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  Chapter 1975 The gods and demons, who allows you to disturb the cleansing of the skyin the   void battlefield.

Recently, a piece of news spread in the battlefield occupied by Tianyuan Universe, that is, the news that the Nine Kings left the gate and became the Divine King.

Divine King, this is the standard realm of Tianyuan Universe Peak powerhouse.

And now, nine appeared all at once.

Nor is it right.

Pluto was already the Divine King before.

But eight appeared at once, which is also a very amazing thing. Many people were shocked by the news.

At the same time, everyone feels that this is an opportunity.

The nine kings have all become the Divine King Realm world. After they come to the battlefield, they will surely cause tremendous pressure on the Pangu universe.

The opportunity to occupy the Pangu universe.

It might have fallen on the nine kings.

Thinking of this, they are extremely excited.

And in the thirteenth continent.

Many people have naturally heard about the Nine Kings.

This day.

Over the thirteenth continent, suddenly a dark cloud rolled over.

A coercion fell from the sky, and even some Great Principle Golden Immortal-level existences couldn't help shaking after sensing the coercion.

"This kind of pressure is definitely Divine King Level."

"It must be."

"Is anyone coming again?"

Some people look at each other in blank dismay and can't help but smile.

Since Chu Kuangren came to this thirteenth continent, this place has been attacked for the third time in just a few years.

"Heavenly Sword, come out and fight me!"

An indifferent voice spread throughout the thirteenth continent.

I only saw a black silhouette falling from the sky.

A breath, treacherous and domineering.

Everyone looked at him, as if they saw the Hell, and saw the Asura evil spirit, and there was a chill in their hearts.

"It's Pluto!"

Someone recognized the person and was extremely surprised.

"I heard that Pluto was defeated by Heavenly Sword. It seems that this time is here for revenge."

"It is possible that his cultivation base is much stronger. It seems that in the past ten years, he has had another fortuitous encounter."

"It must be bestowed by Hunyuan. The other nine kings also became so powerful after going to the Heavenly Primordial Spirit Palace."


Everyone guessed.

While the Underworld looked at everyone present, coldly said: "Where is Heavenly Sword, tell him to come out and fight me!"

No one answered him.

Although Heavenly Sword sits on the thirteenth continent, it has always been Sees The Head Of The Divine Dragon But Not The Tail, and everyone rarely sees him appear.


Coldly snorted, the underworld god, raised his hand and grabbed the military advisor An Zhixue, and asked coldly: "Where is Heavenly Sword, I won't kill you!"

An Zhixun is a little bit crying.

Who did you provoke?   So many people, how come they have found themselves.

An Zhixun was scared to deathly pale by Pluto, shaking like chaff, and tremblingly said: "Heavenly Sword is here, retreating in General's Residence."

"Retreating? I'm here, does he dare to retreat?"

Underworld sneaked.

Then he flung An Zhixun away.

He stepped forward.

Came outside the General's Residence in the blink of an eye.

But before he broke in, a black blade light bloomed with the magic flower, moving towards him and swept away!

this blade, biting, dignified, incomparable.

Upon seeing this, Underworld God raised his hand to block.


He flew backwards to count ten zhang, a little surprised.

In addition to Heavenly Sword in this General's Residence, there are people who can repel themselves. Such strength is different.

He looked towards the coming person.

Wearing a gorgeous black robe, playing with a handful of black flowers in his left hand, holding a beautiful magic blade in his right hand, there is a treacherous aura flowing through his body.

That breath is even more weird than him, the underworld god.

"Who are you?"

Somewhat dreaded, and some curiously asked.

And Tianying stood at the entrance of General's Residence, looking at the Underworld, indifferently said: "You have a lot of malice, it is aimed at the Lord of Demon, then sorry, here, you can't enter. "

"Because the devil doesn't allow it!"

Hearing his words, he turned back and smiled, "It turns out to be a slave of Heavenly Sword, I want to see you. Minion, what can you use to stop me?"

"Just take this flower of evil!"

Tianying said with a cold tone, holding the jet black magic blade in his hand.

Immediately, he raised his hand and moved towards the opponent.

blade light hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Just a moment.

Underworld felt that he was enveloped by an unprecedented sense of death, and his eyes became serious.

"This person should not be underestimated."

Pluto immediately judged.

Pluto fights against the devil.

This battle was extremely amazing and attracted the attention of many people.

The news that the Underworld came to the thirteenth continent to find Chu Kuangren for a decisive battle has spread, and many people in the void battlefield know it.

In the battlefield.

A silhouette flicked by.

This person is sleepless who just came to the thirteenth continent.

He also heard some news.

"Oh, the most powerhouse god among the nine kings, and Heavenly Sword, it's really interesting, then go and take a look."

Wuxian thought to himself, this time he I came here to prove that I was not weaker than the Nine Kings and Heavenly Sword.

Now that Pluto is fighting Heavenly Sword, how can he miss it?   …………

Within the thirteenth continent.

The battle between the Underworld God and Sky Shadow has not stopped.

The fight between the two sides is in full swing.

This battle is very fierce.

The confrontation between the power of God and the power of the devil has amazed many cultivators who came to watch the battle.

Sleeplessness has also arrived.

Seeing this battle, there was a trace of solemnity in his eyes.

"Is this the Pluto and Heavenly Sword? It is not simple, this strength, even if I am against it, I am afraid it will not be good."

There is no sleep now. A little understanding of why your Master values ​​the Nine Kings and Heavenly Sword so much.

But he was not discouraged because of this. In his opinion, his strength is not weaker than these two people. No one knows his future achievements.

"Do you know? This guy who is in full swing with Pluto is not Heavenly Sword, but a follower of Heavenly Sword."

At this point, someone said.

Hearing these words, sleepless pupils suddenly shrank, very surprised.

This person who makes him feel tricky is just a follower of Heavenly Sword, so how strong is Heavenly Sword himself?

The sleepless eyes are extremely solemn.

And another place high in the sky.

Dragon Crystal, Luo Xue and the others are also there.

They looked at the battle below, somewhat curious.

"Luo Xue, who do you think will win in the end?"

asked Tian Xing Cai.

Luo Xue said indifferently: "Not good said, but the probability of Pluto is greater. He hasn't shown his hole cards yet."

"Oh, even if it is. How can he win the Sky Shadow?"

Dragon Crystal snered beside him, "Even so hard to deal with the Sky Shadow, how can he deal with Heavenly Sword?"

"Not bad. "

Ling Fei also agreed.

The members of these Yuantian clubs have great confidence in Chu Kuangren, and they never think that Pluto will be the opponent of Heavenly Sword.

The other nine kings are also very facial expression graves.

A sky shadow is so difficult to deal with.

What about the strength of Heavenly Sword?   "You, come and announce your name."

Pluto looked at the sky shadow coldly said.

Then, an extremely tyrannical imposing manner suddenly erupted from his body, and the Dao inside his body instantly roared violently.

"The devil is just the shadow of the sky that's all."

The shadow of the sky indifferently said.

The aura on his body is also improving.

Just as the battle between the two was about to rise to a new level, an indifferent voice came from General's Residence, "It's noisy, who allows you to disturb Tian Qingxiu?"

(End of this chapter)

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