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  Chapter 1974 The Nine Kings Go Out, The Nine Kings’ Greatest Secret, The Hunyuan’s No Sleep

Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren is busy refining the materials for the formation of the Zeguo war map.

Azure Lotus Chu Kuangren is in cultivation and is preparing to be the leader of the Upper Pangu universe. The two parties are divided into labor, full and busy.

In a flash, it is years.

In these few years.

Azure Lotus Chu Kuangren has given all of the Titan divine fruit in his hand to the Supreme Treasure of Azure Lotus, such as refining, Luo Shu, and divine spear. It has not been completely refining yet, but his Azure Lotus The strength has improved a lot.

Avoid the power of Azure Lotus for the time being.

In the Dao Integration Realm world, it has reached the point of perfection brought to the point of perfection, and it is ready to start trying to integrate into other realms.

In other words, it is a multi-Dao Integration Realm world.

The consciousness of Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren and Azure Lotus Chu Kuangren are connected together, and Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren also got some benefits.

Its realm has also reached the peak of Hedao, only one line short of it, and it can also be promoted to Perfection and enter the ranks of multi-joint roads.


"Now on the realm, I was overtaken by another self."

In the ninth continent.

Chu Kuangren faintly smiled.

It's just that the two of them are together, and both have cultivated the Xuankong Hedao Jue. After fusion, the cultivation base will fuse together.

So it doesn’t make much sense to compare each other.

Then, Chu Kuangren looked at the piles of formations he had refined in front of him, and muttered: "These are enough to set up a one-third Zeguo battle map, but we still have to work harder."

At this point.

He seemed to sense something, and his eyes lit up.

"Oh, Dragon Crystal and the others are out?"


In the Tianyuan universe.

A mysterious space, here is like chaos and nothingness, unpredictable, but today, chaos suddenly burst.

I saw the void like a mirror, bursting apart.

In the fragmented space crack, nine silhouettes rushed out.

The surging power is swept out.

Under this power, the stars exploded. All the cultivators of the universe sensed this terrifying aura.

Everyone exclaimed.

You must know that in today's Tianyuan Universe, many powerhouses all go to the void battlefield, and there are few such great characters.

Everyone is curious, who is this? The   circulation of fairy knowledge.

Everyone saw nine silhouettes standing in the sky among the stars.

The whole body is filled with celestial splendor.

Taoyin came from these people's bodies, roaring endlessly, just sweeping through the void, making the universe all around mixed with Spiritual Qi chaotic.

"It is the Nine Kings!!"

Someone criticized out in surprise.

"The Nine Kings actually appeared together."

"Since the Nine Kings were given to summon by the Palace Lord of the Primordial Spirit Temple ten years ago, there has been no news, didn't t expect, now they are reappearing, and they have all become the Divine King Realm world?!"

"This is a bit scary."

"Yes, this It’s only been ten years."

"In the blink of an eye, he will become the Divine King..."

Starry sky.

The Nine Kings stood in the air, the fairy radiance on their bodies, and their breath was extremely surging. Compared with ten years ago, they had as different as heaven and earth.

"Between time and space, it is indeed mysterious and extraordinary, but it is a pity that this thing can only be used once." Xuan Yuanfeng sensed the power in his body, said with some emotion, but also with some regrets.

"Everyone, have you all received the Dadao message."

At this time, Lei Shen Tian said indifferently.

The eyes of the others flashed, revealing a strange color.

"I see, didn't expect the nine kings to have this kind of function."

"Heh, it is indeed surprising."

Xuan Yuan Feng, Lei Shen Tian communicated with a few people.

The moment they became the Nine Kings, a message emerged in their minds, that was the Nine Kings’s greatest secret.

It turns out that the Nine Kings can join forces to summon the Great Dao Incarnation of the Tianyuan Universe in the Void Battlefield. At that time, the Nine Kings will be invincible in the Void Battlefield, unstoppable! !   This is the greatest significance of the existence of the Nine Kings.

"Before sweeping the void battlefield, I have to finish one thing first." There was a coldness in Divine Eyes.

Everyone looks like him, with faint guesses in their hearts.

Luo Xue, Tian Xingcai and a few people looked at Pluto, their eyes were cold, indifferently said: "Do you want to trouble Heavenly Sword?!"

Pluto said with a sneer: "If I don't defeat him, the hatred in my heart will be hard to eliminate...Heavenly Sword, I will kill it!!"

After finishing speaking, his silhouette flashed and disappeared.

At this time, his cultivation base has greatly improved compared to before entering the space and time, and he has reached the level of Divine King Peak.

He is the strongest among the nine kings.

And compared to the cultivation realm, he has more hole cards in his hand. He believes that he, who has experienced thousands of years of cultivation between time and space, will definitely be able to defeat Chu Kuangren, a shame!   "Ha, Hades really can't wait."

"Let him be the first, I also want to find Heavenly Sword."

Luo Yunxiu said.

He who broke through the Divine King, feels the incomparable surging power in his body, and his confidence has never been higher.

He, who was once teased by Chu Kuangren, also wanted to take revenge on him.

"You are really stupid."

Long Jing looked at the crowd, shook the head and said, she felt that these people were too bloated.

Really think that you breakthrough Divine King is the opponent of Heavenly Sword?

What a joke.

No one knows that they killed a few Divine Kings.

Even if they are the Nine Kings, they are taboo Divine Kings, but it is unrealistic to seek any benefits from Heavenly Sword.

It's a pity.

These people have not been able to recognize this.

However, Pluto is very strong. Although Dragon Crystal does not think that the opponent can defeat Heavenly Sword, it still sends a message to the opponent.

By the way, I also said something about the Nine Kings.

In the temple of the Primordial Spirit.

Shentian is sitting cross-legged in a palace, surrounded by a group of treasures, mostly treasures with surging vitality.

Shentian is recovering strength by absorbing the vitality in these treasures and repairing the injury, at this time a silhouette walked in.

The person here is a black haired youth.

"Oh, you are out."

Shentian glanced at the other person, indifferently said.

"Meet the Master."

The black haired youth bowed to God.

The other party is actually a messenger.

"Well, yes, you have broken through the Divine King Realm world, and you have made rapid progress." Shentian smiled faintly, very satisfied with the other party.

"What happened in recent years, whether it is the nine kings or the battle between the two universes, I have already understood. I will soon rush to the void battlefield to wash the Pangu universe and become the Master. Revenge."

There was a cold color in the eyes of the black haired youth.

"Sleepless, this is a war between the universe and the universe, you must not act rashly." Shentian said solemnly.

"Master, now the no regrets of Pangu universe have been sealed, but you and Fenghuang senior have been seriously injured. I don't know what you think is the key to Tianyuan universe's victory?" black haired youth asked Wumian.

"There are two keys, the Nine Kings and the Heavenly Sword!"

God said indifferently: "The Nine Kings can summon the Great Dao Incarnation, this is the weapon to fight the void battlefield, Heavenly Sword It is an anomaly, and his future is hard to predict. These two points are the key to the victory of Tianyuan Universe."

"I understand."

Nodded without sleep, immediately said:" Master, you are here to heal your wounds, sleepless and go to the void battlefield to share your worries."

"Go, be careful about everything."


Wuxian left the palace, he looked at the void battlefield, his eyes showed deep ambition, "The Nine Kings and Heavenly Sword are the keys to victory? Master, I will let you know that I am stronger than the Nine Kings and not weaker than Heavenly. Sword!"

(End of this chapter)

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