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  Chapter 1982 Gamble with Colorful Heavenly Dragon, three treasures, surrounded by enemies

"Heavenly Sword Good Yaxing, I'm actually playing chess."

Colorful Heavenly Dragon indifferently said.

Chu Kuangren sat on the spot without getting up to greet him. He just said indifferently: "Colorful Heavenly Dragon, how many games are you interested in?"

Colorful Heavenly Dragon glanced at the board, indifferently said: "I don't know how to play chess, but I know a little about Go."


Chu Kuangren asked Tianying to get Go.

The two began to play against each other.

"What are you doing here?"

"Come and ask a few things, first, before I fell asleep, I never left my own bloodline, the colorful Heavenly Dragon in the dragon crystal bloodline, where did it come from?" Colorful Heavenly Dragon fell a bit and said indifferently.

"You should ask Dragon Crystal."

"I asked, she only said that she got it by chance, but I investigated, and when she got my bloodline, it happened to be When she served you as the master, I felt that this should have nothing to do with you."

Colorful Heavenly Dragon was a little angry.

Embracing your own bloodline, you actually recognize others as the master?

If it weren't for Dragon Crystal to be one of the nine kings, it is of great significance to Tianyuan Universe, he would have killed the opponent long ago.

"Are there any other questions besides this question?"

Chu Kuangren did not answer, indifferently said.

"Where did the Dragon Clan power in you come from?"

This is what Colorful Heavenly Dragon has always cared about.

After Chu Kuangren last time, he felt jealous for the strength of Dragon on the opponent's body, which was the Dragon Clan power above himself.

This makes him somewhat unimaginable.

"Hmm...what else?"

Chu Kuangren still did not answer.

The colorful Heavenly Dragon narrowed his eyes.

"You fought with Pluto, and Pluto is best at Soul Power. Even if you win in the end, are you really unscathed? Or, now you are just... …Strong in appearance but weak in reality!"

This statement came out.

The atmosphere on the scene suddenly became deadly.

In the air, there is a sense of coldness.

In the hands of Tianying, a magic flower emerged. He looked at the colorful Heavenly Dragon coldly, the power of the devil was flowing, and he could do it at any time.

"Do you want to try it?"

Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly, his eyes faint.

For some reason, the colorful Heavenly Dragon, who originally came with a confident mind, felt an inexplicable chill in his heart when he met Chu Kuangren's eyes.

"Heavenly Sword, why don't you answer my question positively?"

"Well, how about a bet with heaven?"

"What Bet?"

"You should have received the message, Pangu Universe Chu Kuangren singlehanded into the Tianyuan Universe Defense Line and is fighting Dihong, and many Divine Kings rushed over because of Hunyuan promises Kill him, just bet on his life and death?" Chu Kuangren lightly said with a smile.

He got up so hard that he could even bet his life.

"Interesting, Chu Kuangren...I haven't seen him, but he is just a reckless man, even if he is strong, under the siege of so many Hedao Divine Kings, I am afraid of nine deaths and still alive."

"You bet on his death?"


"That day, I bet on his life, if he died , Tian can answer all your questions just now one after another, but on the contrary, if he survives, I don’t know what color you can give to Tian?"

The colorful Heavenly Dragon waved his sleeves.

I saw a few treasures, one after another swept out.

Each is a piece of fairy gold filled with colorful brilliance, a piece of dead wood the size of a baby's arm, on which there is a flow of Power of Yin-Yang flowing out, and finally a black with deep resentment bead.

"These three treasures are colorful dragon gold, yin and yang dead wood and evil wraith beads, you can pick one at will."

colorful dragon gold, this is a Peak Immortal gold, mixed with a little when refining weapons, can make it upgrade to a combiner.

Such a large piece of gold is definitely of great help for Chu Kuangren to refine the formation of the Ze Kingdom battle map.

Can quickly shorten the refining time.

Yin-Yang withered wood is used to comprehend Yin-Yang Dao.

Although Chu Kuangren does not major in Yin-Yang Dao, he is now close to the realm of multiple Dao Integration Realm. When the time comes, he can integrate Yin-Yang Dao as the second way into his body. This Yin-Yang Dao Dead wood is naturally useful.

As for the last one.

Beads with majestic resentment.

It is of no use to him.

But Tian Ying looked at the beads, her eyes straightened.

"You just asked the sky three questions, and for the same reason, if Chu Kuangren survives, these three treasures will all belong to the sky."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

"Heavenly Sword has such a big appetite."

"Are you gambled?"

"Naturally, then as the sky says, Chu Kuangren lives , The three treasures belong to you, Chu Kuangren is dead, you answer all my questions."

Colorful Heavenly Dragon doesn't think he will lose.

that many Divine King, killing one Chu Kuangren is more than enough.

The other party is not a Hunyuan.


Chu Kuangren smiled softly.

In his opinion, these three treasures are already in his pocket.


The battle between Chu Kuangren and Dihong continues.

Di Hong found that no matter how he attacked, the opponent could always disintegrate easily. His attitude was extremely relaxed.

The attack between the opponent's hands and feet makes him resist with all his strength, and he will be hit hard if he is not careful.

"really strong!"

"It is said that Chu Kuangren and Heavenly Sword are the same level 1 other evildoers, originally thought they were fake, didn't expect, it really is!"

The bigger the Emperor Hong became, the more frightened he was.

He felt that the other party was playing around with himself.

It seems that he intends to save his own life.

Otherwise, he would have died for a long time.

What exactly does the other party want to do?   "Chu Kuangren, I will come to meet you as the overlord!"

At this point, a coldly shouted.

High in the sky, a purple red palm print filled with overbearing aura fell from the sky, locking Chu Kuangren! The   palm print hasn't completely fallen down, the void of all around has already shaken crazily, which shows that this palm is powerful.

Chu Kuangren never retreats, his sword points toward the sky.

sword shadow rises to the sky!

That palm print was forcibly shattered!

A robust man appeared in the sky, and the power of his body was surging, and the terrifying domineering spirit spread out from the opponent.

"My Morin Divine King is here too!"

A coldly shouted.

Morin Divine King flew into the sky.

"My Pluto clan will not easily let go of this opportunity."

Wu Xuelong from the Pluto clan also came.

"This guy is mine!"

bang!   An aura more powerful and terrifying than Supreme Divine King spreads out, and in the distance, there is a hideous face. The giant ape came in the air.

When everyone saw it, the pupils shrank slightly.

"It's a demon and ghost!"

"The ominous beast from a long time ago!"

"This breath, the other party is the Divine King of Divine!"

Everyone clicking one's tongue in wonder, didn't expect that among the awakened Ancient Divine Kings of Tianyuan Universe, there is actually a demon ghost ape.

"hmph, who owns it is not certain."

A fire burst into the sky.

The person here is Divine King.

Another multi-joint road.

With the appearance of Divine Kings from all walks of life, Heaven and Earth was immediately shrouded by the terrifying power of Taoism, and the void shattered one after another.

Everyone looked at Chu Kuangren with fiery eyes.

"Chu Kuangren, kill you, and you will get a promise from Hunyuan. I blame you for your bad life. I can only ask you to die today!"

"tsk tsk, one person would dare to kill here singlehanded, it’s so stupid, go to hell and confess."

In the face of the Divine King’s siege, Chu Kuangren faintly smiled, his gaze swept over a person, and they one after another note it down.

Then send the message to Gu Linglong.

He pulled out Kun Wu from his waist, and sword qi raged.

"Third Step, surrounded by enemies!"

(End of this chapter)

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