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  Chapter 1971 The grudge between Feng Qiyu and Snow Divine King, false information is more terrifying than no information

"Listen Said you had some holidays with Feng Qiyu."

Suddenly, Chu Kuangren asked curiously.

Hearing his words, Xue Divine King showed a tangled color on his face, then took a deep breath and said: "Since she and I are both members of the Round Sky Club, then I am willing to wipe out the grievances with her. ."

Chu Kuangren was satisfied and nodded.

"Tian doesn't want to see Yuantian's internal chaos, Rong Tian asks curiously, what is the festival between you and Feng Qiyu?"

"It's nothing, she Kill my Dao Companion."

Hear this.

Chu Kuangren's mouth twitched slightly.

Isn't it anything?   "But to be honest, I didn't hate her that much. After all, it was the dog man who couldn't control his lower body. He wanted to be lustful and wanted to defile her. If he was killed, he couldn't blame others, just no matter what. It was once my Dao Companion. I couldn't justify it if I didn't do anything, so I kept chasing her. Later, it became a habit to chase after her..." Xue Divine King whispered in a calm tone.

Chu Kuangren just came across.

Then, the two returned to the General's Residence of the thirteenth continent.

Feng Qiyu is also here.

When she saw the Snow Divine King, she stood up after a quick rub, and looked alert, "President, how do you come back with her?"

"Introduce , She is a new member of Yuantianhui."


Feng Qiyu exploded on the spot, "President, is there any mistake? This Can a mad woman join our round-the-world meeting?"

"Who is a mad woman?"

"Whoever sits in a seat will say who."

Two women Glancing at each other, the electric sparks flickered in his eyes.

The atmosphere is momentarily with swords drawn and bows bent.

Chu Kuangren was lightly snorted next to him, "You two, is the president of the day the air? Let the sky be quiet!"

The two women calmed down.

"From now on, you two will work together, Feng Qiyu, Snow Divine King has agreed to reconcile with you."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

Feng Qiyu was taken aback for a moment, and then said with a sneer: "Reconciliation? She has chased me for so many years. Will she reconcile if she says reconciliation?"

"hmph, I just Give the president a face and no longer chase you. Of course, if you want to kill each other, I will accompany you to the end."

"Are you afraid of you?"

"You Cultivation base, I let you spit on your hands and feet, and you can kill you with a spit, I don’t mind waiting for you to rise to the Divine King."

"No, I..."

bang! The   strong sword pressure enveloped the audience.

The two women looked at Chu Kuangren who was as cold as ice and frost, and suddenly shut up.

Chu Kuangren was also quite helpless, but he knew that the grievances of these two people for so many years could not be eliminated in a short while.

He didn't intend to mediate either.

What he wants is that these two people do things for him that's all.

"Snow Divine King, from now on the output of Earth Immortal gold, I want you to keep 30%, and send it to the ninth continent regularly."

Chu Kuangren said, this is what he left The reason for the snowing of Divine King was that he needed someone to collect the immortal gold for him so that he could refine and arrange the materials for the Zeguo battle map without any distractions.

Xue Divine King is in charge of the thirteenth continent, and is another character at Supreme Divine King Level, so he is qualified to do this for him.

"Thirty percent?"

Snow Divine King was a little taken aback.

Sancheng Xianjin, this is not a small amount. If Chu Kuangren wants other resources, then she understands well.

But this immortal gold can't be used for cultivation except for refining weapons. What exactly is the opponent going to use for it?   "Why, is there a problem?"

"No, no."

Xue Divine King said respectfully.

She didn't ask too much.

Next, Chu Kuangren did not stay in the thirteenth continent for a long time.

Leaving Feng Qiyu and Xue Divine King, they returned to the ninth continent by themselves. When he saw the ancient star of the disaster over the ninth continent, he couldn't help but smile, "He recovered quite quickly. Well."

Ancient Star of Disaster, this is a broken Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure.

Last time, in order to incubate the Devil’s Egg, he designed the war-torn family and absorbed a lot of grievances, making the war-torn ancient star almost paralyzed. Later, he refined the Supreme Treasure into Avatar.

This is the disaster of soldiers.

Now, the opponent has come to this void battlefield.

"As soon as you come back, then I will leave."

The voice of the disaster sounded in Chu Kuangren's mind.


The ancient star body slammed into the disaster, and moved towards the distance.

Chu Kuangren watched this scene and did not stop it.

The growth of the ancient star of the military disaster requires a lot of grievances. Now, where is the grievance comparable to this huge void battlefield?

The ancient star of military disaster is here and will be greatly developed.

"Heaven is looking forward to seeing you next time."

Chu Kuangren faintly smiled.

Inside General's Residence.

"Master, you are back."

After seeing Chu Kuangren coming back, Tianying stepped forward to greet him.

"Tianying, the Divine King of Thousands of Flames last time, the two of Skyyin attacked, thanks to you for staying here." Chu Kuangren said.

"This is what the devil should do."

"General, you are finally back." At this time, An Zhixun came up, "General, you don't know. During your absence, a major event occurred in the ninth continent. We were attacked by an unknown group of powerhouses and we almost fell."

"Really? How about now? Is it?"

"Thanks to Lord Skykage, this saved the ninth continent. Also, before the general came back, I had comforted the soldiers."

"Is it true? ? That's just a military advisor."

"It should be."

An Zhixun said.

"It's okay, the military advisor should withdraw first."

"Yes, then I won't disturb you and Lord Skyshade."

, An Zhixun bowed and left.

"Master, why did you keep him?"

Tianying didn't understand, even he could see that there was a problem with Anzhi's inquiry, but Chu Kuangren couldn't see it without reason.

"He can help Tian manage the ninth continent for the time being, which is still useful, and he is here. Those who want to deal with Tian can get information?" Chu Kuangren faintly smiled.

Hearing his words, Tianying's eyes lit up.

He understood that Chu Kuangren wanted to use Anzhixun to occasionally pass on some false information to those who want to deal with him.

Sometimes, false information is more terrifying than no information.

"Ha, the master deep plans and distant thoughts, I admire the devil."

"Some tricks that's all not on the table."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said .

Actually, he doesn't really like plot against everywhere.

What he believes in is absolute strength.

If he is now Hunyuan, if he goes down with one sword, all crafty plots and machinations will be disappeared. However, the current situation does not allow him to do so. He can only use these plot against to make up for it. .

"Well, God will go to retreat for a period of time first."

this time.

He brought back a lot of immortal gold from the thirteenth continent, and he intends to refine it into the formation of the Zeguo Zhantu as soon as possible.

This is the guarantee of his absolute strength.

And on the other side.

Inside the Pangu Universe Line of Defense.

Qianxi Immortal Emperor, Dragon Shadow Immortal Emperor, and Dahei heavenly demon fled back from the thirteenth continent in embarrassment.

This time, they can be described as a big defeat.

Not only did not succeed in occupying the thirteenth continent, Qianxi Immortal Emperor was also severely injured, and the Tao in his body almost fell apart.

"Damn it, damn it!"

(End of this chapter)

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