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  Chapter 1984 was defeated one by one, and with color, this round, Tian won   "Azure Lotus Secret Arts, One Sword Splitting The Heavens!"

Azure Lotus Power of Destruction merges with the principles, and a brilliant sword light is cut out, powerful and surging, as if splitting heaven and earth apart!   Wherever sword light goes, one after another divine ability The fairy law dissipates.

Several Divine Kings were the first to bear the brunt. The whole body was shattered, and the Dao in the body was violently turbulent in front of this sword.

It’s hard to believe that there is such a formidable power with just one sword.

"The Way of Perfection!"

"No, it's not just the Way of Perfection, but also the Power of Destruction on your body. That's the trickiest thing."

"Damn it!"

Morin Divine King took out a Supreme Treasure.

It was a black long stick. He held the long stick in his hand and Dao blended into it, activating the power of Supreme Treasure, and moved towards Chu Kuangren and blasted away.

"die for me, come!!"

But Chu Kuangren is unavoidable.

Kun Wu cut out from his hand.

Sword and long stick strikes, Azure Lotus Power of Destruction shot out from it, and the violent power instantly tore the long stick.

Morin Divine King was torn in half by sword qi.

The Tao in the body roared.

He wanted to use Tao to recover, but found that Azure Lotus Power of Destruction was constantly eroding him, causing his Tao to collapse!

Morin Divine King, fallen!   "Damn it!"

Wu Xuelong made a move.

And as soon as it is shot, it is the strongest curse of the Hades clan.

But a pity.

Chu Kuangren is transformed by Azure Lotus.

Want to curse Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, Wu Xuelong is still far away, not to mention that he still has a curse-breaking sword in his hand.

The other party's methods are simply of no use to him.


Chu Kuangren cut out with one sword, and One Sword Splitting The Heavens reappeared.

Wu Xuelong followed Morin Divine King and also fell.

One sword and one Divine King.

This powerful battle strength is frightening.

At this point.

Demon ghosts, Divine Kings such as the Divine King of Thousand Flames have also taken action, and their strength is extraordinary.

It is not comparable to Divine King and the others. One shot, the power of multiple Daos is superimposed together, and it is grandiose.

"Come on."

Chu Kuangren haha ​​smiled, a little excited.

Since he came out of retreat, he hasn't fought with all his strength. Even he doesn't know how strong his strength is.

Now, just give these people a try.


Inside the palace.

Gu Linglong is sitting on the throne, coordinating the battle.

Pieces of jade order floating in the air.

One after another message comes out.

"Queen, the task has been completed."

"Sister Linglong, I have solved it here."

After receiving the message, Gu Linglong thought of A huge map emerged, which was the fortification map of Tianyuan Universe.

"Broken the army, you are the closest to Lian Zhen, where did she meet a rather tricky Divine King, you go to help her solve it."

"Giant door, greedy wolf, You are heading towards the 71st continent of Tianyuan Yuan, where the Divine King is not there now. This is the best time."

"Beiming senior, please go to the 61st continent, where there is dozen Great."

Firmament is the ultimate, but there is no Divine King."

"Wuqu, you go to the 34th continent, there is a Divine King sitting there, but with your strength, it is not difficult to deal with."


"Yunzhongyue, Purple Gold wheel senior, and Xingtian lineage, everyone of the gods and demon lineage, stay in place and continue to clean up the remnants of Tianyuan."

Orders were issued one by one.

Except that the originally occupied Pangu universe territory has been regained, now, launch an offensive horn to the Tianyuan universe territory!   Gu Linglong sits on the throne, with her left foot resting on her right thigh, with a touch of majesty between her eyebrows, just like the empress of aloof and remote.

"Fifth Step, break them one by one, and color them!"


"One Sword Splitting The Heavens!"

Chu Kuangren cut out with a single sword, and the horror sword qi forced the demon ghosts to withdraw. On the other side, the Divine King made a bold move.

The Heavenly Fire stream swept out.

Chu Kuangren's backhand is a palm, and Azure Lotus Power of Destruction is launched.

The fire wave is broken.

Qianyan Divine King flies upside down ten zhang.

"Overlord's Spear!"

At this time, Palmer urges the divine ability of the Overlord's body, and Overlord Dao flows on the lance and shoots out, instantly tore the void .

Chu Kuangren did not retreat and forcibly blocked the spear.

At the same time, with color!   sword qi is cut out, and the body of the overlord is penetrated.

The Tao was violently turbulent.

On the other hand, Chu Kuangren was hit by him, but he was unscathed.

The body formed by Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure is hard to destroy.

"This guy is terrifying more than we thought. No wonder even Hun Yuan died in his hands." Qianyan Divine King's face was gloomy.


They have successively received subpoenas.

"My 36th continent was attacked?!"

"Mine is the same."

Everyone looked towards Chu Kuangren, full The face couldn't believe it.

"You not only want to regain the previously occupied territories, but also want to eat away our continent!!"

"Wait, how do you know which side we are guarding? Continent, how do you know that the troops are deployed?!"

They were shocked by Chu Kuangren's series of actions.

But the other party obviously has no plan to tell them.

When he raised his hand, Primal Chaos Azure Lotus Power of Destruction was urged to the extreme, and a huge Azure Lotus blossomed slowly on top of his head.

Azure Lotus comes to life.

On the petals, mysterious Dao Rhyme circulates.

Every rhizome line is filled with an amazing breath.

A wave of fluctuations that made the Divine King fearful and frightened pervaded.

"Well, it's time to solve you."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

Above your head, the huge Azure Lotus is suppressed!

It is Azure Lotus Secret Arts Second Style.

a Azure Lotus is overwhelming!


The emptiness burst every inch.

The Divine King, the demon and the ape and the others are all shrouded in this power. There is no way to avoid it, but you can only resist!

A kind of kind of way broke out, but in the face of this Azure Lotus Power of Destruction, their way only fell apart.


All cultivators have only seen the scariest scene in their lives.

An azure lotus is pressed down like a sky.

One by one, the roads in Divine King Physique wailed, then burst open and fell in the air, and Life Aura dissipated.

In a short while.

Azure Lotus disappeared.

There is only one white clothed standing in the air.

Ten Great Divine Artifacts surround him.

"Okay, it's time to clean this place next."

Chu Kuangren looked at the continent underneath, urging the power of Divine Item.

In an instant, the brilliance of Divine Item swept through.

The Tianyuan cultivator on the continent has fallen.

Similar situations have occurred in other places.

Xuantian star maps are shown one after another.

The nine stars are now on the battlefield.

The continent to which Tianyuan Universe belongs has fallen one after another.


More than a dozen continents were occupied by Xuantian Nine Stars and the others. Because there was no obstacle from the powerful Divine King, the whole process was extremely swift and violent.

Almost the top level of Tianyuan Universe hadn't reacted yet, and all of the dozen continents were gone.

This time, Chu Kuangren played five moves.

Take the lead, lead the snake out of the hole, surrounded by enemies, catching a turtle in a jar, and destroy them one by one, and won the biggest victory in the history of the Pangu universe in the void battlefield.

For the people of Tianyuan Universe, this is a nightmare.

An unprecedented setback! In   just a few days, including the territories recaptured by the Pangu Universe, they lost four 18 continents!

How long will it take them to get it back!   No.

With Chu Kuangren there, they don't know if they can get it back.


The chess piece falls.

Chu Kuangren looked at the gloomy and uncertain colorful Heavenly Dragon on the opposite side indifferently said: "This round is won by heaven."

(End of this chapter)

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