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  Chapter 1986 Fierce Battle with Colorful Heavenly Dragon, God and Demon Lineage Hongyang

On a continent.

Chu Kuangren confronts the colorful Heavenly Dragon.

The two sides collided in an imposing manner, and the powerful force shook the continent.

The Power of Destruction in Chu Kuangren's body surged to the extreme.

Holding Kunwu in his hand, he cut out with a sword.

Azure Lotus Secret Arts, One Sword Splitting The Heavens!   And the colorful Heavenly Dragon did not hesitate, the seven perfection paths in the body roared together, extremely terrifying.

"Golden Dragon, cut the gods!"

The colorful Heavenly Dragon's sword fingers condensed, and also cut out a sword.

A Dao Accumulation contains the ultimate sword qi of the seven ways!

Without too much temptation, the two of them are the ultimate strength and cultivation base when they make a move!   At the moment the sword qi hit, the whole piece was violently roared, and the ground burst and was torn in half.

all around the void was also raged by the sword qi cut into one after another pitch-black crack, the void turbulent flow surging in it, bursting out an extreme suction, like the big mouth of a giant beast, swallowed Everything.

With this sword, Chu Kuangren fell into the wind and retreated dozens of steps, while the colorful Heavenly Dragon stood still, standing still.

Chu Kuangren is not surprised, the power of the seven perfection ways into one body is indeed extremely powerful.

Azure Lotus Power of Destruction gushes out from the body, and in the void, a dazzling Azure Lotus blooms slowly.

"A Azure Lotus suppresses the ages!"

Azure Lotus is suppressed.

There is an astonishing aura in every petal.

The moment when Azure Lotus fell.

The void is like a mirror, and every inch of it bursts apart, and countless flying space fragments reflect Chu Kuangren and the colorful Heavenly Dragon like a kaleidoscope.

"This move, Interesting."

The Tao inside the colorful Heavenly Dragon roars.

Colorful brilliance brewed in his palm and rose to the sky. In an instant, the domineering dragon shadow of a sinister appeared behind him.

The giant dragon spreads its wings, and on its colorful scales, there are several completely different Dao Rhyme circulating in it.

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth Yin and Yang.

These are the seven ways of harmony of the colorful Heavenly Dragon.

Now, these seven ways are gathered on the dragon shadow behind him.

"Long Xiao Void Extinguishing!"

Colorful Heavenly Dragon takes a indifferent drink.

The shadow of the dragon uttered a long roar behind him, opened his mouth and vomited, and a torrent of brilliant colors spewed out, everywhere, the void was shattered one after another.

In the torrent, there are flames, storms, and currents...

Reflect natural myriad forms.

It's so beautiful.

At the moment of contact with Azure Lotus, the impact caused by Power of Destruction and the strength of Dragon of colorful sky is like a stone thrown on the lake, in the sky in the sky. ripple.

Wherever the ripple goes, it engulfed everything and wiped out the sky.

The void shattered, collapsed, and then turned into nothingness.

This power, like the end of the day, destroys everything!   Because of this force, the continent where the two are fighting has completely shattered and turned into countless fragments.

in the sky.

Many powerhouses have felt this powerful force.


A woman in a silver-white Battle Armor looked at the direction of the terrifying energy, with a hint of worry in her eyes.

"This power is Young Master. Is this why Young Master tells us not to approach? He is fighting an amazing existence."

Lan Yu murmured.

Everyone was also extremely shocked.

"This power is definitely second only to the Peak under the Hunyuan, terrifying."

"No, this can be said to be a half-step Hunyuan. Right."

"Really strong."

"Chu Kuangren...can he handle it?"

The broken continents were scattered.

After the most extreme impact, Chu Kuangren and Colorful Heavenly Dragon stood on a fragment of continent, looking at each other.

The eyes of the two collided, their eyes stunned.

Colorful Heavenly Dragon secretly admired Chu Kuangren for his strength. It was the first time he saw him at such an age and strength.

