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  Chapter 1985, the colorful Heavenly Dragon is coming, you still make do with it

"This game is a win by heaven. Now." Chu Kuangren looked at the gloomy and uncertain colorful Heavenly Dragon indifferently said in front of him.

And Colorful Heavenly Dragon narrowed his eyes and stared at Chu Kuangren, as if thinking about something, Dragon Qi was constantly brewing in his body.

It seems that he wants to do it?   Chu Kuangren is also happy.

Looking at each other, a faint smile appeared in his eyes.

The colorful Heavenly Dragon looked at the smile on Chu Kuangren’s face, and was a little unsure. Is this person really okay after the battle with Hades?

No way.

Heavenly Sword deep and unmeasurable, cannot be shot easily.

Finally, the colorful Heavenly Dragon pressed his inner impulse, he was coldly snorted, "Heavenly Sword, these three things are yours."

He gave three treasures Chu Kuangren.

Then he got up and left.

He is very depressed.

When he came this time, he just came to test Heavenly Sword, but didn't expect nothing, and he lost three treasures.

Too frustrated.

"Chu Kuangren......"

Colorful Heavenly Dragon whispered.

After Heavenly Sword, another person interested him.

"This person is not simple, he can capture so many continents in such a short period of time, and his methods are amazing."

"Since this is the case, how can I Not going for a while?"

Colorful Heavenly Dragon chuckled lightly.

Then, his silhouette flashed, disappeared.

Inside General's Residence.

Heavenly Sword looked at the direction in which the colorful Heavenly Dragon was leaving, with a look of regret on his face, "Unfortunately, he was able to suppress the killing intent against the sky. It seems that the effect of this false intelligence, It's not very significant."

If the colorful Heavenly Dragon had just shot.

Chu Kuangren is 50% sure and will leave the other party forever!

But unfortunately, the other party did not make a move.

Therefore, he cannot take the initiative.

The dragon body of the colorful sky is not simple, not only the ancient existence of the Tianyuan universe, but also the war General of the last universe war.

For Tianyuan Universe, it is the second only to Hunyuan’s important battle strength, and Tian Primordial Spirit Temple will not let him easily kill the opponent.

Moreover, 50% assurance is not enough.

"Forget it, the harvest this time is not bad, the three treasures, everything is useful." Chu Kuangren looked at the treasure in his hand and smiled with satisfaction.

He gave the rosary beads in it to Sky Shadow.

"Take it and refining it."

"Many Thanks Master."

Tianying did not decline either.

"In this battle, the senior level of Tianyuan Universe, I am afraid that they will be more afraid of Chu Kuangren." Chu Kuangren faintly smiled.

"This person is indeed not simple. In the entire Tianyuan universe, the demon estimates that only the master can deal with him."

"Oh, maybe."


"Husband, everything is going well."

On a messy battlefield.

Chu Kuangren is surrounded by pieces of Divine Item.

And there are countless corpses all around him.

The scene in front of me, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a sea of ​​blood.

Chu Kuangren is dressed in white clothed and has an outstanding appearance. Anyone who sees him will not associate it with this cruel and innocent scene.

Unfortunately, he is the initiator of everything.

"Well, I know, I have worked hard for you."

There was a touch of tenderness in Chu Kuangren's eyes.

"I'm fine, my cultivation base is not high, and I can only do this behind the scenes. The real hard work is the frontline warriors."

"Everyone has worked hard, this The first battle was beautiful."

"Husband, Lan Yu and Xiao Hong have returned from victory and are now heading towards you." Gu Linglong said.

"Let them not come over, no, everyone should not be close to this continent, the farther away the better."

Chu Kuangren's tone suddenly became serious.

Gu Linglong was a little bit astonished. Then, a worried look appeared on her face, "Husband, what happened?"

"Don't worry, I can solve it."

After Chu Kuangren finished speaking, he closed the communication.

Gu Linglong quickly notified everyone.

