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  Chapter 1979 Xuantian Jiuxing appeared strongly, deep brain space, times have changed   "Woman, report Your name!"

Luo Yunxiu said with cold eyes looking at Quartz.

"Xuantian Nine Stars Lianzhen!"

Quartz said indifferently, the silhouette flashed, turning into a streamer and disappeared.

"Want to go? No way!"

Luo Yunxiu still wanted to catch up, but at this time, Buddha's radiance suddenly intertwined and circulated on the ground, turning into water and air bursting out.

In the blink of an eye, water and vapor gathered into a downpour.

A drop of rain contains a mighty force.

Luo Yunxiu was stopped by the heavy rain. In the blink of an eye, the trace of quartz disappeared without a trace.

Only one voice reverberated.

"Nine Kings of Tianyuan, just this..."

Luo Yunxiu was placed with a complexion azure-white, and blasted the mountain range next to him with a punch.

He coldly snorted and said: "Xuantian Nine Stars, do you have nine existences like you? It seems that they were specifically against the Nine Kings."


On another battlefield.

The cultivator of the Pangu universe is being hunted down.

The headed man had cold eyes, holding a pale-gold long sword in his eyes, wherever sword qi went, the earth was torn apart.

"It is Xuan Yuanfeng, one of the nine kings!"

"Not good, we are not his opponents."

"Damn, leave soon. "

Xuan Yuanfeng looked at the cultivators who had escaped, with a sneer on his face, and between raising his hands, thousands of sword qi swept out.

At this point.

In the void, a star map suddenly appears.

From it, there are also thousands of azure sword qi plundered out.

The intersection of sword qi and sword qi!   Heaven and Earth seem to be torn apart.

"This aura, who is it?"

Xuan Yuanfeng was a little surprised.

In the star map, a man wearing azure clothes holds a long sword, sword qi surrounds his body, and one man one sword blocks the chasing soldiers of the Tianyuan Universe.

"Xuantian nine stars, Lu Cun."

Ye Zhu said indifferently.

Raising his hand is another sword cut out.

Sword qi crosses over, reflecting the natural phenomenon of the fall of gods and Buddhas.

It is Immortal Beheading Sword gas.

Xuan Yuanfeng struggled to block, backed half a step, his eyes drenched, when he was still about to take a fight, he saw that Ye Zhu had already left the cultivator of Pangu universe.

"Good swordsman, I look forward to fighting with you next time, Xuantian Jiuxing... It seems that this war has new variables."


In recent days, when the confrontation between Pangu Universe and Tianyuan Universe fell into the losing end, a new turning point appeared.

Xuantian Jiuxing, showing up strongly, pulling strongly against a crazy tide.

Starlight shines on the battlefield.

Someone saw that a Female Bodhisattva was holding a white bottle, and there were golden showers everywhere, helping all sentient beings.

There are swordsmen in Tsing Yi who cut off mountains and rivers with sword qi, and one man one sword blocks the powerful attack of countless cultivators in Tianyuan Universe.

There is also the Divine Phoenix in this world. The fire of the phoenix burns everything, and even experts like the Nine Kings are too powerful.

Others saw that Resurrection Lily opened and passed away in reincarnation.


In the territory of the Pangu universe.

The Soul Supreme was in the formation, and I saw her holding the mysterious secret art in her hand, and a pair of purple eyes flowed with strange light.

Then, with her as the center, all around purple runes flowed out, and a whole new space was constructed in an instant.

This is a purple space, and the sky above is full of one after another Charan Stars, the starlight is flowing and gorgeous.

It is worth mentioning that the shape of the starry sky constructed by these planets is a bit strange, just like a brain.

At this point.

Under the starlight, one after another silhouette is projected out.

Each of these people is a cultivator of the Pangu universe.

"Is this the deep brain space of the soul forbidden zone? It really is mysterious." Qianxi Immortal Emperor looked at this space and said differently.

"Thanks to the Supreme Soul, this time the deep-brain space method is used, so that my mind and thoughts can be projected to this place."

"In this way, I will wait. It is scattered everywhere, and can be gathered together to discuss war, and is not afraid of delaying the fighter."

Everyone looked at this deep brain space and was amazed.

And the soul Supreme slightly smiled, and then said indifferently: "This time we are gathered together to discuss this deep brain space. The key lies in how the Pangu universe will behave in the future."

