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  Chapter 1978 The Seal of Sleepless Refining King, Xuan Tian Lian Zhen Xing   "Heavenly Sword, you Is it really okay?"

Tian Ying asked with some worry.

Chu Kuangren actually acted too much just now.

"Do you think a trifling hurt the sky? It was just to paralyze An's inquiry that's all." Chu Kuangren said.

"Master wants to pass false information?"

Tian Ying's eyes lit up.

The corners of Chu Kuangren's mouth curled slightly, "It's just a random introduction, but I don't know if it can attract some people."

Then he said: "Sky Shadow , The thirteenth continent is handed over to you. After all, Anzhixun is a wall of grass. With you, geniuses can rest assured."

"Yes, master."

Chu Kuangren returns General's Residence continues to retreat.

This time he has gained a lot.

Soul Power of Pluto, he needs to refining it.

A few months later.

Chu Kuangren's Soul Power has been upgraded to a level, and it is only a short distance from the realm of chaos. Not only that, he also got a lot of useful things when refining the Soul Power of the god of the world.

For example...Darkness!   This is the essence of Spiritual God's soul cultivation method. It is a very powerful divine ability. Once mastered, he can use this divine ability to drag other people's souls into darkness.

And after defeating it, absorb the opponent’s Soul Power.

This is Chu Kuangren's biggest gain.

It is more precious than the soul power of the god of the underworld. With this darkness, coupled with the soul power that is close to chaos, from now on, he will fight alone and he will not be afraid of Hunyuan. Download anyone.


"Is this the mark of the king?" Wuxian looked at the mark of the king that he had snatched from the divine corpse in his hand, with some curiosity in his eyes.

He feels that there is a blank path in this thing. Once he refining, the path will become the most suitable for him.

With this mark, he can quickly advanced by leaps and bounds.

"No wonder there were so many people competing for this thing before."

"If I can refining, my cultivation speed will increase a bit, and I will become the Nine Kings , For the Master, it must have a higher value." Wumian thought to himself.

Shentian said that the key to winning the Pangu universe lies in the Nine Kings and Heavenly Sword. Originally, he intended to prove that he was not weaker than the two, but now he has a new one. idea.

Instead of working hard to prove it.

It's better to directly become one of the keys!

Thinking of this, Wuxian found a place to start refining the Mark of the King, and after he finished refining, he also learned about the Great Dao Incarnation, "No wonder Master said it will be the key..."


Another ten years have passed.

Since the Nine Kings came to the void battlefield, they have been very active.

Almost every war can see their silhouette.

This has brought a lot of pressure to the people of Pangu universe.

Apart from this, on every battlefield, there is basically an ancient star appearing, collecting grievances everywhere.

Someone wanted to go up and take a look.

But whether it is from Pangu universe or Tianyuan universe, the strange red light emitted by the ancient star is bombarded with scum.

Even the Divine King on the road was not spared.

Fortunately, this ancient star of war disaster only collects grievances on the battlefield, and never actively intervenes in the war between the two universes.

So everyone did not pay attention to each other.

In the eyes of Tianyuan Universe and Pangu Universe, only defeating the opponent is the most important thing, and the rest can be put aside.

This day.

On a continent.

The cultivators of Tianyuan Universe and Pangu Universe are fighting each other, blood flowing into a river, resentment soaring, and baleful aura covering the world.

Right now.

On the Tianyuan Universe side, a powerful aura suddenly appeared on the battlefield, and a tall silhouette appeared.

This person is filled with colorful fairy radiance, Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire among the gestures, various elemental power is surging.

Roads meet, strikes the sky.

This is a Divine King.

"Luo Yunxiu, one of the nine kings!"

"Not good, retreat!"

On the Pangu universe side, everyone turned pale with fright.

The nine kings have a great reputation on the battlefield.

It has almost become synonymous with victory, unless it is the older generation of Hedao, otherwise ordinary Hedao is not an opponent at all.

"Amitabha, you all leave first, I will stop him."

A Buddha horn sounded.

It is the Yunlan Buddha of the Pure Land of Buddhism.

She has kind eyebrows and kind eyes, and the Buddha's radiance all over her body is manifested, and she has a kind of compassion and compassion. She raised her hand to the Buddha's radiance and surging, blocking Luo Yunxiu.

"Oh, Buddhism? I heard that Buddhism in the Pangu universe is compassionate. Why have you come to this battlefield? The Buddha is contaminated with killing. Are you still a Buddha like this?"

Luo Yunxiu sneered.

"Buddha has a compassionate heart, but there is also a fierce appearance."

Yun Lan Buddha raised his hand and urged Buddha's radiance.

"Unfortunately, you are not my opponent!"

Luo Yunxiu's whole body is blooming with colorful glory, and the power of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire flows and transforms As a surging power of Titan.

This is the cultivation technique he cultivated after joining the Titans.

This force is extremely powerful.

In an instant, Yun Lan Buddha was vomiting blood backwards.

"Taste the power of my four-elephant Titan!"

Luo Yunxiu smiled, and the power of the four-elephant gushes out again, dyeing the sky into a color, gorgeous and cruel .


The cultivators of the Pangu universe are also being hunted down.

Defeated like a mountain.

But now.

In the void, a huge star map suddenly appeared.

In the star map, nine stars flicker.

And the rays of light of one of the stars is the most dazzling. Among them is a lot of Buddha's radiance. This Buddha's radiance is like water, wherever it goes, it gives tens of millions of celestial cultivators to Shrouded in it.

Each Tianyuan cultivator is shrouded in blisters transformed by Buddha's radiance and floats in midair. The people inside are struggling but cannot get out, even the Great Firmament cultivator is the same.

"as if dreams and visions in a bubble."

A cold and indifferent voice came from the star chart.

Immediately afterwards, the sky blisters exploded one by one, mixed with blood mist and splashed on the ground, tens of millions of Tianyuan cultivator all fell!

This scene shocked the others.

"Who is it?"

A star map of Tianyuan Universe General looked towards in midair.

I saw in it, a white clothed shadow appeared.

The man holds a sheep-fat white jade bottle in his hand, and a Willow Tree branch is inserted in the bottle, his face is exquisite and delicate, and there is a sense of peace between his eyebrows.

Whoever sees her, will not think that such a person just killed tens of millions of cultivators and created a world-shattering karma!   "Xuantian nine stars...Lian Zhen!"

the white clothed woman said indifferently.

Immediately, she looked towards not far away, Yun Lan Buddha was fighting Luo Yunxiu, but he had fallen into a disadvantage and was in danger.

She stretched out her hand and wiped it on the Willow Tree branch, and a drop of dew bounced out of her fingertips, containing the power of surprise Heavenly Dao.

The dewdrops flew out, blinking over hundreds of thousands li, when they came to Luo Yunxiu, a drop of dewdrops had turned into a vast ocean!

"en? expert!"

Luo Yunxiu's eyes condensed, and he raised his hand to punch towards Wang Yang.

In the stormy sea, he regressed several dozen li.

"It's quartz!"

Yun Lanfo looked a little surprised towards the white clothed woman behind him.

It is Buddhism Guanyin's successor quartz.


Quartz said indifferently.

Yun Lan Buddha understood his mind and led people to leave the battlefield quickly.

(End of this chapter)

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