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  Chapter 1993 Destiny Cultivation Method, Great Destiny Technique, Record of Demon Dark Forbidden Land   Decision by Chu Kuangren Deal with six eyes.

Lost in thought.


He seemed to have thought of something.

"This person is best at the way of destiny, but I am the Sovereign of destiny, why not deal with him with the way of destiny?"

Chu Kuangren silhouette flashed and disappeared.

When he reappears, he is already in the Temple of Destiny.

"Welcome to the Palace Lord."

The temple spirit said respectfully.

"en. ”

Chu Kuangren slightly nodded, as soon as he came to this temple, he suddenly felt a terrifying power of fate circulating in his body, as if he was free To control the destiny of any creature.

Let a poor man become rich overnight.

Let the wealthy people of the original family, easily disperse the family wealth.

Let cultivation waste materials turn into evildoers.

Let beggar become the emperor...

It seems that there is nothing you can't do or can't do, and all of this, you only need to gently fiddle with the line of destiny.

It's a pity.

This terrifying power of fate can only be used in the Temple of Destiny, and he can only rely on himself when he leaves the Temple.

"Palace Lord, I want to cultivation the way of destiny, is there any technique of cultivation in the temple of destiny."

"Palace Lord is kidding, the temple of destiny controls destiny , How can there be no cultivation method on the way of destiny?"

The words fall.

I saw thousands of characters circulating in the sky.

The gathering of these characters turns into a book floating in midair, each of which is a cultivation of the way of destiny.

"The way to change life..."

"Divine Pupil..."

"No life ends..."

"Fate Reversing Art..."

"Fate Reversing Art..."

Chu Kuangren glanced across a book of Life Source luck.

I just think that these methods are mysterious and extraordinary, and some of them are beyond my understanding of the method of harmony.

Some of the mysterious levels are even higher than the Taoist method and the Taoist method.

Chu Kuangren clicking one's tongue in wonder.

It seems as if a brand new door has been opened.

"The temple spirit, with my aptitude, is it possible to learn these laws of destiny in a short time?"

"How short?"

"Within ten years?" Chu Kuangren asked tentatively.

The Temple Spirit was silent for a while.

Long time.

He suffocated a sentence, "Palace Lord is really humorous."

Chu Kuangren also knows that it is unrealistic. Destiny is one of the most mysterious avenues in the world. Few people can compare with it. Not much.

It is difficult to comprehend quickly.

"Someone wants to spy on my destiny. Is there any cultivation method that allows me to fight back against it?"

"Palace Lord, don’t worry, your fate Nothingness, no one in this world can spy on your fate." Temple Spirit said.

Then, he said again: "If the Palace Lord teaches the other party, then I have a few cultivation techniques here that I can recommend."

There are seven or eight books all at once. In front of Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren hit one of them at first glance.

"Great Destiny?"

Compared with other books, this book is full of golden brilliance.

It looks like the level is extraordinary.

"Palace Lord has a good vision. This great destiny technique is one of the 36 highest-level destiny cultivation methods in the Temple of Destiny."

"Its level is Dao-level."

"If the Palace Lord cultivation this method to the extreme, the law of fate will be able to surpass one universe Dao." Temple Spirit said slowly.

Hearing his words, Chu Kuangren narrowed his eyes.

On the avenue?

Are you detached?   It seems that this temple spirit knows a lot.

There will be opportunities to snoop in the future.

"With my aptitude perception, how long will it take to learn this great destiny?" Chu Kuangren asked.

"If the master is in this temple of destiny and has the power of destiny of the temple, he can master this method in ten years."

Chu Kuangren thought about it, and decided to learn this great Destiny.


Information about this method exploded in his mind.

Countless mysterious characters fill my mind.

There is a strange look on his face.

Because this great destiny technique is not a human creation, but a cultivation technique derived from the avenue of destiny.

The masters of this cultivation art are the races that call six eyes, are blessed by the road of destiny, and can naturally use the power of destiny.

This kind of race is very rare.

Sometimes, a universe may not be able to give birth to several.

"Isn't this a coincidence?"

"I'm planning to deal with Six Eyes, so let me get this method, then let's see who has the better destiny technique ."

Chu Kuangren faintly smiled.

Then, he started cultivation this method.

Time is in a hurry.

Three years have passed.

On this day, Chu Kuangren opened his eyes, a mysterious fate flashed in his eyes, and then disappeared deep in his eyes.

"Congratulations to the Palace Lord."

The Temple Spirit was a little surprised.

This big destiny technique, even if it is given to a Hunyuan comprehend, it will not be comprehend without more than a million years of effort.

In his opinion, even if Chu Kuangren has the power of destiny, it will take at least ten years to achieve it.

But the other party, it only took three years.

Its beauty is above his imagination.

"The great destiny technique, as expected, mysterious and extraordinary."

Chu Kuangren exclaimed.

It can be said to be the most mysterious cultivation technique he has ever seen.

He can't reach a higher-level now.

"I will leave first."

"Send the Palace Lord."


Tianyuan Ninth continent Inside.

Tian Ying is closing her eyes and resting outside the room where Chu Kuangren is.

He has been back here for three years.

But Heavenly Sword is nowhere to be seen.

He also waited for three years.

At this point.

A wave of fluctuations spread out in the room, and it was Chu Kuangren who had returned from the Temple of Destiny, which made Tianying's expression happy.

"Master, can you enter?"


Tian Ying entered the room, and did not ask the other party how the top secret appeared in the room of.

Without saying anything, I knelt in front of Chu Kuangren with a thump

"Please be punished by the master."

"en? Why do you have a crime?"

Chu Kuangren froze for a moment.

"The devil slanders the master. Although compelled by circumstances, the behavior has offended the master's majesty and the devil is guilty."

He said what he had done in the Sword Spirit clan.

"Heavenly Sword is just one of the best sellers? Oh, you are quite elegant." Chu Kuangren chuckled, without blaming it.

How can he take seriously this little thing?

But Tianying seems to be still brooding.

When Chu Kuangren saw this, he changed the subject, "How did I ask you to go to the Shenji Clan?"

"It's done." Tianying took out a jade slip, "The records about the Demon's Dark Forbidden Earth are all here."

"Things are going well."

"Things within the magic points."

A few days later.

Chu Kuangren took his mind from the jade slip.

The Divine Machine Clan is worthy of the Divine Machine Clan. The information they collected about the Demon Dark Forbidden Land is indeed more than that in other places.

Even, the Shenji clan once deduced the Demon Dark Forbidden Land.

But unfortunately, it is said that the deduction brought a huge blow to the Divine Machine family, and the three Divine Kings died for this.

According to the last words left by the Divine King before his death, it is said that they saw a deep darkness during the deduction.

In the dark, there is a coffin.

And in the coffin, there is a person lying, and darkness escapes from his body. He seems to be the source of disaster, the dark Sovereign.

Just opened his eyes.

The three deduced Divine Kings were killed by backlash one after another.

Except for this.

It also records the existence of Hunyuan in the Tianyuan Universe, that is, the Fengmo that Chu Kuangren killed before also went to the Demon Dark Forbidden Land.

But after coming back, he closed for several millions of years.

From then on, I have kept secrets from the dark forbidden earth.

(End of this chapter)

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