"The current battle situation in Pangu Universe is not optimistic. The Nine Kings suddenly appeared on the Tianyuan Universe. Although their strength is not very strong, they have unlimited potential."

"Yes, it's really tricky."

"I heard that Wushuang War General appeared not long ago."

At this time, someone said indifferently.

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was silent for a while.

Wushuang War General, this is an honorary title on the battlefield. In the last two great universe wars, not many people can get this title, each of them is a powerhouse of the cream of the crop .

"It is indeed a bit tricky."

"There are only seven Wushuang War Generals remaining in my Pangu universe. Four of them are coming, and the remaining three are due to In the fierce battle that year, I fell asleep in the Demon Dark Forbidden Land."

"What happened to the Demon Dark Forbidden Land?"

"It is still under detection, but it should The results are coming soon. If the three can be awakened, it will be of great help to the battle."

"Tianyuan Universe, I'm afraid they won't sit and wait, you know, they also have Wushuang War General sleeping in it. "

Everyone around Wushuang War General, the matter of the dark forbidden soil is discussing spiritedly. At this time, Purple Gold wheel indifferently said: "Everyone, I think we should discuss another matter first."

"What's the matter?"

"It's time for the Pangu Universe to need a leader. Think about it. Now Pangu Universe is at a disadvantage. In addition to the lack of battle strength, the most important thing is The thing is that everyone is a piece of scattered sand, fighting each other, only then will the Tianyuan Universe break them one by one."

Hearing this, everyone showed a sorrowful expression.

Qianxi Immortal Emperor indifferently said: "Purple Gold wheel said well."

Purple Gold wheel gave him an unexpected glance.

You didn't sing against him?

There is something tricky.

Then, Qianxi Immortal Emperor continued: "If you don't dislike it, I Xianting is willing to take on this important task."

Hearing his words, Purple Gold rounds this up. Just suddenly.

Good fellow.

The opponent is here today to compete for the position of leader.

"Qianxi Immortal Emperor, don't put gold on your own face, you Xianting wants to lead the Pangu universe, you are still far away."

"If I'm an immortal The court is not qualified, then who do you want to lead?"

Qian Xi Immortal Emperor lightly snorted.

Then, as if thinking of something, his pupils shrank slightly.

"Why don't you let me try?"

An indifferent voice sounded.

Above the starry sky in deep brain space, a starlight fell.

A white clothed silhouette came out of the starlight.

It is Chu Kuangren.

Seeing him, everyone could not help but look at each other in blank dismay.

"Chu Kuangren?"

"He will lead the entire Pangu universe?"

Some of these people have experienced the last cosmic war The ancient Hedao, when I heard that Chu Kuangren, such a young junior, was going to lead them, I couldn't help feeling a little bit in my heart.

I always feel that the other party's qualifications are not enough.

"It's really you." Qianxi Immortal Emperor was not surprised, and said coldly: "Why do you lead us?"

"Hey, I am the Lord of Immortal World, the king of gods and demons, contemporary Human Sovereign, Yin Sector Ghost Emperor, Lord of the Sea of ​​Blood... Are these enough?"

A series of names of Chu Kuangren came out.

After listening, everyone was speechless.

Any one of these names is no small matter.

Chu Kuangren continued to say with a smile: "I am always fair. Whoever of you opposes or supports it can be brought forward."

"I represent the lineage of the gods and the devil, and support Immortal King leads everyone."

The Purple Gold round stood up and said.

"I support the moon in the cloud."

"I support the Immortal World Wufang Pure Land on behalf of Immortal World."

"I win the tick Mai Zhu represents zombie forbidden zone to express support."

"I support Three Clears Dao Sect on behalf of Three Clears Dao Sect."

"My Yin Sector unconditionally supports Ghost Emperor."

"My Xingwangu represents Xingtian lineage and expresses my support."


"Oh, my soul Supreme represents the soul forbidden zone, and I also support Immortal King." Soul Supreme chuckled lightly With a cry, actually also uttered support.

The voices of support sounded one by one.

Even the soul restricted area is on the side of Chu Kuangren.

Qianxi Immortal Emperor, Dahei heavenly demon and other ancient co-daos were all dumbfounded. At this moment, they deeply felt that the times had changed.

The name of this era is called Chu Kuangren.

(End of this chapter)

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