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  Chapter 1992 Heavenly Sword, but the first person to sell the label, decided to deal with Six Eyes

Blood Red Enchantment Inside.

Celestial Divine King faced the killer star in front of him, his face was extremely solemn, and the power of Dao within his body flowed out with great momentum.

But in the face of the more terrifying demon's power, his power had no effect at all and was easily dismantled.

Looking at Tianying, Divine King's eyes were solemn.

"Who sent you here? Heavenly Sword?"

Tianying did not reply.

But he was even more merciless when he shot.

The magic blade is dancing in his hand.

The sharp Blade Qi swept out, stirring everywhere.

Just a few blinks.

The Celestial Divine King was hit by the knife shadow dozens of times, and the body was cut with one after another bloodstain, and the Dao in the body was violently shaken.

"Devil's blood pupil!"

At this time.

There is a blood light flowing in the eyes of Sky Shadow.

I saw that the power of the devil on his body was soaring in an instant, and he slashed it across the Divine King's neck in an instant.

"Heavenly Sword, Heavenly Sword is an insider!"

The last moment.

Divine King looked towards Sword Spirit patriarch and said.

Immediately, a blood mist splashed out, and the head of Divine King of the celestial pole was thrown high, and the Dao in his body completely fell apart.

Seeing this, Sword Spirit patriarch was shocked.

He slumped on the ground, still not sure what happened.

Why is Divine King dying?   Why does he say that Heavenly Sword is an insider?

But Tianying looked towards him, her expression indifferent as ice, she didn't say anything, and between raising her hands, the road surged out.

Sword Spirit patriarch, but Great Firmament, it will be the ultimate in Great Firmament.

In front of the sky shadow, there is no power to fight back.

It turns into blood mist and dissipates in an instant.

Then, Sky Shadow's eyes flashed, and the bloody enchantment dissipated.

"Chu Kuang, Chu Kuangren..."

"So, is this the secret hidden by the Master?"

Tianying was a little surprised.

It's just that for him, what is Chu Kuangren's identity is simply not important, what is important is that he is the master of the demon.

"Fortunately, the master let the demon come to the Sword Spirit clan. It seems that he has guessed that someone will investigate him, the master divine strategy and wonderful planning."

He Waving the magic blade in his hand again.

In a short while.

The entire Sword Spirit ancestral land was thoroughly destroyed by him.

Even the corpses of Divine King and Sword Spirit patriarch were destroyed.

After all this is done.

He carved a line of words on the ground.

Heavenly Sword, but the top seller, what is there to be afraid of!   Tianying looked towards the direction of the void battlefield with a guilty heart.

"Although it was for the purpose of concealing itself, the demon did a thing to discredit the owner, and he must ask the owner to punish the owner after returning."

Write this line .

To explain to everyone that the people who killed Divine King and Sword Spirit patriarch were hostile to Heavenly Sword.

tall trees attract the wind.

The prestige of Heavenly Sword in Tianyuan Universe is indeed not low.

But in the same way, there are many people who hate him.

It is not impossible to do things that provoke Heavenly Sword.


Sky Shadow's silhouette flashed, disappeared.

And after he left, people from the Sword Spirit clan also rushed there.

Seeing the mess in this place and the line of words engraved on the earth, everyone was almost mad.

"Arrogant, arrogant! It's so arrogant!"

"How dare to provoke Heavenly Sword? Who gave him the courage!"

"Quick, Look for the patriarch and the Divine King."

Everyone searched in the Sword Spirit ancestral land, but they did not find two people. It is estimated that these two people are bode ill rather than well.

After all, the movement made by Tianying was too great.

Divine King will fall.

For a time.

The entire Tianyuan Universe was shaken by it. Didn't expect At this juncture, someone dared to provoke Heavenly Sword. It was extremely rampant.

However, no murderer was found in this matter.

There is no clue.

Tian Primordial Spirit Temple.

Sikong Divine King has also received news of the fall of Divine King from the Celestial Pole.

"He died?"

"Coincidence? Or was someone deliberately doing it?"

"The Divine King investigation was conducted in secret, except Apart from me, no one should know."

Sikong Divine King frowns.

Although the incident seemed to be a coincidence, he found it weird.

"Heavenly Sword, what is your origin?"

Sikong Divine King whispered.

But when Divine King died, the clues had been cut off. If you want to find someone to investigate, it will take a lot of time.

Now, the main force of the Primordial Spirit Temple is all placed on the battlefield of the void.

"Let’s take another look at Six Eyes, and see if the other party really can’t figure out the origins of Heavenly Sword."

Soon, he found Six Eyes. Eye, explain the purpose.

Six eyes hearing this, silent for a while.

"I will try my best." Liuyan said seriously.


In the sixth continent of Tianyuan.

A palace in the clouds.

A white clothed man sits cross-legged, and mysterious Dao Rhyme circulates around his body. The man’s eyes are closed tightly, and it seems that he cannot easily open his eyes.

This person is six eyes. After receiving the request of Divine King from Sagong, he decided to try to deduce the fate of Heavenly Sword.

"Ordinary means, it is difficult to spy on the fate of Heavenly Sword. The only way now is to use the great destiny technique!"

"But this technique is mysterious, even It's me, and I just have a little bit of that's all. If you want to use it, you need some tools."

He called some people and began to prepare some materials.

I don't know why.

Liuyan's heart is faintly disturbed.

This kind of feeling is rare.

The last time he felt this way was when he tried to probe the path of Hunyuan's destiny in depth, and wanted to find an opportunity for breakthrough Hunyuan.

At that time, he was discovered by Hun Yuan and was severely injured.

If Hun Yuannian is not for the hard work, I am afraid that in this world there is no Divine King with six eyes.

This time, he wanted to spy on Heavenly Sword, and this bad feeling in his heart was stronger than he spied on Hun Yuan last time.

Is the other party more terrifying than Hunyuan?   This is impossible.

For the sake of his own safety, he decided to make two preparations to make sure that even if something goes wrong, he can keep himself.

And on the other side.

The ninth continent of Tianyuan.

Chu Kuangren is thinking about his next move.

Tianying has already summoned him.

Sagong Divine King did send someone to investigate him, just a little bit, his identity was about to be revealed.

Although Divine King was solved, Divine King Sagong did not just leave it lightly in his investigation.

"What will he do next?"


A silhouette came to his mind.

Six eyes.

The opponent is an expert who spy on the path of fate.

Last time, Pangu Universe lost two Warrior Generals in the Demon Dark Forbidden Land, and they couldn't get rid of this person.


Sagong Divine King may also find the other party to spy on his own destiny track, although his life is empty, he is not afraid of the other party's prying.

But Chu Kuangren's fate is also nothingness.

If the other party spy on Chu Kuangren in the Pangu universe after spying on himself, will he find any tricks?

Although these years, the Pangu universe has been prepared for a long time, allowing some people who are good at destiny to pay attention to the actions of the other party at any time.

But the six-eye method is profound mystery, I'm afraid it's hard to prevent it.

"Six eyes...Although I haven't actually met each other, this person may be more threatening to the Pangu universe than the colorful Heavenly Dragon."

"Okay." , It's decided."

"Next, let's get rid of you......"

Chu Kuangren touched the chin whispered.

But just and honorable to kill the other party, this is definitely impossible.

So what should I do?

(End of this chapter)

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