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  Chapter 1983 started the action, who surrounded by enemies, catching a turtle in a jar   Pangu Third continent.

Inside the palace.

Gu Linglong received a call from Chu Kuangren.

She said indifferently: "Breaking the army star, the action has begun."


Send the other side of Yuling.

Jue Wushen showed a cold smile.

In the Pangu universe territory occupied by the Tianyuan universe, just today, a large number of cultivators have appeared at some point.

These cultivators wreak havoc on the continent, and the defense line originally constructed by the Tianyuan Universe was thoroughly destroyed by this group of people.

Inside a continent.

A Tianyuan Universe cultivator watched the soldiers violently murdering in front of them with cold eyes, "didn't expect you have been lurking here."

The territory of Pangu Universe occupied by Tianyuan Universe is only short. In just ten years, there is still time to investigate everyone in the future.

Among these people, a large part of them are Pangu universe cultivators lurking in these occupied continents.

They are lurking, just to regain these territories one day. Most of these people are cultivators on the star Crape Myrtle.

And a large part of the lineage cultivator.

These people all obey the dispatch of Absolute Godless.

"Today, we are going to take everything back!" The cultivator lurking among the soldiers of the Tianyuan Universe shot directly.

A similar situation continued to take place in the occupied Pangu universe continents. At this time, the Tianyuan cultivators discovered that they seemed to occupy these continents, but the team had been eroded.


At this point.

There was a coldly shouted over a continent.

Immediately afterwards, a huge star map appeared in the sky, and a sword qi shot out from it, directly smashing the continent's defensive enchantment.

A large number of cultivators were killed from outside the continent. The cultivators who were still suppressing the resistance army were immediately beaten completely unprepared.

A general from Tianyuan Universe saw this scene with a gloomy expression, "Okay, it's a good fit inside and outside!!"

He said to a soldier: "Go and inform the general. ."

"The general is not here."

"Not? Where did he go?"

The general was so angry that his head was dizzy.

"I don't know, it seems that I am going to kill Chu Kuangren."

"Damn it, but at this time."

The general suddenly looked Zhen, "No, these guys didn't know if the general was away, so they shot it?"

"How did they know?"

I haven't waited for him much yet. miss you.

A sword light has already swallowed him.

Ye Zhu walked slowly, wherever he went, sword qi raged, and Tianyuan cultivator died under his sword, no one was his opponent.

Soon, this continent was occupied by Ye Zhu.

But this is not over yet.

He looked into the distance, "This is just the beginning that's all."

On another battlefield.

Divine Phoenix soars into the sky, and the phoenix fire is everywhere.

Everywhere, everything is turned into ashes, and the world is filthy.

The power of Divine Phoenix shakes the world!   "Damn it, where did these rebels come from?"

"Really strong, this Divine Phoenix is ​​one of the nine stars of Xuantian!"

The cultivators of Tianyuan Universe Under the flames of the phoenix, the army was quickly defeated, and this continent was taken without much effort.

Another continent.

A young girl in a gorgeous black robe walked barefoot on the ground, wherever she went, blossoming Resurrection Lily opened.

An extremely mysterious and abstruse Samsara Power spread out.

Resurrection Lily opens, rebirth.

One person has captured a whole continent.

The girl raised her eyes and looked towards the distance, like a ruby ​​within both eyes, without the slightest emotion, "everything is as he expected..."


The ninth continent of Tianyuan.

Inside General's Residence.

Colorful Heavenly Dragon received the message, knowing that Chu Kuangren has been surrounded by many Divine Kings and sneered, "He has been surrounded by enemies."

Chu Kuangren looked indifferent. "Yes, surrounded by enemies."

Can follow.

Colorful Heavenly Dragon has received some messages.

His complexion slightly changed, "The previously occupied Pangu universe continent is now under attack and is falling at an extremely fast speed!" It is not Chu Kuangren who is surrounded by enemies.

It's them!

"How could this happen?"

"Wait, is this his plan?"

What did Colorful Heavenly Dragon think of, "This Chu Kuangren , Using himself as a bait to lead out the various Divine Kings, and then let the people of Pangu universe go to regain those occupied continents?!"

"This guy is so bold, but now He’s Thrown Into Prison, I’m afraid I’m going to ruin myself too!"

Chu Kuangren picked up a chess piece and landed it on the board.

"That's not necessarily true."


"What a Chu Kuangren, he actually used himself as bait!"


Qianyan Divine King looked at Chu Kuangren with a gloomy face.

Obviously, they also received the emergency reports and guessed Chu Kuangren's plot against, and they were immediately very angry.

Think that a group of Divine Kings were plot against by a hairless brat?   Whether it is tolerable or unbearable!   "Even if you plot against no matter how deep, but now, facing our siege, you will undoubtedly die, this time plot against, you have to take your own life! Thirty continents, change you Chu Kuangren, no loss!"

"Yes, and with so many of us, killing you is just with no difficulty. As long as we kill you in the shortest time, we can return to help as quickly as possible. At that time, all your plot against will become empty ("


The breath of each Divine King erupts, locking Chu Kuangren.

With Chu Kuangren Di Hong, who played one day, one night, took the lead and blasted out with a palm, and the majestic imperial aura enveloped the opponent.

I could only see the opponent's hand Kun Wu making a sudden stroke in the air.

sword qi Ruhong.

Sharp and unstoppable!

Its formidable power is dozens of times more than before!   Di Hong suddenly understood at this moment that before the opponent , But I’ve been acting with myself, just waiting for others to come.

Now, people have attracted.

He doesn’t need to act anymore.

But Di Hong understood it too late.

sword qi shattered the emperor’s qi and tore him in half in the blink of an eye.

The blood of the Divine King splashed down on the ground.

Everyone was shocked by this sword.

Chu Kuangren was holding Kunwu, standing in the air, sword qi flying, indifferently said: "1st Step takes the lead, Second Step leads the snake out of the cave, Third Step surrounded by enemies, do you know what Fourth Step is?"

Chu Kuangren's calm voice echoed.

Everyone couldn't help but feel an inexplicable chill in their hearts.

"Fourth Step is futile! We will kill you here and smash all your delusions!"

Divine King coldly said.

"Wrong, Fourth Step is... catching a turtle in a jar!"

The words fall.

I see all aroun d Ten beams of light rose into the sky.

In the beam of light, there are a piece of Divine Item.

Divine Item formed a huge enchantment, covering everyone, even Divine King felt a pressure.

"Also called... Close the door and hit the dog!"

Chu Kuangren urged the Heaven and Earth Divine Item ten phalanx to completely envelop himself, including the Divine King, to form one Enclosed space.

Qianyan Divine King and the others seeing this, complexion greatly changed.

"When did he plant this enchantment?!"

"Quickly, kill him!"

Everyone stopped hesitating, and shot together.

All kinds of divine ability, the power of the Tao, turned into a boundless torrent moved towards Chu Kuangren, and the imposing manner was majestic.

But I saw the other party as stable as Mount Tai and waved the long sword in his hand.

"Azure Lotus Secret Arts, One Sword Splitting The Heavens!"

(End of this chapter)

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