This reminded him of Heavenly Sword.

When these two people fight, stronger and weaker?   "Seven Ways of Perfection, well, it's a bit tricky."

Chu Kuangren also thought to himself.

He has another trick.

This move is Azure Lotus Secret Arts 3rd Style.

But since he created it, it has never been used.

"Then just give it a try."

Chu Kuangren thought to himself.

He didn't think he would lose to Colorful Heavenly Dragon, his body was transformed by Primal Chaos Azure Lotus, and his life-saving ability was extremely strong.

Even Hun Yuan is not so easy to kill him.

"Such a threat, it must be killed as soon as possible."

The colorful Heavenly Dragon looked at Chu Kuangren, her eyes getting colder.

Just when he was about to use the strongest power, he suddenly sensed something, looked not far away, his eyes condensed slightly.

"This kind of breath is..."

I saw a woman wearing red-clothed walking slowly.

The woman has a beautiful face, slender legs, snow skin, red hair is soft and smooth, and her red-clothed look looks like fire.

She was filled with a hot and domineering breath,

Just standing there, the void twisted and collapsed on its own, and the extremely hot temperature made her look like a red sun.

"A breath of greatness."

The colorful Heavenly Dragon narrowed his eyes.

On this woman, he felt a threat.

Although not strong.

But it is real.

This person's strength is estimated to be not worse than him.

"Colorful Heavenly Dragon, leave. If I join hands with Chu Kuangren, you won't be able to get any benefits." The red-haired woman said indifferently.

Hearing her words, Colorful Heavenly Dragon thought for a while.

And he hasn't waited for a result.

Far away.

A star map appeared, nine stars dotted in the void.

Sword qi lingers around, and Divine Phoenix cries forever.

There is Buddha's radiance, and evil spirits are also awe-inspiring.

Nine stars, nine completely different breaths.

Every strand is different.When the   colorful Heavenly Dragon saw it, he chuckled, "It seems that there have been many interesting characters in the Pangu universe in recent years."

that's all.

Anyway, this test has been completed.

He took a deep look at Chu Kuangren, "Chu Kuangren, this time I will be here first. Next time, it won’t be that simple."

"Heh, next time , Cut your head!"

Chu Kuangren stood with his hand in his hand.


The colorful Heavenly Dragon silhouette flashed and disappeared in place.

Chu Kuangren, the red-haired woman did not stop either.

It’s not that simple to kill the opponent.

The seven ways of Perfection are hard to kill unless they can be smashed together at once.

But apart from Hunyuan, even a half-step Hunyuan can't do it.

"Immortal King, are you okay."

At this time, Ye Zhu and the others came.

Chu Kuangren looked at them, helplessly said: "Didn’t I tell you to stay away from here? Why are they here."

I'm worried, so I came together, who were you fighting with just now?"

Ye Zhu asked curiously.

"Wu Shuang War General, colorful Heavenly Dragon."

Chu Kuangren said.

Ignoring everyone’s surprise, Chu Kuangren looked towards the red-haired woman and said, “Many thanks, you helped me.”

The red-haired woman waved his hand and said: “Even without me I believe that with your strength, there is also a way to protect yourself."

Chu Kuangren faintly smiled and did not deny it.

Then, he said: "Your Excellency belongs to the lineage of the gods and devil."

"The lineage of gods and devil, Hongyang!"

The red-haired woman smiled boldly. , Patted Chu Kuangren shoulders, and said: "Why, do I need to call you the King of Gods and Demons?"

"Senior is fine."

King of Gods and Demons, this The title was created by nothingness and let Chu Kuangren lead the Heavenly God magic lineage.

For the Innate Chaos Divine Demon body, the title of the King of Gods and Demons, is not so important.

Like Beiming, Purple Gold Wheel and the others are now following Chu Kuangren, not because of this title, but because of his own charm.

(End of this chapter)

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