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  Chapter 1989 Demon Dark Forbidden Land, War General Li Tu, Huge Strike   Void Battlefield.

Inside a dangerous place shrouded in countless dark mists.

Chu Kuangren several people came here.

Seeing the black mist in front of them, everyone felt a chill in their hearts.

This dangerous place is very big, and these black fog only occupies less than half, and the black fog is still shrinking inward.

"Here is the Demon Dark Forbidden Earth. We call these black mists the Kuroshio. It originally occupied this entire forbidden soil, but it is now in the low tide period and only occupied Halfway through."

"And it's still receding inside, but after a while, these dark tides will re-occupy the entire forbidden land. We have to take advantage of this time to hurry up and make Wushuang War General Wake up."

Hong Yang said indifferently.

Several people started to act.

Although it is said that this Demon Dark Forbidden Land is temporarily in low tide, there are still some dark tides everywhere, which greatly affects people's actions.

Chu Kuangren tried to get in touch with these dark tides.

But at the moment of touching, a terrifying matchless chill erupted from my heart, as if I was about to fall into the boundless darkness.

He was determined to break free from the darkness intent domain.

"This place is indeed weird."

Chu Kuangren secretly said.

And Nihility is also studying these Kuroshio, "These things seem to contain some Life Aura, is this alive?"

"I don't know."

Hongyang shook the head, "Although I have been active here for a while, no one can clearly explain the origin of the Kuroshio."

The emptiness reveals a thoughtful expression.

"Hurry up and act."

Chu Kuangren no longer thought about it.

And now.

Right within the destination they are going to.

Suddenly, an extremely surging energy fluctuation erupted, followed by a miserable howl echoed.

"Bashen!!! Ah!"

Several people complexion greatly changed and rushed to.

In one mountain range, there is an overbearing aura remaining everywhere, and there are a lot of scattered fragments all around.

Hong Yang's face was gloomy and said: "These Hedao fragments belong to the Wushuang War General we want to awaken. He...fallen!"

Hearing this, everyone's heart heavy.

"The Overlord, it is Tianyuan Universe and Wushuang War General, they have also come here, but how did they find here?"

Lu Jun frowned.

"Go, hurry up and find other Wushuang War General."

Wushuang War General is an important battle strength of Pangu universe.

Every loss is a huge blow.

Several people rushed to the place where the next Wushuang War General is located.

This is a lake. Due to the perennial erosion of the Kuroshio, the lake has been dyed the same color as ink.

This is the sleeping place of Wushuang War General, Hong Yang dare not delay, take out a piece of rare treasure.

Some of these treasures are permeable with Attribute Power, some are a powerful fire, and there is a dark long stick...

The power contained in these treasures can sleep with this one Dao Idol of Wushuang War General echoed each other, stimulating each other to wake up.

Hongyang hand pinches mysterious secret art.


The brilliance is flowing.

Pieces of treasure are thrown into the lake.


Blisters began to emerge in the lake.

Immediately afterwards, a silhouette rose into the sky. This was a robust man holding a black long stick. His black hair was flying and his eyes were like stars.

There is an extremely powerful breath on his body.

Several kinds of Dao intertwined and circulated in his body, Chu Kuangren could clearly perceive that most of the breath of these Dao reached Perfection Level.

Wushuang War General is indeed extraordinary.

"haha, I Li Tu, I am back again!!!"

Wushuang War General Li Tu laughed heartily.

Then, he glanced across Chu Kuangren and the others.

"It was you who awakened me, many thanks!"

Li Tu came to everyone.

"There is another War General still asleep, let's go quickly."

Hong Yang said.

Several people hurried to the next location.

And somewhere in the dark forbidden soil.

The two Divine Kings in the Tianyuan Universe are awakening their sleeping Wushuang War General. One of them is holding the mysterious secret art, and one by one rune sneaks into a mountain. .

There was a boom.

The mountain exploded in a blast.

The powerful breath flows from it.

A man with a treacherous rune on his face walked out of it.

There is a treacherous and domineering aura flowing around, holding a scepter in his hand and wearing a black gold crown on his head.

The man glanced at the Divine Kings who had awakened him, and said quietly: "The God of Underworld is dead, who killed him?!"

The God of Underworld, the King of Underworld A family of Spiritual God believed in.

The family of Hades was born because of him.

And this Wushuang War General in front of you is called Hades!

It is the most powerful house of the Pluto clan after the Pluto clan has been eliminated. It is the greatest hero in the growth of the Pluto clan, and his clan is given his name.

Pluto represents the entire family of Pluto!   "This is a long story, Pluto, let's awaken the Titan God and Heavenly Sovereign first." Divine King said.


Everyone started to act.


As for Chu Kuangren, they almost reached the location of the last Wushuang War General, but they were still a step late.

When they came, they only saw a messy valley.

And some broken pieces of Hedao.

This silenced several people.

Of the three Wushuang War Generals, only one was awakened.

The remaining two fell.

This is too big a blow to the Pangu universe.

"Damn it, how did they know the sleeping places of these War Generals." Hongyang gnashing teeth.

It took her years of searching to find these places.

But why can Tianyuan Universe know?   "It's six eyes!"

Li Tu indifferently said.

"There are eight war generals in Tianyuan Universe, and one of them is called Six Eyes. This person is best at deduction. In the last cosmic war, we suffered a lot. "

"I am waiting for the sleeping place, it should be his performance."

Li Tu slowly said.

Hear this, Chu Kuangren is looking thoughtful.

"Haha, you guys are here!"

At this moment, a loud laughter sounded.

I saw a man in black armor appearing above the crowd.

The powerful breath hangs down from the sky, hiding the sky and covering the earth!


Li Tu and Lu Jun looked at each other and recognized each other at a glance. They were both the Warriors War General of the last universe war.

They must have confronted each other.

"It was you who killed the War General here!"

A surging fire wave swept out of Hong Yang, with long red hair flying, his breath was extremely hot, and he was overbearing.

But her eyes are extremely cold.

"Oh, this kind of aura, if you were in the last cosmic war, I can't say that you should be sealed as an unparalleled War General."

The Tyrant looked at Hong Yang, slightly surprised.

But Hong Yang didn't say much, a crimson long blade was already in his hand, without saying anything, moved towards Tyrant God cut out.

The red fire burns, and the void is directly distorted.

The flame Blade Qi contains the aura of several Dao, and the Tyrant God is not careless, raising his hand is a violent punch.

The fluctuations of a Great Accomplishment overlord body spread.

Domineering aspect, broken Blade Qi!   "Today, I am going to kill you and avenge the two War Generals!"

Hongyang's killing intent said awe-inspiringly.

"Do you think I will come by myself?"

The overlord is coldly smiled.

Behind him, suddenly there was a void Spiritual Qi swept across, and several incredibly powerful auras spread out, blocking Heaven and Earth here.

(End of this chapter)

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