The expressions of the people who were immersed in the joy of victory were shocked.

Everyone is worried about Chu Kuangren.


Tianyuan Ninth continent, in General's Residence.

Chu Kuangren seemed to have sensed something. He was a little surprised, and then chuckled lightly, "Interesting, you and I will fight after all."

On the messy battlefield.

blood-reeking qi and beacon smoke are floating in the air.

A silhouette stands holding a sword, standing in the pit of bones and blood.

Opposite him, there was a man with colorful celestial splendor flowing all over his body. This man had a majestic face and colored eyes.

The whole person is colorful from beginning to end.

An unimaginable coercion spread from him.

It seems that even this piece of Heaven and Earth must acknowledge allegiance at his feet.

"I didn't expect, in addition to Heavenly Sword, I can also encounter a taboo evildoer who can match him in this life."

"No, like you It should be called an abnormal number!"

The color fairy man indifferently said.

"Wu Shuang War General Colorful Heavenly Dragon, I trust you have been well since we last met."

Chu Kuangren looked at the person in front of him indifferently said.

The person here is the colorful Heavenly Dragon, terrifying existence named Wushuang War General in the last universe war.

"This battle is very exciting."

"Using the body as a bait, leading the snake out of the hole and then destroying one by one, my Tianyuan Universe's efforts over the past ten years have been disintegrated by you, even I even turned against the army, I really have to praise it."

Colorful Heavenly Dragon slowly said.

Chu Kuangren hearing this, chuckled, "This battle is still very long. It's just a small beginning that's all."

"Yes, the last time the universe The war has been fought for 100,000 years, and it has just begun." Colorful Heavenly Dragon agrees.

Immediately, the power of Dao surging in his body, the cold color in his eyes, "It's a pity, at the beginning, you are going to die!"

The words fell.

He suddenly a finger pointed.

The power of the terror principle is gathered at the fingertips and turned into a colorful divine light!   Its formidable power is several times more powerful than the Divine King that Chu Kuangren played against before. It is extremely frightening.

"One Sword Splitting The Heavens!"

Chu Kuangren cut the long sword in the hand.

Azure Lotus Power of Destruction gushes out, and hits the fingers!

After a roar, the earth sinks!

Chu Kuangren gave a chuckle, and the ten Divine Items behind him bloomed brilliantly, and the power of the Divine Items flowed and merged into a flow of shocking weather.

"Ten Fang Divine Item shakes the sky!"

The power of Divine Item rushes to the colorful Heavenly Dragon.


Accompanied by a loud noise.

Smoke billows.

The colorful fairy shines out, and the colorful Heavenly Dragon is unscathed!   "You Supreme Treasure, it's not bad, but you want to break my colorful dragon scales, but it's not enough."

Colorful Heavenly Dragon indifferently said.

Chu Kuangren narrowed his eyes slightly.

The information about Colorful Heavenly Dragon came to my mind.

Colorful Heavenly Dragon, the ancestor of Tianyuan Dragon Clan.

He has merged, seven ways!

Moreover, these seven paths have all reached Perfection Level! !   The horror of its strength, compared to Dark Night, Yuanteng's multi-combined Dao with only one or two Dao of Perfection is much stronger.

It is definitely the small group of people who are under the cream of the crop under Hunyuan.

"I didn't play very well just now, you, you still make do!"

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

Flick one's sleeve.

The Origin Force is pouring out.

Immortal King robe, Immortal King seal, Immortal King crown has been worn on the body, behind him there are nine Sovereign Dao Dragon Qi with more than one hundred ten thousand zhang flying into the sky!

On the forehead, the imprint of Azure Lotus circulates extraordinary Dao Rhyme.

A burst of Power of Destruction escaped.

all around The void is like a mirror, constantly shattering!

"Oh, amazing power."

The colorful Heavenly Dragon's eyes narrowed slightly, revealing a trace of solemnity.

(End of this chapter)

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