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  Chapter 1987 Wushuang War General Lu Jun, Sikong Divine King Perceive Clues

Hong Yang, Seven Gods and Magicians The last person in the crowd.

until now are all responsible for a mission in the void battlefield.

And now, the other party suddenly appeared.

Because her mission has changed.

"The magic tide in the dark forbidden soil has faded, and now is the best time for us to enter it and wake up Wushuang War General."

"Come here, It is for this."

Hong Yang said solemnly.

Demon Dark Forbidden Land, this is a dangerous place in the void battlefield.

It is said that in the last space war, the two sides fought too fiercely in it, which caused Digital Warriors War General to be hit and sleep in it.

And in the forbidden soil, there are a lot of weird magic fog, it is difficult for ordinary cultivator to approach, plus, after these War Generals fell asleep, the two universes immediately ceased war, and the void battlefield was closed.

Until the opening of the Void Battlefield recently, Hong Yang has been exploring in the dark forbidden soil, looking for a way to revive these War Generals.

After so many years of deep sleep, the injuries in these War General bodies should have recovered from the bits and pieces.

In addition, now is the time when the Forbidden Land Demon Tide fades.

It is the most suitable time to wake up the Warriors War General.

"Let's go back and discuss this matter in the long term."

Chu Kuangren said.

Several of them returned to the fortifications of the Pangu universe.

Enter the deep brain space again.

Everyone gathers.

This time, a group of ancient gangs looked at Chu Kuangren, a little silent, each one was shocked by what the other party did before.

In this battlefield, everything must be spoken with strength and merit, and Chu Kuangren has made a great battle this time.

Since the Void Battlefield reopened, no one can match it.

With this battle, it is more than enough to give him a Wushuang War General, but Chu Kuangren is not interested in this.

He wants to be the king!

"Everyone, what's your response?"

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

When he heard what he said, everyone knew what he meant.

At this time, Dahei heavenly demon took the lead to speak, "From now on, I am Dahei heavenly demon, I am willing to be driven by Immortal King!"

The others also one after another After speaking out, even Leiyin Buddha, who is at odds with Chu Kuangren, Sin Tathagata and the others also expressed that they obeyed the dispatch.

They are not people who don't recognize the situation.

In the current Pangu universe, in terms of strength, some people may be able to match Chu Kuangren, but in terms of prestige, no one can match.

Their old harmony, after all, is too old.

The prestige of their era, in this era, is not very useful, generations do not know how many changes have been made.

"Where are you?"

Chu Kuangren looked towards Qian Xi Immortal Emperor.

The other party was silent, but in the end, he said helplessly: "I am willing to drive the Immortal King."

"Very good." Chu Kuangren nodded.

Then, he talked about the Demon's Forbidden Land again, "It is urgent to wake up Wushuang War General."

The Demon's Forbidden Land is a dangerous place in the void battlefield. It is difficult to say that it can be unimpeded even if it is the existence of the Aida level.

So there are not many people who can follow him to awaken Wushuang War General.

The red sun was brought by must. The opponent has performed this task in the void battlefield for a long time. She is familiar with the demons and forbidden soil, and only she knows the exact location of the sleeping Wushuang War General.

Besides her, who else should I bring?   "Let me go."

At this point.

An indifferent voice sounded.

In the deep brain space, a starlight fell and turned into a silhouette. This person was dressed in the azure Battle Armor, with sword eyebrows and stars, carrying a large black knife, and a coldness all over his body. breath.

At first glance, I don’t know if it is annoying.

Chu Kuangren has never seen each other.

But all around everyone was surprised when they saw this person.

From their response, we can see that people are not simple.

"It's you, Jun Lu!"

When the Purple Gold wheel saw the opponent, his eyes lit up.

Lu Jun also faintly smiled, "long time no see, Purple Gold wheel."

Then, he looked towards Chu Kuangren, "At Xia Lu Jun, I saw Immortal King, this How about going to the Demon Forbidden Land this time?"


Chu Kuangren slightly nodded.

Just now, Purple Gold round gave him sound transmission.

Lu Jun, one of the Warriors War Generals of the last universe war, is also one of the only seven Warriors War Generals remaining in the Pangu universe.

Its strength should not be underestimated.

The other party has at least five Taoisms!

Such a strong helping hand, Chu Kuangren will naturally not let it go.


He then finalized the candidate to go to the Demon Forbidden Land this time.

He, Hong Yang, Lu Jun, and nothingness.

A total of four people.

The reason for bringing nothingness is mainly because the other party is very interested in the magic tide in the dark forbidden soil and wants to explore in depth.

After confirming the candidates, several people did not immediately go to the forbidden land.

Instead, we must first prepare something to awaken Wushuang War General. After more than ten days of preparation, several people went to the Demon Dark Forbidden Land.


Tianyuan Universe, Tian Primordial Spirit Hall.

A meeting is being held.

The participants in this meeting are all Hedao Divine King.

At this time, they are arguing and can't talk.

"Tianyuan Universe has lost a lot at this time, and the 18th continent was taken by someone else. Whose responsibility is this?!"

"hmph, should we look at it this way? Now, don’t do anything? A group of cowards, do you want to go with me?"

"Calm down for me, don’t act rashly!"

"Huh? Both? I've been beaten into this look by a junior, and still don't let me move? You are not sleeping confused, are you?"

Chu Kuangren is also in this meeting.

However, everyone did not actually come to participate, but used some means of communication to form a projection.

Otherwise, Chu Kuangren wondered if these people would fight on their own. He yawned when he looked at the arguing crowd.


If it wasn't for fear of missing important information.

He didn't bother to come to this meeting.

"Give me calm down."

At this time, Sikong Divine King is coldly snorted.

He is now an agent appointed by God and Heaven, and his words still have a certain effect, and everyone gradually calmed down.

"Divine Kings of all parties in the Tianyuan Universe, don’t act rashly, don’t forget, this time the battle was defeated because the Divine Kings of all parties fell the tiger away from the mountain and went to fight Chu Kuangren. Let the other party have a chance."

"Such mistakes cannot be made a second time."

Sagong Divine King indifferently said, and then looked towards Chu Kuangren, "Heavenly Sword , What do you think of Chu Kuangren?"

Chu Kuangren was taken aback.

What can I think of myself?   Looking handsome?   Have strength?   "Is a good opponent, God, look forward to playing against him."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

This answer did not surprise everyone.

In their view, Heavenly Sword belongs to the type that constantly challenges powerhouses, being evenly matched, naturally they will not miss it.

Sikong Divine King did not say much.

Then he left a few people and let the others leave first.

Chu Kuangren narrowed his eyes.

He glanced at the ones who were left behind. The colorful Heavenly Dragon was among them, and the others were not simple.


Do you want to start another group by yourself?

Chu Kuangren thought for a while and guessed vaguely, but didn't ask too much, and cancelled the projection.

"It seems to be aware of it."

Looking at the projection tool in front of him, Chu Kuangren murmured.

But yes, it's normal to make such a big noise, even if you notice some clues.

(End of this chapter)

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