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  Chapter 1976 Re- entering the darkness, the elephant of the sun and the moon

"Noisy, who Allow you to disturb Tianzhiqingxiu?"

An indifferent voice sounded.

Immediately afterwards, in the General's Residence, a silhouette walked out slowly. He was dressed in white clothed and looked indifferent as ice.

Looking at Pluto, there is dissatisfaction in his eyes.

His breath is not very strong.

But there is a unique attraction, just standing there, can become the center of Heaven and Earth in an instant.

He is too unique.

Because he is Heavenly Sword.

A sword of heaven above the sky!

"He is Heavenly Sword?!"

Sleeplessly looked at Chu Kuangren, his eyes narrowed slightly, his eyes revealed an unprecedented look of dreading.

As a powerhouse, Wuxian can clearly feel what stormy sea is hidden under the other's calm appearance.

"Sure enough, it is extraordinary."

Sleeplessly looked at Chu Kuangren, his eyes were extremely jealous.

And after seeing Chu Kuangren appear, the goddess laughed heartily, "Heavenly Sword, you finally showed up, I have waited so hard for you!!"

said After that, he passed the sky shadow without saying a word.

He raised his hand and attacked.

As soon as you make a move, it is the most ferocious power of Dao! The   road of terror is like rapid turbulence.

Shock out in an instant, to crush everything!   Upon seeing this, Chu Kuangren raised his eyes indifferently, and then raised his hand lightly. The hand was as white as jade, smooth and delicate.

Then everyone saw that there was white light flashed by that hand.

The howling sword qi swept out.

Entrapped by Dao.

In just an instant, the power of the Dao Ze that Pluto urged was thoroughly destroyed, and the whole person flew upside down, vomiting blood violently.

One trick!   Complete judgment!

Underworld looked at Chu Kuangren in disbelief.

"Your strength...The Perfection of Tao?"

"No, you are approaching the Perfection of Tao!!"

The Tao of Perfection, then It is the standard configuration of multiple Dao Integration Realm.

And Pluto himself has been cultivation between time and space for thousands of years, and the cultivation experience in the previous life can only reach the peak of Hedao.

Why can the other party be Perfection?   Underworld's face is fluctuating.

Seeing his silhouette flashed, he came over Chu Kuangren, squeezed the mysterious secret art in his hand, and caused the Dao in his body to roar.

In an instant, several curious runes flew out.

Rune is like one after another big star, moved towards Chu Kuangren.

But when the other party saw it, they didn't care. The jade-like palm was raised again, casually waved.

sword qi whizzed out.

Rune is broken every inch.

Pluto flies upside down again.

But this is not over yet.

Chu Kuangren's sword fingers condensed, the sword qi of the fingertips is flowing, the emperor's aura is swallowed out, turning into a majestic sword shadow.

Until this moment, he officially made a sword move.


The void trembled.

In the howling sword qi, the body of Underworld God was torn out a big hole, blood spurted out, and the whole person half-kneeled on the ground.


This is a crush without suspense!   The nine kings standing in the sky were silent.

They have been in retreat between time and space for so many years. They thought they could get closer to Chu Kuangren, but now it seems...

They are getting farther and farther!

Originally, they could still see his back.

Now, even the back figure seems to be fuzzy.

Even Luo Xue and Dragon Crystal, who thought they were familiar with Chu Kuangren, were very surprised and felt a little weird.

They thought that the god impossible is the opponent of Heavenly Sword.

But the gap is so large that I still didn't expect it.

Wuxian saw this scene, his pupils were trembling slightly, now he understands what there is always someone stronger.

What about the Hunyuan people?   Compared with Heavenly Sword, what is his strength?   "It's not right."

"As one of the oldest existences in the past, Pluto would not be so miserable even if Peak was not restored?"

"Yes , Is this Underworld so terrible?"

Everyone thought to himself.

The Pluto who was repelled one after another slowly stood up, looked at Chu Kuangren, and suddenly laughed, "I knew that I might be inferior to you on the cultivation base, but you think I am Is this really the only way?"

"To deal with you, I don’t rely on the cultivation base!"

As the god of the world said, a strange force gradually spread out from his body , Everyone just felt a shock in their heads.

The brain is trembling, the soul is trembling...

"It's Soul Power!"

"Sure enough, Divine Fruit has another card!"


"Really strong Soul Power, this power far exceeds his cultivation realm, I am afraid it has reached the peak of freedom!"

"It can be said that it is second only to Chaos It's down."

There was a hint of playfulness on Chu Kuangren's face.

Facing the Soul Power that is constantly spreading out like a sea tide, he indifferently said: "Let the sky appreciate your struggle."



bang! In   an instant, Soul Power flooded Chu Kuangren.

Pull him into a Dark World.

In the dark, there seem to be countless treacherous whispers reverberating. If a normal cultivator falls here, I am afraid that the spirit will immediately become abnormal.

But Chu Kuangren didn't care.

He looked at all around, "Yes, compared to the last time, this time is a lot better. It seems that you are recovering well."

"Chu Kuangren, go I lost to you in this darkness this time, this time, I will use this move to wash away my shame!"

The voice fell.

In the darkness that was too thick to dissolve, there was a roar coming out, and then, one by one ferocious evil spirits poured out.

Chu Kuangren's sword fingers condensed, Soul Power cuts out the sword.

But this is useless.

That sword shadow was swallowed up by this group of evil spirits!

"Pleasant Soul Power."

In the darkness, the voice of the god of darkness came out again.

Just swallowing part of Chu Kuangren's Soul Power, he feels physically and mentally refreshed and extremely happy.

This makes him look forward to it.

If you completely swallow Chu Kuangren, you can definitely restore your pinnacle posture, and even go further!   Thinking of this, the Underworld drove more evil spirits moved towards Chu Kuangren to bite away, the number was like a frenzy of evil spirits.

"Blood Moon!"

At this time.

But Chu Kuangren drank indifferently.

Immediately afterwards, I saw the Soul Power on his body explode, unexpectedly condensing a weird blood moon in the boundless darkness.

The moonlight swayed like water.

A crowd of evil spirits is actually hard to get close.

"This is the soul cultivation method?!"

Pluto was a little surprised.

He didn't expect Chu Kuangren to be such a cultivation method.

But it is just the method of the Guardian Spirit soul.

If the other party can keep a time, can it still keep a lifetime?

Don't worry.


Chu Kuangren is a light shout again.

I saw a burst of extremely hot Soul Fire suddenly burst out of him. These flames condensed in the sky and turned into a big day!   The rays of light are shining all over the world, and the evil spirits are screaming. Under the scorching sun, like snow and the scorching sun, they all collapse!

The soul of Chu Kuangren walks in the darkness like the god of Supreme, with the sun and the moon on his head.   "Your Soul Power, I will accept it."

Chu Kuangren's gaze was calm and sharp, as if pierced through the boundless darkness, and fell directly on the underworld.

Hades never felt like this moment of panic.

(End of this chapter)

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