Treasure scattered by the Titan God is in your hands, you hide it so deep!"

"hmph, Facing a sinister villain like you, I naturally have to guard against it. With this armor, I will have the power to fight against you."

Yuan Teng coldly snorted and said, Titan God armor , Supreme Treasure of Titan Race, only the most powerful house of the Titans is eligible to use it.

Back then, the most powerhouse of the Titans, the Titan God, fell in the void battlefield, and this Supreme Treasure also disappeared.

No one knows, this thing is in his hands.

He has been hiding it all the time.

"hmph, among the Titans today, the most powerhouse is my dark night, this thing is also mine, hand it over!!"

Darkly snorted and said, then shot.

The two sides are fighting fiercely.

The power of terror oscillated, and the entire mountain range was destroyed.

When Xue Divine King arrived, she saw the scene in front of her, and she was shocked, "What is going on, how did they fight."

Then, she I also saw the withered Titan Divine Tree.

Her complexion sank, "Sure enough, these two bastards didn't leave me a single one. Asshole, I really didn’t know how to be muddled?"

Then, she saw the Divine There is a titan divine fruit left on the tree.

While the two are fighting fiercely.

Her silhouette flashed, and moved towards Divine Tree swept away.



(End of this chapter)

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