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  Chapter 1988 No one knows Heavenly Sword, God Action, Luo Heavenly Immortal Emperor

Heavenly Primordial Inside the Spirit Temple.

Sikong Divine King and Shudao projection are discussing some things.

"What do you think about Chu Kuangren this time?"

"It's strange."

Colorful Heavenly Dragon indifferently said: "I'm careful After observing the action of the Pangu universe, they seem to be very familiar with our military deployment, which has to make people think deeply."

"This is also the reason why I let others leave first, the military strength Only the top of Tianyuan Universe knows about the deployment, but how does the other party know about it? I suspect that there is a traitor among us!" Divine King Sikong's eyes were cold.

Hearing this, the others also looked serious.

"A few of you are the oldest beings in my Tianyuan universe. Naturally, the rape will not be you. This is also the reason why I left you. I hope you can pay more attention to the people around you."


Sikong Divine King continued.

Speaking of this, Colorful Heavenly Dragon showed a pensive color, and said: "There is a rather weird thing here. When Chu Kuangren attacked, I went to Heavenly Sword and fought the opponent. Bet..."

He briefly said about his bet with Chu Kuangren.

"Heavenly Sword's performance is a bit strange. He seems very certain that Chu Kuangren will survive. He is very clear about his abilities."

"Heh, colorful Heavenly Dragon, you won't It's because you lost three treasures that are the reason why you are worried about it." A black-clad man laughed.

"I am not someone who can't afford to lose."

Colorful Heavenly Dragon indifferently said.

After listening to the words of the colorful Heavenly Dragon, Sagong Divine King also fell into deep thoughts, "Heavenly Sword...what kind of person is he? After all, none of us has really understood that he is not Is it?"

The name Heavenly Sword is very famous in Tianyuan Universe.

known to everyone known to everyone.

He acts without scruples.

It seems that there is no purpose to provoke him, whether it is the star robbers, the ancient kings, the evildoers, or the Divine King......

Without exception, there is nothing good. End.

Speaking of which, Over the years, Heavenly Sword has weakened a lot of battle strength in Tianyuan Universe...

Thinking of this, Sagong Divine King couldn’t help but feel sighs on his forehead. With a layer of dense cold sweat, is Heavenly Sword really a traitor in the Pangu universe?

"No, Heavenly Sword also fought against Chu Kuangren in the Void Battlefield, and saved Luo Xue, Goddess You and the others."

"And, like Heavenly Sword Such an anomalous level of enchantment, why would Pangu Universe willing to send him to be an insidious?"

"But if the other party uses my thoughts that are impossible, Heavenly Sword is really an insidious. What?"

Sikong Divine King fell into deep thought.

He looked at a white clothed man at the meeting, "Six eyes, do you have a way to deduce the origins of Heavenly Sword?"

The white clothed man kept his eyes closed, shook the head, "This person can't be contemplated, the fate is nothingness, and there is a great horror!"

"Can't even six eyes be deduced?"

white clothed man six eyes It is the oldest existence in the Tianyuan Universe Divine Machine Clan, and is the best at deduction.

Even Hunyuan has said that even Hunyuan is not as good as Six Eyes if it is a method of deducing the past and the future.

Even such an existence can't figure out the origin of Heavenly Sword, so I am afraid that no one in the Tianyuan universe can do it.

This kind of person who cannot be deduced from the source is indeed suitable for being a rape.

No matter what you think, Heavenly Sword needs to investigate.

He presses this matter temporarily.

"I will leave it alone for the time being. Now there is another thing about the Demon's Forbidden Earth."

"This time, the Demon's Forbidden Earth It is in the low tide period. This is our opportunity to wake up Wushuang War General. In addition, Pangu Universe is bound to take action. We must hurry up ahead of them, complete this matter ahead of time, and even wipe out their Wushuang War General!"

Sikong Divine King has ice-cold saying in his eyes.

white clothed man six eyes lightly said with a smile: "I have calculated the exact positions of several Wushuang War Generals and have passed them to the Overlord."

Sagong Divine King looked towards the black armored man and said: "Big God, have you reached the Demon Dark Forbidden Land?"

The black armored man is nodded, "It's coming soon."

He is actually on the side Meeting with everyone, while acting.

"Well, I will leave the matter of the Devil's Forbidden Earth to you."


The overlord is nodded, with a face on his face. Sneered, "I will let these guys know what despair is!"

The meeting ended.

Sagong Divine King stood alone in the empty great hall, and remembered something about the rape in his heart.

"Didn't expect, something like this happened to my Tianyuan Universe, and I sneaked into the top secret of the Tianyuan Universe. Who can this traitor be? Heavenly Sword, is it really you? "

"However, you are not the only ones who can play this set of rape." Sagong Divine King seemed to have thought of something, faintly smiled.

They also have a nail buried in the Pangu universe.


The fourth continent of Pangu.

Inside a palace.

Qianxi Immortal Emperor is sulking, "Damn, damn, it is really hateful to let Chu Kuangren lead the Pangu universe."

He obeyed Chu Kuangren on the surface.

But in fact, I was extremely dissatisfied.

Due to the might of the opponent, it can only be hidden.

"Is the fairy garden really not in the rise time?"

At this time, the Dragon Shadow Immortal Emperor and the ignorant Immortal Emperor walked in.

These two people originally belonged to the Immortal Court of the East Emperor and the Immortal Court of Kunlun, but later, the two Great Immortal Courts were driven out of Immortal World, and they were simply merged together, and the two Great Immortal The court became one.

At this moment, the two of them have smiles on their faces.

Qianxi Immortal Emperor was not angry after seeing it, "What are you laughing at? Now Chu Kuangren has gained power, and you are still here with heartless laughs. My huge fairy garden has fallen to this day. This situation is all your fault, do you deserve to be the Immortal Emperor too?"

The two were scolded to death.

"Qianxi Immortal Emperor, why are you angry with some younger generations."

An indifferent voice sounded.

I saw a purple clothed man slowly walked in. After seeing this man, Qianxi Immortal Emperor couldn't help but smiled. They laughed more than the ignorant Immortal Emperor and Dragon Shadow Immortal Emperor. Happy.

"Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal, you are finally back!"

Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal is the Immortal Emperor, the most powerful Immortal Emperor since the immortal ancient period, and he is also Wushuang. One of the War General.

"After seeing Jun Lu came back, I guessed that you should be back too. Sure enough, this time is all right. With you here, I can finally save a lot of worry." Qianxi Immortal Emperor Said very happily.

Then, he looked towards the two Immortal Emperors, dissatisfied: "Heavenly Immortal Emperor Luo is back, didn't you say it earlier?"

The two looked at each other in blank dismay, a wry smile.

"We wanted to talk to you, but you didn't let us talk just now." Longying Immortal Emperor muttered.

"Well, don't worry about juniors, tell me about the current situation in the void battlefield." Luo Heavenly Immortal said.


Qianxi Immortal Emperor talked about the matter.

When Chu Kuangren was mentioned, he was half explaining and half complaining: "This Chu Kuangren is not to be trifled with. Now the entire Pangu universe is almost dominated by him, and our fairy garden is almost squeezed out. There is no room for living, I can only follow his arrangements."

"He is indeed an amazing character." Luo Heavenly Immortal said indifferently, when he heard that Chu Kuangren and the others were heading to the Demon Forbidden Land, When he was about to wake up the sleeping War General, a sly smile appeared on his face.

"I'm afraid, they are not that simple and successful..."

(End of this chapter)

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