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  Chapter 1981 takes the lead, leads the snake out of the hole, and a large

deep brain space, many in one After the meeting.

Everyone is waiting for Chu Kuangren's action.

"I would like to see, Chu Kuangren, how does he get back the conquered territories, and even capture the ten continents of Tianyuan?"

"Oh, his ambition is not small, It depends on his ability."


Everyone was looking forward to it.

I look forward to Chu Kuangren's next actions.

Just today.

Chu Kuangren started to act.

He turned into a stream of light and left the third continent of Pangu.

With his actions, many cultivators in the Pangu universe have also taken corresponding actions to disperse the battlefield.

The third continent, within a palace.

There is no one here, but the decoration is extraordinarily magnificent.


A silhouette dressed in a golden and red gorgeous robe slowly walked into the palace. This is a beautiful woman with a delicate face.

Women’s cultivation base is not high, but they have a lot of extravagance.

It seems to be in the top position all year round.

She is Gu Linglong.

She went to a seat above the palace.

Raised his hand gently, and then, one after another Yu Ling flew out.

these all are Spoken Yuling.

"Xuantian Broken Army Star, how are you preparing?"

Gu Linglong said indifferently.

A jade order issued rays of light, and there was a voice of absolute godlessness, "Go back to the queen, everything is ready, just wait for your order."

"No hurry, original Stand by."

She looked towards other jade orders. Each jade order represents a great powerhouse. Among them, there is no lack of Hedao-level existence.

But now, these people all obey her Great Firmament's dispatch.

This spread out, I'm afraid it will scare many people.

And this is the right that Chu Kuangren gave her.

After seeing you, you will see the king!   "Husband, I hope everything goes well for you."

Gu Linglong looked at the distance and muttered.


Tianyuan Universe, the ninth continent.


Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren is a rare step out of retreat.

Tianying greeted him, "Master."

"Well, what happened to the ninth continent recently?"

"Back to the master, for the time being No, it's An Zhixun. The demon seems to have contacted who before seeing him." Tianying said.

Chu Kuangren slightly nodded, "It seems that the false information that I deliberately released before has taken effect. I don't know who will be brought here?"

Qian Yan Divine King?

Nine Kings?

The Dao King Clan?   Yuan Teng of the Titans, Dark Night?   Chu Kuangren is very curious.

With a wave of his sleeve, a chess board appeared in front of him.

"Do you know how to play chess?"

"Understand a little fur." ​​Tianying said.

"Two games."

"Please enlighten me."

The two sit down and start the game.

Black and red are fighting on the chessboard, and it seems to Chu Kuangren.

Now this chessboard is no longer a chessboard, but the entire void battlefield. The two colors of black and red represent the two universes.

"The real chess game begins now."

"1st Step ...... Take the lead!"

Chu Kuangren's mouth is slightly tilted.

pa! The   chess piece moves.

Another place.

After Azure Lotus Chu Kuangren left the third continent of Pangu, he alone moved towards the territory of Tianyuan Universe and came to a continent.


The people on this continent suddenly felt an unprecedented pressure from the sky, and looked at Chu Kuangren with horror.

"Who is this person?"

"Really strong breath!"

"Is from Pangu universe."

"I recognize him, he is Chu Kuangren!!"

As soon as the three words Chu Kuangren came out, some people recalled it on the spot.

This master is not annoying.

When the Void Battlefield was first opened, the opponent had fought Heavenly Sword, and now this breath is the achievement of harmony!   I saw Chu Kuangren stand up in the air, gently raising his hand.

Dao sounds in the body roared.

Press gently with the palm of your hand.

The power of Dao is surging out, turning into a shocking Great Hand Seal!


With a terrifying rumbling sound, this continent's defensive enchantment was collapsed by a forcibly blow! The   whole continent is sinking, and the power of the majestic road spreads out, and each cultivator falls one after another under this force.


Angry roar echoed in the sky.

I saw a Divine King soaring into the sky, with the mighty celestial essence flowing all over his body, the power of the Taoist flowing around, shaking the void with every move.

He stared at Chu Kuangren stubbornly, his eyes were cold, "I have my Di Hong sitting here, who allowed you to come here impudent!"

Di Hong, Heaven Primordial Spirit The Divine King of the Temple.

Come from the emperor family.

After seeing Chu Kuangren, his eyes were cold, and the imperial spirit poured out from his hands up, turning into golden palm prints.

And Chu Kuangren whistled with the raised hand and sword qi.

In an instant.

The emperor's palm print was easily cut in half by sword qi.

"really strong!"

Dihong eyes slightly shrink.

His cultivation base is very close to the Supreme Divine King. With the palm just now, he pushed with all his strength and didn't leave his hands halfway.

But this kind of power is easily crushed.

Chu Kuangren’s strength is at least Peak Divine King, no, even more, it may be the standard for multiple Divine Kings, the way of Perfection!   "With such strength, I am not an opponent."

"I must ask for help."

Di Hong thought to himself.

Then, he secretly sent out a message, then took out a golden Battle Armor, holding a big sword, moved towards Chu Kuangren and killed it.

Seeing this, Chu Kuangren did not rush to kill him.

The sword is condensed, and fight with it.

And the message sent by Dihong quickly reached the hands of Divine Kings, and in an instant, some people's eyes lit up.

"It's Chu Kuangren?! He has appeared!"

"It is said that who can kill this person, can get a condition of Hunyuan, whether it is Supreme Treasure or status , Even the perception of breakthrough Hunyuan, these are all available at your fingertips!!"

"Yes, kill this person, you will have everything!"

"haha, such a unique opportunity , I definitely can’t miss it."

Some Divine Kings, even Ancient Divine Kings, are a little bit unable to sit still.

But some people are more cautious.

"How many troops did Chu Kuangren bring in this expedition?"

"He is alone."

"What? This is too crazy, right?" "

"Hey, he wants to take a continent with strength of oneself, but with his strength, it's not a difficult task. Let Di Hong support it for a while, and we will rush away soon Help him."

The Divine Kings are dispatched.

Chu Kuangren is a sweet pastry in their eyes.

Represents a great opportunity.


Tianyuan Universe, the ninth continent.

Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren looked at the chessboard in front of him with a calm expression.

"Second Step, lead the snake out of the hole!"


He seemed to sense something and looked at the sky not far away.

I saw a burst of colorful glow.

A powerful pressure flowed in and deterred the entire General's Residence.

Chu Kuangren lightly said with a smile: "It seems that it is not just a bunch of snakes that led to it, but I also attracted one."

, A man stepped forward with his head high.

The man wears a colorful imperial robe, a pair of icy eyes gleaming with a faint light, the breath is ancient, the overbearing body is overbearing, and it is heart palpitating. He is actually the ancestor of Dragon Clan in Tianyuan Universe... Colorful Heavenly Dragon !   Chu Kuangren saw the other party, his eyes narrowed slightly.

This snake is very big.

(End of this chapter)

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